Money Looper: What Shocking Truth EXPOSED?! [Review]

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But you’re not here to celebrate my birthday ( *SOB* 🙁 ) because you want the lowdown on Money Looper, right?

Will it really bank you a boatload of cash as easy as 123 on autopilot or is it just another deceptive money-making product for sale via Clickbank?

If you wanna know the truth, then grab my honest and unbiased review!

What Shocking Truth Exposed With Money Looper Review
Quick Overview

Name: Money Looper (ML).


Cost: $37 + Upsells.

Owner: Mike Thomas or Mike Dee (used as stage names).

My Score: 2/10.

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What’s Money Looper All About, Huh?

The sales video claims ‘ML’ is some ingenious method for raking in the big bucks automatically, day-in-day-out, using other people’s efforts without them even knowing it.

Even the guy behind it boldly claims he’s made millions of dollars online using the same method.

Apparently, it’s a ridiculously simple money-maker that requires little to no effort on your part…

All you have to do is listen to the video and click or tap on your smartphone…

Heck, you don’t even need a keyboard!…

You’re not gonna be risking a single penny of your hard-earned cash…

And get this… you’ll gain FULL access to this incredible life-changing method for just a one-time payment of 37 bucks…

Heard enough yet, young grasshopper?

Yeah, me too!


I’m sorry but if you believe the hyped up ramblings of the video spokesperson, then you may as well believe in the tooth fairy too!

After reviewing a load of “too good to be true” Clickbank products promising you the world on a plate without lifting a finger, ‘ML’ is in the same league – all sizzle without the steak.

And I’m about to prove it to ya!


How Money Looper Supposedly Works For $$$…

Apparently, Mike wants you to become his sidekick for exploiting money loopholes online – where you’ll be raking in a fortune through the concept of “Affiliate Marketing.”

Put simply, affiliate marketing is all about promoting others products/services for “commissions” that can rack up to a full-time income.

But only IF you go about it the right way.

Sadly, the ONLY intention of the ‘ML’ sales video is to get you pumped by selling you “the dream” and nothing more.

There’s no detailed description of HOW ‘ML’ works, whatsoever. Even though Magic Mike states he’s holding back no details or secrets.

The reason being is that once your curiosity has gotten the best of you, Mike ends up pocketing your $37 along with more of your hard-earned cash if you choose to buy his upsells.

The truth be told, there are no shortcuts online for a luxurious lifestyle.

“Get-rich-quick” is a fairy-tale. Period.

But because there are so many newbies who believe in the myth, opens the floodgates for racketeers to pocket a pretty penny from walking those peeps down the garden path.


More Reasons Not to Trust ‘ML’…

In addition to Mike selling you a pipe dream, he uses various cunning tactics just so HE can reel in a fortune at YOUR expense.

So I urge you not to fall for these following Red Flags inside the sales video:

Firstly, Mike reckons he’s making $35K per month on autopilot and even shows you screenshots of his daily affiliate earnings.
Money Looper Fake Affiliate Earnings
Genuine or not, the screenshots are misleading because no newbie can make that kinda cash right off the bat because it takes a lot of skill and time for results like those.

Additionally, anyone can learn to create fake income proof screenshots or even pay folks on Fiverr to have them forged.

Secondly, Mike exposes 3 ugly truths about making some serious dough on the web.

#1: He claims his system isn’t for those looking to get rich overnight and 95.5% of systems that claim to make you money online are total Bullsh*t.
Money Looper Uses Scam Tactics
Ha Ha, that’s rich coming from the hypocritical scam artist extraordinaire himself!

#2: If you stumble on a legitimate way to earn online, the selfish Guru millionaires are gonna stop you dead in your tracks overnight using their money and influence.
Money Looper Scammy Tactics
LOL. This is really some Peaky Blinders “big f*cks small” scaremongering tactic. Nothing more.

In truth, there’s room for EVERYONE (YES, even noobs!) to make money in the online space.

So the “little” guy or gal certainly has the same chance of winning.

#3: You’re helping to prevent the gurus from scamming by acting like a digital version of Robin Hood.

According to Mike, these bullies hurt him and he wants you to team up with him on some sort of crusade to get vengeance lol.
Money Looper Uses Emotional Triggers
Mike knows you’ve more than likely been scammed in the past and uses your bad experience as an emotional trigger so you take action.

Put simply, the ACTUAL truth is that these 3 “ugly truths” are just manipulative tactics for Mike to gain your trust for HIS own benefit.

If ‘ML’ is legitimate, then why does he drone on about “money-making” and “fraudsters” instead of showing you the ins and outs of his system?


Thirdly, who the heck is “Mike Thomas?”
Money Looper Fake Owner
Also known as “Mike Dee” from ‘Mike Dee Rich Janitor’ (a rehash of ‘ML’), he reckons he’s the creator of ‘ML’ and the video spokesperson.

But there’s ZERO photographic or social proof of his existence which strongly suggests he’s not just a “pen name” but a “voice-over” hired on Fiverr.

More often than not, it’s a sleazy and cowardly tactic deployed by some garbage Clickbank product creators so they can scam the pants off you without exposing their TRUE identities.



So, What’s “Really” Happening Here?

Putting all the lies and hype to one side for one moment – believe it or not, ‘ML’ is gonna give you something in return for your 37 dollars.

But don’t think for one second you’re gonna get your hands on some “magical web-based wealth-building” system because it’s non-existent.

When you part with your cash, you get pre-built affiliate sites for promoting ‘ML’ for commissions and also some generic affiliate marketing video training that’s inadequate for making the big bucks online.

It’s just basic stuff you can find on YouTube for “free”, at the end of the day.

So I would hardly call that a “system”.

The pages will never generate organic traffic from the search engines because for that you’ll need to start a blog and learn how to create high-quality content among other strategies.

And even if you end up “spamming” social media with a hyped up money-making system that’s non-existent – you’ll just end up with a bad reputation.


Conclusion: Is Money Looper Worth it?

A Big Thumbs DownIn a nutshell, ‘ML’ doesn’t work because the whole thing was fabricated in La-La Land.

The sales video is full to the brim of deception and manipulation, and the only person getting rich quickly is the slimeball peddling it to exploit newbies like you.

Even what you gain access to isn’t substantial for creating a successful affiliate marketing empire.

But because there is SOME value and also the fact that Clickbank will give you a full $37 refund, means I can’t call ‘ML’ a flat-out scam (as much as I’d like to).

But I am dumping the so-called system in the borderline scam category and is certainly a product that I don’t recommend you invest in.

If you’re sick of being duped by fraudsters and their “get-rich-quick” trash, but you’re looking for a 100% LEGIT solution to making sustainable money…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts to share on ‘ML’ – We’d LOVE to hear your comments below…


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