Make Money Online Fast VS. Slow – Which One Wins?

Gone are the days when you’d pop along to the rental store to hire the latest blockbuster movie or drop in at the local bookstore to pick up the latest novel.

And it’s all thanks to this “internet thing” because it gives us movies on demand and the option to download eBooks onto Amazon Kindle devices within minutes.

Heck, we can even connect with people via social media and dating apps like Tinder. We never have to leave the front door. Well, except for when it comes to going on hot dates of course. 😉

For the majority of people, the web is a godsend. But for some, it’s more of a curse because people have become socially disconnected and society has basically lost its way in the world.

Unfortunately, because the digital world has now created a new concept called “instant gratification”, we are becoming more impatient and throwing tantrums if we can’t get our hands on stuff NOW.

This “impatience” is also leading to a number of people looking for easy ways to make a fortune online FAST! (aka “Get Rich Quick” schemes).
Make Money Online Fast VS Slow
But there are still some guys n’ gals out there who are willing to work hard and play the long game when it comes to making money online for living a life full of freedom.

So despite living in a world full of impatient people, “delayed gratification” is something that does exist within our modern technologically advanced society.

But the question is, out of the two groups (those using the EXPRESS lane vs. those taking the SLOW road), which one’s more likely to earn an income on the world wide web, huh?

Let’s look at the two very different ways of turning a buck to discover which one really pays off…


How to Make Money Online “FAST”

There are literally thousands of ways for generating money on the internet, but some programs are making pretty bold statements of how you can “make $1,000’s in only a matter of weeks” or “I will personally pay you $10,000 if it doesn’t work“, blahdy blah.
Make Money Online Scams
These types of opportunities only attract lazy bum as people who absolutely LOVE the idea of their bank accounts filling up with mountains of dollars very quickly.

But in order to make money as fast as lightning with these schemes, means as an affiliate, you’re gonna have to trick people into buying the same crap that fooled you in the first place.

The internet is flooded with 1,000’s of dubious websites, and some are even closed down and then reinvented by the scammers due to negative reviews and complaints from victims.

Wanna know more about these systems? Check out a big fat list of scams here on my blog.

Luckily, some scams are also closed down by the authorities and the crooks get thrown behind bars.

But why?

For a number of very important reasons:

#1: Making Crazy Income Claims

If you’re actively seeking money making ways on the web, the chances are you have come across so many “too good to be true” claims made by others (usually stage names) who have made $10,000’s in a single day and you see a video of them burning down the road in a Lambo, etc.

You are basically sold on the idea of huge success, but never told HOW it’s gonna happen.

It’s also the same crap on Instagram with 16 – 19-year-old kids and 21-year-old A-Holes covered head to toe in bling and flashing bundles of cash in your face.

The truth is, money, cars, boats, and mansions can be borrowed (if they’re lucky enough to have rich friends/family) or even rented for producing hyped up videos.

In reality, none of these malicious individuals have ever done an honest day’s work online in their life and some are even as dumb as a box of rocks LOL.

They’re all talk without the walk at the end of the day.

#2: Operating Ponzi/Pyramid Schemes

Unfortunately, in the MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) world, there are TONS of Ponzi and Pyramid schemes posing as “legitimate” ways of striking gold.

These schemes have been made illegal, and the reason why the scammers are getting away with ripping people off is that they are taking precautions to protect themselves.

Your costs can very easily rack up to $10,000’s with these scams.

#3: Forcing Folks to Sell The Very Same Stuff They Bought Into

When you join an MLM biz opp, it’s designed in a way that enables you to make a fortune on multiple levels from selling overpriced products and roping family/friends into joining “your team”.

Yes, you have the potential to make money fast with this method, but the truth of the matter is that very few MLMers rarely do.

The pyramid structure way of selling leaves you out-of-pocket due to buying products and other business expenses, which means you have to hustle hard to recoup your losses.

#4: Spamming The Internet

There are many versions of SPAM – email, blog comments, and social media, to name a few channels.

Unfortunately, some unethical people are trying to spam the heck out of you for laying their paws on the money that you’ve worked hard for.

And the worst part is they are now targeting your phone number and home address with their crap. So do think twice before giving away your personal info to any “work at home” program that seems fishy.

In addition, there are programs out there that do promise you $1,000’s for spamming social media and other platforms with affiliate links.

It’s an outdated method that doesn’t work, so don’t waste your money on programs that teach the ways of the dark side.

#5: Tricking Internet Marketing Noobs

Folks who are brand new to the world of online money making are always the most vulnerable.

Let’s say you’re a gym virgin, and somebody tries to sell you a pair of special super lightweight running shoes that enable you to last 10X longer on the treadmill than the fittest person in the room – you’d probably say “Hell, Yeah” and buy the shoes for a couple of hundred bucks.

But after hitting the treadmill for a short while, you’re left feeling bitterly disappointed because the shoes fell apart.

I know you’re probably thinking “WTF!?”, but I had to give you a random example. Ha Ha.

But this is exactly what it can be like on the web – some scammer promises you $100’s – $1,000’s per day from their “secret” system. All you do is pay so much money and watch the dollars come rolling in…

Heard enough bad news? 😛

OK, time for the good news…


How to Make “Real” Money Online SLOWLY

One Dollar Bills Planted in The Dirt
There are literally 1,000’s of different “ethical” ways and numerous platforms for making money on the internet.

Some methods include selling digital products on marketplaces like ClickBank, selling stuff on eBay, dabbling in eCommerce, and becoming a freelancer – all of which also require specialized skill.

HOWEVER, the ULTIMATE way to earn online is to build free niche websites and create a successful affiliate marketing business using your passion, hobby or interest.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. Choose a niche
  2. Build a website
  3. Publish content that leads to free organic search engine traffic
  4. Monetize your traffic with affiliate offers (products/services from marketplaces like Amazon)

You can get your new affiliate business started for $0 at Wealthy Affiliate.


The Bottom Line…

There are a GAZILLION “get-rich-quick” opportunities on the web, but unfortunately, not a single one of them works. Not only are they duds, but they’re designed to “take” rather than give you something.

The “unethical” program creators are the only ones who make a stack of cash on the internet.

To really stand a chance of making money online, you must gain access to the right education, tools, and support. In addition, – hard work, time, and patience are required for big success too.

You can mess about with “schemes” all you like, but you won’t get anywhere.

But if you wanna build a successful biz, then go here to start for free!

Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or comments that you’d like to share on making money fast vs. slow, we’d love to hear from you below…

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