Moola Vine: Is an Income as Easy as Pie? [Review]

Welcome to my Moola Vine review, buddy! 😀

Apparently, it allows you to create an income on the web as easy as warm apple pie.

But is this just another one of those hyped-up money-makers that’s all sizzle without the meaty steak?

Or does it actually deliver on its promises, huh?

Well, I guess there’s only one way to find out, and that’s to sink your teeth into this honest and unbiased review!

Moola Vine Review
Quick Overview

Name: Moola Vine (MV).


Cost: Free +  $100s for upsells + products.

Owner: Bryan Winters.

My Score: 5/10.

But before fully immersing yourself.

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What’s Moola Vine All About?

The same guy behind 5 Figure Day, My Funnel Empire, and Cash Blurbs claims Moola Vine enables you to easily create a full-time income on the net.

It’s all about having a “vine” of 100s – 1,000s of folks (not grapes or tomatoes) sending you daily messages.

All wanting to buy products through you to make you $300+ on a daily basis.

Apparently, you just reply to those peeps with your affiliate link and a stack of commissions land in your pocket with little effort.

I dunno about you, but right off the bat, this all seems a little “too good to be true” (even if Winters reckons it’s NOT a pipe dream).


But you’ll find out the truth in a few shakes of a lamb’s tail, buddy!


How The Moola Vine Process Works

When someone joins via your referral link, they must agree to purchase any JVZoo and Clickbank products from INSIDE their ‘MV’ members’ area.

That’s when your bank account goes KA-CHING!

But how exactly?

Instead of buying directly from one of the marketplaces, they must submit a “purchase request” to YOU.

Which, is when you reply back with your affiliate link for that product.

It’s the same if you wanna buy any products yourself – you send a request to whoever referred you to ‘MV’.

So instead of you approaching folks with your affiliate links, they come to you.

In my opinion, this reverse technique sounds like an ingenious way of making money online.

Don’t you think?

But while ‘MV’ is a dream money-making system on paper, is it really gonna deliver a life-changing income in reality – that’s the question?


Let’s Check Out The Nuts & Bolts of Moola Vine

After entering your email and creating a password for free access to ‘MV’, you’re immediately hit with a bunch of upsells.

But it’s beyond me why Bryan upsells you BEFORE giving you access to the membership area for a clear picture of the operation.

Anyway, once you’re inside the members’ area, there’s the following stuff to be cracking on with:

First of all, there’s a 15-minute ‘MV’ introduction video to watch that shows you the ins and outs of the system.


#2: Go Shopping…

There’s a 10-minute “Go Shopping” video tutorial along with a  “purchase request”.

These are for any products you wanna buy yourself from Clickbank and/or JVZoo.
Go Shopping Tutorial and Purchase Request
Also, when you buy products, you get awarded 1 “Green Day” credit for every $1 spent.

This is for keeping your ‘MV’ account up and running so you can continue to refer and earn.

As a new member, you initially start out with 5 Green Days.
Moola Vine Green Days
Which means you have 5 days to buy your first product or either purchase the ‘Green Day Plan’ upsell for “unlimited” Green Days to remain active.

Being forced to buy products and/or the upsell is quite a crafty way to have the privilege of making money with the system, in my book.

But if it works and keeps the income flowing for members, then hat’s off to Bryan I guess.


#3: Make Money…

There’s the “make money” section.

Which includes a 12-minute video tutorial on inserting your Clickbank affiliate ID, replying to purchase requests, and viewing your commissions. 

Along with the actual tasks themselves.


#4: Grow Your Vine…

Finally, there’s “Grow Your Vine” containing your affiliate link, a quick 5-minute video tutorial, and a bunch of places for sharing your link.
Affiliate Link Invite Options
Bryan gives you:

  • Pre-written emails + recommended solo ad providers
  • Banners + a directory list
  • Guidance on posting in Facebook groups
  • A list of groups that accept ads

However, I’m not too crazy about the FB ad posting method because if you “SPAM” too many groups, you’re likely to serve time in FB jail.

Plus the fact, with A LOT of affiliates and MLMers already sharing a TON of spammy crap on a daily basis…

I don’t see you having much success from the groups if I’m totally honest.

As for support from ‘MV’, you can either submit a ticket to customer support or Like its FB fan page.

But with only 200+ likes and followers (at the time of writing), there’s very little community engagement.


So What About The Cost, Neil?

If you wanna start out online with ‘MV’, it’s gonna cost you a WHOPPING… $0!

But with that said…

Before your 5 Green Days countdown to 0 and you’re money-making rights are lost, you must top up your days by buying products from Clickbank/JVZoo.

Or you can purchase upsell #1 (Green Day Plan) = $1 for 5 days, and then $20/month if you want unlimited days and also earn $10 – $200 ‘a pop’ affiliate commissions.

Upsell #2 (Done For You 5 Minute Emails) = $97 if you wanna make an extra $100 – $200 per day.

Upsell #3 (MV Traffic Co-Op) = $40, $80 or $120 and then the same fees monthly for traffic shares – depending on how many you want.

This is ‘Done For You’ traffic for growing your vines on autopilot.

Where Winters adds your ‘MV’ affiliate link to his traffic rotator and sends you traffic from Facebook, solo, and banner ads.

I’m not particularly fond of forking out extra for these upsells, I must say.

But from a newbie standpoint with little to no knowledge of internet marketing, they can increase your chances of success.


PROS vs CONS of ‘MV’


  • You can start for free
  • It’s an easier way for noobs to do affiliate marketing
  • Video tutorials & resources provided
  • Basic help & support offered
  • Some upsells come with 30-day money back guarantees
  • The potential to make money


  • It only revolves around Clickbank & JVZoo
  • You’re forced into buying products or an upsell to keep your account active
  • You must purchase the upsells for any real shot at success
  • No effective internet marketing skills are taught
  • You’re simply making money for the sake of it


Conclusion: Is Moola Vine Worth it?

Yes and NoIn all honesty, I’m kinda sitting on the fence with ‘MV’.

On one hand, going “all in” with the system can give newbie affiliate marketers a great opportunity to earn an income on the web.

Especially, if they lack the skills for marketing and making money.

(Just don’t make the mistake of assuming this is a “get-rich-quick” system because it will still take heaps of time and effort to reach a full-time income).

But on the other hand, the system can work out quite costly with product purchases and monthly fees.

Not to mention you’ll be turning a buck just for the sake of “cashing in” and not actually building a Biz (around your hobby/passion) to be proud of.

Additionally, it wouldn’t hurt Mr. Winters to teach you some REAL digital marketing skills that ACTUALLY work instead of teaching you bad habits.

‘MV’ may not be the greatest system in the world, but it’s definitely legitimate.

I’m just in two minds over recommending it lol – So I’ll let you be the judge.

But before you dash off…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts to share on ‘MV’ – We’d LOVE to hear from ya below…


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