Mass Income Machines: A Mass of BS? [Reviewed]

If you’re here to get the skinny on Mass Income Machines, then you’re on the right review!

Is the online-money maker really gonna produce a mass of cash or is it just gonna be one MASS-ive letdown, hey?

All shall be revealed inside this honest and unbiased review from moi!

Mass Income Machines Scam Review
Quick Overview:

Name: Massive Income Machines (MIM).


Cost: $37 + Upsells.

Owner: Jacob Allen (used as a stage name).

My Score: 3/10.

Summary: On the surface, Mass Income Machines is just another pipe dream making outlandish income claims.

So don’t expect to strike gold quickly because it’s just not gonna happen.

What you’ll actually get from this product are some video tutorials and PDF guides on building your own website and other methods for making money online.

There is some value to take away, but I don’t think it’s adequate for big success if I’m being totally honest.

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What’s Massive Income Machines All About?

Massive Income Machines makes the following outlandish statement:

You Can Now Make Up To $42,000 a Month Working From Home“.

The guy (Jacob Allen) in the sales video then blurts out stuff about…

Only a few select people knowing about the system and easy cash dropping into your account 24/7 so fast it will make Flash Gordon jealous!

Blah, blah, blah…

Apparently, what you’re about to discover is a “secret door” to true financial freedom.

HAHA, I’m sorry but I haven’t heard so much Bullsh*t in all my life!

Firstly, the notion of “getting rich quickly” – ESPECIALLY the “lazy man’s way” is utter nonsense because it’s nothing but a “pipe dream”.

It doesn’t work. Simples.

Secondly, if some secret doorway to Narnia truly existed, I think we’d all find it and start living the life of Riley in fairy-tale land lol.

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How Does Mass Income Machines Actually Work For $?

Jacob Allen claims ‘MIM’ is your “shortcut to success”. All you have to do is copy the system for serious cash to flood your account.


To be honest, the garbage sales pitch is just like any other you’ll see from “too good to true” money-making Clickbank products.

Although, I’ve gotta hand it to Jacob for doing a very good, but at the same time, a laughable job of selling “the dream” to vulnerable folks online.

But where the creator purposely falls short is in the actual “system description” department.

The lack of information is a shady tactic (clear-cut scam sign) intended to create “curiosity” so you enter your email and fork out $37.

What you actually get your hands on is NO reflection of what’s promised in the tacky and far-fetched sales video.

Like all the other illusive Clickbank products I’ve reviewed as of late, all you really get is some basic training on making money online.


What’s Inside Massive Income Machines…

In total, there are 17 training videos and 8 PDF guides on:

In a nutshell, you receive some guidance on product-creation and selling your product(s) through Clickbank for profits.

While the training is an “OK” standard, in my opinion, it’s nothing that you can’t find online for “free” anyway.

I think there needs to be a lot more meat on the bone if you’re to get any REAL value out of ‘MIM’ for becoming a successful Clickbank product creator.

Plus, as a “newbie”, it’s not exactly the best or easiest path to choose because there’s a lot that goes into learning the ropes of product-creation.

Your best bet is to start out with Affiliate Marketing. Trust me, it’s AMAZEBALLS! 😉


Uh-oh! Red Flag Galore With Massive Income Machines…

In addition to all the misleading claims made by the creator of ‘MIM’…

They implement various manipulative strategies and use psychological triggers in order to smash down your skepticism barriers so you fall into their golden honey trap.

This is what I discovered on the sales page and throughout the deceptive video:


#1: Streaming is BS!

The sales video makes you believe it’s “streaming” – including a “live” count of viewers increasing every second.
Fake Viewers and Streaming
But right off the bat, it’s pure pigsh*t because the video is actually pre-recorded.

Also, surely if the view-count was really live, wouldn’t the number both increase and decrease with visitors entering and leaving the site/video?



#2: Misleading Income Screenshots…

There are PayPal and other screenshots of $1,000s generated on a daily basis using ‘MIM’.
False Income Proof
And you can also pull in the same amounts of cash, allegedly. UGH!

It’s either the creator has raked in this cash by ripping folks off with their shoddy products.

Or the screenshots are as fake as a wedding cake since they can easily be fabricated online.

My scam detectors tell me to go with the latter.


#3: A False Sense of Security…

The creator says that he’s not like all these “shady operators”…

Who try to pull the wool over your eyes by promising Ferrari supercars and mansions… blahdy blah.
Mass Income Machines Lies

But that’s exactly what this “hypocrite” is doing by peddling his “get-rich-quick” trash” LMFAO!


#4: Who The Heck is “Jacob Allen”, You Ask?

Funny you should ask because Jacob isn’t who he claims to be.

He’s actually used as a “Pen Name” along with another name of “John Forbes”. Probably his weekend character!

I must have a crystal ball, right?

Nope, I wish!

It clearly states at the bottom of the ‘MIM’ landing page LOL.
Mass Income Machines Fake Owner
So whether the ACTUAL owner is a he, she or even a 3-eyed alien from space, nobody knows.

They claim the whole “pen name” thing is for privacy reasons.

But that’s only because they don’t want their true identity to be exposed by their shameful sales pitch.

My advice: Never trust anyone who hides behind a false identity online, especially someone who makes ridiculous income claims.


Final Take: Is Mass Income Machines a Scam?

A Big Thumbs DownYou do get SOME value from Mass Income Machines – even if it’s basic stuff you can get for free on the web.

And you can also claim a $37 refund from Clickbank (which are the only two good points about the product), means I can’t fully label it as a scam.

But for all the reasons and Red Flags outlined in this review…

Hell would have to freeze over before I recommended ‘MIM’ to ANYONE.

The Bottom Line:

In order to successfully make money online, you need to work your butt off over a period of time.

There are ZERO substitutions. It’s that simple.

But the toerag behind ‘MIM’ wants to drill his or her non-existent “get-rich-quick” BS into you for THEIR OWN financial gain.

Which is why I’m calling ‘MIM’ a Borderline Scam.


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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts to share on ‘MIM’ – we’d LOVE to hear from ya below…

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