Lazy Wealth System Review: Laziness DOESN’T Pay!

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Lazy Wealth System Review - Laziness Doesnt Pay
Quick Overview

Name: Lazy Wealth System (LWS).


Cost: $4.95 + Upsells.

Owner: Unknown.

My Score: 1/10.

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What’s The Lazy Wealth System About, Huh?

According to the registration page, the ‘LWS’ allows you to bank profits daily with no boss, no cubicle, and no experience.

Going more in-depth.

It’s a “daily profit blueprint” for $1,000 paydays using your laptop or mobile device that’s gonna enable you to join the “new rich”, allegedly.

The page also boldly claims it works even if you’ve never made a dollar online and you’ll learn from the best wealth coaches on the planet.

I dunno about you.

But this comes across as a “pipe dream” intended to pull the wool over your eyes so the person behind it can pocket a pretty penny instead.

Even the tacky “get-rich-quick” design of the website itself looks extremely fishy from the offset.

So ‘LWS’ isn’t looking promising, I tell ya!

But before we get into the nuts n’ bolts of the money-maker to see if it actually works…


Be Cautious of The Dirty Red Flags

The first thing that caught my eye is that the website looks like the one belonging to Online Web Cash System and also Easy Cash Concepts.

Both far-fetched opportunities to avoid.

See for yourself.

What Cash With Online Web Cash System Reviewed

Online Web Cash System.

Is Easy Cash Concepts an Easy Way to Lose Bucks Review

Easy Cash Concepts.

Notice the similarities?

If I had to bet money on it, I’d say the same person is behind all three sites.

Wouldn’t you agree?

It makes you wonder how many more of these fraudulent pages they have floating around the web.



#2: You’re led to believe that “10,489 people are viewing this page right now”

Lazy Wealth System Lies About The Viewer Count
Ya, right!

The whole thing is nothing more than a crock of sh*t because it doesn’t matter how many times you refresh the page, the figure stays the exact same.

It’s not a live count. It’s a permanent fixture for convincing you the opportunity is in high demand, when it’s far from it.

The truth be told, there’s probably a handful of folks (if that) viewing the page at the same time as you.


#3: Next up is the “spots limited” crap

Lazy Wealth System Fake Limited Spots Scarcity
This is just some fake scarcity tactic for manipulating you into handing over your details and credit card info for the opportunity.

In reality, it doesn’t matter when you visit the registration page, be it tomorrow or next month, it’s always available to purchase.

Well, unless the creator decides to pull it down because of unbiased reviews (like THIS one) exposing the truth. 😉


#4: Who the heck is the guy or gal responsible for ‘LWS’?

With ZERO info on who’s actually running the show, doesn’t exactly fill you with confidence, does it?

More often than not, folks behind this “too good to be true” stuff tend to hide under rocks in order to protect their reputations.

So they can continue “cashing in” from the unsuspecting folks for many years.

It’s a huge red flag, in my book.


What’s Going Down Behind The Scenes?

As soon as you enter your credentials on the ‘LWS’ registration page.

You’re taken to the purchase page (requiring your phone number) which also contains fake-ass “limited position” scarcity and a countdown timer.
Lazy Wealth System Purchase Page
“Gosh, you best hurry before this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for pennies on the dollar vanishes into thin air. GRAB IT NOW!!!” LOL.

Or let’s not.

What you actually get for your 5 bucks is some generic training on making money online, and “salespeople” pushing their luck over the phone.

That’s the whole reason why the so-called system is as cheap as chips.

It’s simply designed as a “hook” to squeeze YOU for more cash so THEY pocket at your expense and enjoy lovely slap-up steak dinners.

In all honesty, there’s VERY little value to be gained from spending your dough on ‘LWS’.

Do you honestly believe you’re gonna get access to some awesome training and support from expert coaches for just $4.95?


At the end of the day, ‘LWS’ is no different from:

Filthy Lazy, Freedom Shortcut, and Point And Click Profit System, to name some crap promising you the world on a silver platter.



PROS vs. CONS of ‘LWS’


  • 5 bucks isn’t gonna burn a hole in your pocket
  • Some generic training on making money
  • The registration page is a classic example of the garbage to avoid


  • It’s purposely advertised as a “get-rich-quick” method
  • Registration & sales pages contain false urgency techniques
  • The creator is unknown
  • Salespeople push you for more cash over the phone
  • No sign of any refund policy in place
  • They have your contact details on file – which could lead to more junk flooding your inbox & possibly your email/phone number rented out to third parties too
  • The training is insufficient for any kind of success


In Closing: Is The Lazy Wealth System a Scam?

A Big Thumbs DownIn my opinion, yes absolutely 100% – despite it providing some basic training which can be found on the web for “free” anyways.

If all the red flags I’ve highlighted inside this review and ESPECIALLY the name of the so-called opportunity itself aren’t enough to give the game away.

Then I don’t know what will.

The notion of making $1K per day and generally getting rich “the lazy man’s way” is nothing but a fairy-tale myth.

Sadly, the only peeps pocketing a fortune with ‘LWS’ are the ones peddling it and putting pressure on vulnerable newbies like YOU to spend their hard-earned cash.

If you wanna make REAL money, you need to acquire the right Digital Marketing skills and spend heaps of time putting those skills into practice.

Not to mention, you’ll need a support network of “non-salespeople” for overcoming any roadblocks in your path.

And I can also assure you it will cost A LOT more than a small $4.95 one-time fee for succeeding on the web.

So on that note, ‘LWS’ is not recommended.

If you’re sick to death of fraudsters, but you’re looking for an awesomely LEGIT way of earning a full-time income online as a complete newbie…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

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