Money Sucking Websites Review: (Cash is Sucked Out of YOU!)

A huge welcome to my review of Money Sucking Websites!

As the name would suggest, it works like a virtual Henry Hoover – sucking up bundles of cash for you from the internet.

But unfortunately, the only dollars that this vacuum will be sucking up are gonna be from YOUR own bank account.

If you wanna know how the scam artist behind it tries to take you for a sucker and why you should keep the so-called money-maker at arm’s length, carry on reading…

Money Sucking Websites Suck The Cash Out of You Review
Quick Overview:

Name: Money Sucking Websites (MSW).


Cost: $47 + Upsells.

Owner: Willy Handcock (more than likely a stage name)

My Score: 1/10.

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What’s Money Sucking Websites All About, Huh?

MSW (aka Money Sucking Website System and previously called Online Cash Bonanza + FB Bonanza)…

Apparently, gives you a magical website that makes you $500 on a daily basis without lifting a finger.

In fact, all you have to do for $1,000s to fill your pockets each month is simply “press a button” and all your dreams will come true, blahdy blah.
Big Red Button
Also promoted through the Amazon Cash Websites scam (probably created by the same fraudster)…

MSW is just like any other “get-rich-quick” piece of trash making wild and wacky claims.

If the promises of thousands of dollars easily finding their way to your bank account are true, then why isn’t everybody on your street rich?

Unfortunately, the only ones who profit from such “pipe dream” products like MSW are the shady individuals who invent them.

Because, at the end of the day, they’re all about “self-interest”, and couldn’t care less if you make money or not.


How is Money Sucking Websites Set up to Work For $?

All it claims to be is some $500-per-day “secret method” that works completely on autopilot.

Without you needing any experience and special skills or investing any effort, etc.

But how many times have you been told the same thing by other garbage on the web?

Put simply, the MSW system is a load of old tosh – meaning it doesn’t work in the way it’s sold to you, unfortunately.

The only reason why these “too good to be true” money-making systems exist is that everyone’s looking for a way to get wealthy fast, right?

So tricksters basically use this to exploit people online, the vulnerable especially.

Somebody is gonna get filthy rich with MSW alright, and I’m giving you one guess who…


4 More Reasons Not to Trust Money Sucking Websites

#1: Willy Handcock is as Fake as They Come…

First of all, the picture of “Willy Handcock” enjoying a lovely picnic with his family is 100% fake.

Meet Willy with his wife and kids.
Willy Handcock and His Family Having a Picnic
Now, here’s the REAL family – nothing but an image purchased from a stock photo website called CanStockPhoto.
Money Sucking Websites Fake Owner
It’s basically a scammy tactic used to convince you that Willy is the real deal – so you’re more likely to part with your cash.

Surely is MSW was a legitimate product, the creator would reveal him or herself to the world, would they not?


#2: How The Heck Do You Rake in The Dosh With MSW?

Sadly, the details on HOW the program works for making mega money are purposely hidden from you.

By keeping you in the dark and continually talking to you about “money” is trickery used to spark your interest.

So again, the scammer stands a good chance of grabbing your hard-earned dollars.

Furthermore, if the MSW “get-rich-quick” system is a myth from the get-go, then how can the creator possibly explain the moving parts?


He or she can’t.

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#3: Fabricated Member Testimonials…

Next up, watch out for the fake video testimonials too.

Yes, some may seem perfectly legit at first glance… UNTIL you come across members’ like this guy below.
Fake Member Testimonial
But when these folks talk about the insane amounts of money they’ve pocketed with the system.

AND without any hard evidence to back up their claims – it should set off red flashing lights and sirens immediately.

Especially, when some folks fail to even mention MSW.

Which, is usually a sign that the creator distributes the same videos throughout his scammy network of other pipe dream products.

But anyway, back to the guy above.

If he really has made a whopping $76,000 in just 4 months with MSW, then how come he’s easily located on selling his “spokesperson” Gigs?

A Man Selling His Spokesperson Services on Fiverr


The only money these peeps have made is via their “cheap as chips” acting video services sold to business owners and also fraudsters, unfortunately.


#4: Fake-Ass Scarcity in Play…

Finally, when you go to purchase the product…

“Your 51% discount will expire in 4 minutes” and there’s even a countdown timer to ensure you get it at a knock-down price of $97 $47.

Aww, how sweet of Willy to save you a few bucks.

But it’s just a dirty scarcity tactic for pushing you into buying the system, quickly!

The truth be told, your discount isn’t going anywhere because when you refresh the page, the counter resets.

In fact, I’m willing to bet a dollar to a dime that same discount will be still available months down the line from now.

UNLESS the scammer pulls the plug thanks to complaints, refunds, and negative reviews, etc.

The red flags I’ve just highlighted aren’t uncommon among scams because they all use the same deceptive practices.

So get to know these warning signs because they’ll save your bacon when you come across more fraudulent crap in the future.


Final Thoughts: Is Money Sucking Websites a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownJudging from all the obvious telltale signs of a dirty SCAM…

Money Sucking Websites (or whatever else it’s known by) clearly isn’t to be trusted. Full stop.

When you come across something with hyped up money-making claims, ZERO detailed description, images and testimonials that seem fishy, and a countdown timer…

You just know it’s gonna be fraudulent, right off the bat.

A fee of $47 may not seem like a chunk of change to lose with MSW.

But since your email address is also required before buying it, you can bet your sweet bippy that the scammer has more nasty surprises up his or her sleeve.

At the end of the day, the only person who is gonna be minted from the opportunity is the sleazeball who forged it.

Plain and simple.


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It just doesn’t happen. Period.

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And then work your tail off for a period of time on top of all that.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts to share on MSW – We’d LOVE to hear your comments below…



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