5 Figure Day Review: (Does it Work For Cash Online?)

Howdy, thanks for stopping by my honest review of 5 Figure Day!

Will this program really help you to suck in hungry leads and fill your pockets faster than an outdated site?

Or is it just a dud from Bryan Winters, that’s full of empty promises, huh?

If you wanna know the truth, then continue reading…

5 Figure Day Review
Quick Overview

Name: 5 Figure Day (5FD).

Website: 5figureday.com.

Price: Free. Unleashed: $7 for 7 days, then $97/month. Plus other expenses.

Owner: Bryan Winters (creator of My Funnel Empire and Moola Vine).

My Score: 4/10.

Verdict: (LEGIT) – If you want DFY squeeze page templates, don’t mind earning as an affiliate in the ‘make money’ niche and following text-based training.

Oh, and chucking a big bunch of money at solo ads for driving traffic to your pages…

Then 5 Figure Day might be right up your street.

But in my experiece, there are FAR better ways to make money online and also alternatives to ‘5FD’.

Before sinking your teeth into this FULL review…

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What is 5 Figure Day All About, Hey?

5 Figure Day gives you 100% free monthly websites for automatically sucking in leads.

And EASILY generating an income online 500% quicker than your outdated site, apparently.

In a nutshell, Bryan Winters has designed a “Done-For-You” business.

So you can earn affiliate commissions from promoting his ‘5FD’ income system.

The only thing I hate about this approach is that Mr. Winters is helping himself get richer via the limited choices of pre-done squeeze page templates.

Ones, that revolve around the ‘online money-making’ niche too…

Instead of giving you the tools and resources for building an online Biz in a niche of your choice.

That’s the downside to this DFY systems, I’m afraid. You have very little control.

But having said that, there are some great DFY affiliate systems out there that give you the opportunity to choose your own niche.

For example; check out 12 Minute Affiliate and Commission Hero.

But just because they make life easier, it doesn’t mean that you can sit on your ass while the big bucks roll in.

Because “hard work” is still a requirement.

But anyway, back to the money-making p[rogram in question…


Who Will Benefit From 5 Figure Day?

The sales page gives you the impression that ‘5FD’ is for those who suck at making money with their current websites and squeeze pages, etc.

But after a behind-the-scenes look…

It seems to be for newbies who want to earn an income as an affiliate marketer without learning page building, email marketing, and traffic generation skills.

I dunno about you, but I think most people wanna choose the easy path to wealth on the web, but where’s the fun in that, huh?

In my experience, learning internet marketing is gonna give you a huge advantage in life and also over your competitors.

As well as make you more successful than those who don’t have a clue what they’re doing – those who “SPAM” the web with crap.


How Does 5 Figure Day Work Exactly?

Once you pop in your email address to gain access to the free members’ area…

You get a 20-minute crash course video to watch, and a bunch of pre-built squeeze pages ready to roll.

See an example of a website.
Free 5 Figure Day Websites
Each page comes with your own ‘5FD’ affiliate link embedded.

So you can build a subscriber list and earn commissions when your leads buy the “Unleashed” membership.

What’s especially cool is that you can also integrate your own Aweber or GetResponse autoresponders.

And Brian even gives you a couple of 10-minute video tutorials for the easy set up of each one.

However, Bryan fails to specify how much you’ll make from every sale (unless I missed something).

Because as a free member, you can’t find out about the commissions until you actually upgrade yourself, which is pretty dumb really.
Members Area Restrictions
So I guess you’ll need to visit the Clickbank marketplace to find out the affiliate commissions you could potentially get LOL.

Plus, you’re also forced to upgrade your ‘5FD’ membership if you want access to detailed commission reports, which I think is plain wrong!


Any Additional Training, Resources & Support Inside 5 Figure Day?

Unfortunately, there’s no real step-by-step video training on making a profit with the system.

Instead, there’s plenty of written info on how to make money with:

Email, selecting your email list options, the four pillars of list profit, running/selling solo ads, doing JVs/ad swaps, and finding good ‘MMO’ affiliate products to promote.

When it comes to resources, you get a bunch of pre-written emails to plug into your autoresponder.

And also a number of links for recommended places to get free and paid traffic to your squeeze page.

As for support, you can contact the ‘Support Center’ by submitting a ticket.

Or you can join the private ‘5FD’ Facebook group to hang out with other members.


How Much Will The 5 Figure Day System Cost?

To gain access to ‘5FD’ is actually $0.

But obviously, it’s free because Bryan himself is also gonna be profiting from your online biz.

For the “Unleashed” version (which gives you more features + a bigger earning potential)…

It’s gonna cost you $7 for a 1-week trial and then it’s $97 per month if you wish to continue.

Plus, Aweber starts at $19 per month and GetResponse starts at $15 per month.

In addition, you will have to fork out $100s (maybe $1,000s) on solo ads for any potential results.

Now, while the system itself and also paid traffic can work…

I just don’t think splashing out a fortune is the best way for a newbie to get started with an online business.

Because it can seriously leave you out-of-pocket.

The truth be told, your expenses should be kept at a minimal because it can enable you to profit quicker as an affiliate marketer.

Which is why I recommend that you build yourself a free website and “blog” your way to success – it’s teh cheapest option.


PROS vs CONS of ‘5FD’


  • You can start for free
  • Get a number of pre-built pages & pre-written emails
  • You can connect your own autoresponder to your pages
  • Some basic video training on setting up an autoresponder
  • Bryan gives you some written tips + places for website traffic
  • A good level of help & support is available
  • Try “Unleashed” upsell for only $7
  • 60-day money back guarantee offered


  • The program lacks step-by-step video tutorials
  • You must upgrade just to view your commission reports
  • The “Unleashed” upgrade is costly
  • It’s an expensive way for a noob to get started online
  • No info on how much you get paid as an affiliate of ‘5FD’ (unless you visit Clickbank)
  • No freedom of niche choice – you must promote the system & other products in the ‘Make Money Online’ arena


Final 2 Cents: Is 5 Figure Day Worth it?…

I’m in two minds about 5 Figure Day.

Because I believe you can make money with it, but it would be more beneficial to learn how to build your own profitable squeeze pages + sales funnels.

To be more specific:

YES, I recommend ‘5FD’ because the system is free to use and Bryan has set up the business for you.

Which is great if you don’t have internet marketing knowledge and you’d also love to earn from the ‘MMO’ niche.

You simply set up your autoresponder, copy & paste pre-written emails, and send paid traffic to your squeeze page(s).

So I do give it a big thumb’s up from that point of view.

NO, I don’t recommend it for the fact that you don’t get video training, the whole system is expensive, and you’re basically gonna be pouring money into paid traffic for lining Winter’s pockets too.

You also don’t get the option of picking your own niche which is a real bummer.

‘5FD’ actually reminds me of Zero Hour Work Days

Another costly system designed to make the owner profitable instead of allowing you to choose your own direction online.

I’m not a fan of these programs in the slightest.


Looking For a Better Money-Making Alternative?…

In my experience, promoting others products as an affiliate marketer is a truly epic way of generating a passive income.

But 5 Figure Day is very limited because you’re forced to roll with the ‘money-making’ niche, which isn’t a great option for a newbie like you.

The niche isn’t just difficult to get traction in, but you must also be passionate about the niche from the offset – which most newbs aren’t.

So if you wanna build yourself a successul Biz…

Then you really need the tools, step-by-step training &  24/7 support for creating a profitable website around your passion.

This is where my #1 recommended program comes into the picture – start free with Wealthy Affiliate for said essentials.
Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts on ‘5FD’, we’d LOVE to hear your comments below…


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