Mingle Cash: “The” HOTTEST SCAM Right Now? (Reviewed)

A big welcome to my Mingle Cash review!

Don’t tell me, you wanna know whether it’s a legit opportunity that really does pay you $57 daily…

Or just another scammy program pulling your leg, right?

Then stick around because I’m about to give you the lowdown on the money-maker within this honest review…

Mingle Cash Scam Review
Quick Overview:

Name: Mingle Cash (MC).

Website: minglecash.com.

Cost: Free.

Owner: Andrew Gitt (IF he is the real owner).

My Score: 3/10.


Unfortunately, the Mingle Cash sales page walks you down the garden path.

Because it leads you to believe it’s some “get-rich-quick” opportunity making your dreams easily come true.

When in actual fact, it’s just a low-paid ‘Get Paid To’ opportunity like Swagbucks – BUT with a twist…

Because MC is designed as an MLM as well – enabling you to build a big team of referrals earning you cash.

But even then, making good money is easier said than done because not everyone’s an “action taker”.

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What’s Mingle Cash All About?

Apparently, Mingle Cash is “The Newest, Hottest Opportunity, Today“…

And some random 17-year old kid is already making “$57 Per Day on Autopilot” with the opp.

For $400 per week from ‘MC’…

All you have to do is play games online, view ads, and use your affiliate link to build an army of referrals who will bring home the bacon for you.

But from my experiences with ‘GPT’ (Get Paid To) sites, making big bucks from referrals isn’t exactly a piece of cake.

Especially when you’re a complete newbie with ZERO marketing skills.

So what really makes ‘MC’ any different from the likes of Swagbucks, Gift Hunter Club, TimeBucks, and GiftHulk, to name a handful?

Unfortunately, nothing.

It’s just your typical ‘GPT’ program converted into a 10-level Multi-Level-Marketing platform.

Yeah sure, MLM looks awesome on paper.

But in reality, it’s a very different story.

Because it’s a difficult business model to get momentum with UNLESS you have the know-how on recruiting 100s – 1,000s of members.


So Let’s See How Mingle Cash Works…

When it comes to turning a buck with the opportunity, there are numerous tasks to take part in.


#1: App Play & Earn

This gives you the opportunity to earn from viewing pre-roll video ads and installing advertiser apps before playing games on your mobile device.

However, I couldn’t access the app for payment info due to a bug they were fixing. DOH!


#2: PC Play & Earn

There are various (Word, Card, Puzzle, Casino, and Arcade) games to choose from for playing on your computer.
Mingle Cash Games
For each game you play, you get $0.00350.

In order to get credited, you must spend at least 90 seconds playing every game and also view an ad.


#3: Watch & Earn

For each video + ad viewed, you’ll get 0.5 Mingle Coins.
View Videos
But your account will only get credited for every 3 videos you watch.

The only downside is that the number of videos are limited.


#4: Offer Wall

There’s a bunch of free, free trial, shopping, and survey offers to complete for various rewards.
Offer Walls
However, just like any ‘GPT’ site, you must go shopping and sign up for free trials if you want the bigger rewards.


#5: Refer & Earn Big Bucks

If you wanna stand a chance of earning some decent cash with ‘MC’, you must refer others to the program via your affiliate link.

You’ll get 5% of your referrals earnings for 10 levels.

But it’s simply not enough to refer a bunch of family, friends, and randomers via your link on social media and other places on the web.

You’ll need to create a free website and learn how to build it out with content in order to refer 100s of people via Google and get the REAL rewards.


#6: Lottery

Each month, the 12 members who have referred the most people will win between $5 – $50.

There’s nothing like a good old competition, hey?

So, from my findings, it certainly seems like ‘MC’ is a legitimate opportunity.



The Mingle Cash Sign up Page Raises Numerous Red Flags

Unfortunately, the main page for joining ‘MC’ isn’t just hyped up…

But also contains some fake elements which are highly misleading from the get-go.


Red Flag #1: Far-Fetched Video Intro

I must say, the 1.28-minute introduction video does a great job of getting your hopes up.
Hyped up Introduction Video
Because the twins claim that a 17-year old is making $57 daily (within his first week)…

And on track to pulling in over $300 daily (within 2 months).

Apparently, you can do it and easily live out your life dreams too!
Hyped up Income Claims
Except, there’s no concrete evidence to back up their claims.

For all we know, it’s a load of sh*t and the teenager’s just make-believe.

In order to make that much money so quickly with ‘MC’, you would need to be a fully-experienced marketer before you became a member.

So in my opinion, the money-making claims are unrealistic – especially for “beginners”.

It would be very interesting to know how many members of ‘MC’ have bought bigger homes, dream cars, and take luxury vacations.



Red Flag #2: Fake-Ass Member Success Stories

Meet “Bob Wilson” who is an unemployed computer programmer from Detroit, Michigan
Bob Wilson From Mingle Cash
Now say Hello to the REAL Bob.
Bob Wilson is a Shutterstock Photo
YEP, he’s a stock photo from the Shutterstock site.

Which makes you question whether his story is true and the voice behind the short audio testimonial is actually him.



Red Flag #3: Even The Video Testimonials Are Fabricated

Thirdly, YET, even more, testimonials that are as fake as a three-dollar bill, but these are videos.

Meet “Jason Altman” from Colorado who got “647 referrals in just 10 days“.
Fake Video Testimonials
Now meet the REAL Jason – for hire on Fiverr as a video “spokesperson”.
Fiverr Spokesperson Video Testimonial From a Bearded Guy
So for him to say he’s a successful member of ‘MC’ is Bullsh*t.

Take my advice: When it comes to the ‘MC’ sales page, take everything you read, see, and hear with a grain of salt.

Don’t get me wrong, there is cash to be made with the program.

But not in the way that the opportunity wants you to believe.


PROS vs CONS of ‘MC’


  • Free to join
  • Get paid for participating in various tasks
  • Help & support available via WhatsApp + contact form
  • There’s a Facebook group for extra support
  • Your earnings are doubled within the first 24 hours of joining
  • The PayPal payment threshold is only $2
  • It’s open to any country that accepts PayPal payments


  • Is Andrew Gitt (the owner) even real? – You can’t connect with him on FB because his page has been removed
  • The membership sign up page is full of hyped on easily changing your life – Not to mention the fake testimonials
  • ‘GPT’ is a poor way of making money – You’ll get peanuts for tasks
  • You can’t cash out via other payment methods or even redeem your cash for gift cards


Final Thoughts: Is Mingle Cash Worth it?…

A Big Thumbs DownMingle Cash may well be a legit site for making a few pennies.

But it’s by far the worst ‘GPT’ opportunity I’ve come across due to the garbage spewed out on the main membership page.

In my opinion, making $57 per day as a “novice” is overambitious with ‘MC’.

Because folks who join these types of sites are lucky to make $50+ per month doing tasks.

Even the more experienced members will make a few hundred bucks each month (NOT per day).

Yes, you can build a 10-level deep downline with ‘MC’ but you also have to bear in mind that not everyone will be an “active” member.

So it will take many months to build an army of referrals big enough for a full-time income.

The Bottom Line: While the opportunity is genuine, it also has characteristics of a scam, so tread with caution.


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Because there is no “easy” and “fast” way to make big money.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

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