My Home Job Search: A SCAM in Disguise? (Reviewed)

A huge welcome to my review of My Home Job Search!

At first glance, it comes across as one of the most legitimate online opportunities on Earth.

But when you look closely on the surface and behind the scenes, it actually raises a number of red flags.

But does that mean it’s gonna scam the pants off you for definite?

Dive into THIS review – where I’m about to uncover the truth!

My Home Job Search Scam Review
Quick Overview:

Name: My Home Job Search (MHJS).


Cost: Free + $29 for Platinum membership.

Owner: Michael Anderson. (More than likely a stage name).

My Score: 0/10.


Sadly, My Home Job Search has been designed to give you the impression that you’ll be presented with jobs that you can do online for a buck.

But what’s really going on is that the shady individual behind it not only presents you with survey sites and other offers…

Just so THEY can pocket from your efforts…

But they also require your email address (to hit you with more offers) and entice you to upgrade for $29 – thus lining THEIR pockets further.

This is not how a “JOB” site is meant to work.

Because you’re supposed to get genuine home job listings and offers instead of low-paid task-based opportunities and upgrade fees.

But before taking the plunge…

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What’s My Home Job Search When it’s at Home?

My Home Job Search (similar to American Online Jobs) is exactly as it sounds…

A website helping you to find a work at home job so you can make money without leaving the house.

According to the sales page, you can earn $14 $56 per hour from the comfort of your own home.

To get started, you simply enter your zip code and then the system comes up with:

Great! We have X-number of employers who want to hire home workers near your area“.

Next, you choose your desired weekly income (between $500$1,500), hit the “Continue” button, answer a few more simple questions…
Desired Income Choice
And BAM – you get a bunch of high-paid jobs to pick from!

Sounds awesome, right?

Well, that’s the fairy tale you’re led to believe anyway.


Wanna Know The Real Truth Behind My Home Job Search, Huh?

‘MHJS’ is designed to look legitimate on the surface, but if you know how to spot a scam, it’s actually far from legit.

There are numerous scam warnings that you really must know about before giving your details away to join the so-called home working jobs site…


Red Flag #1: It’s All a Theatre Stage Show…

As for the whole job search process thing…

Entering your zip code and working your way through the questions – it’s basically used as a fake front for gaining your trust and “email”.

It doesn’t matter how many times you answer the questions differently…

You always get the same number of employers in your area offering up to $1,500/week from working 20+hours/week.

GOSH, QUICK, sign me up! LOL.

Don’t get me wrong, there are legitimate sites that use this same approach for helping you find jobs matching your criteria.

But ‘MHJS’s’ only goal is to grab your email address so the person behind it can make money from YOU instead when emailing you offers.

In fact, there are no actual job offers at all.

Because what you’re really offered (after you’ve created your free account) is a scammy-looking membership area with “affiliate links” for survey sites and a bunch of other programs.
My Home Job Search Fake Members Area
So again, instead of you making a buck from them, THEY’RE making it from YOU.


#2: You’re Squeezed Like an Orange For Cash…

You can get ‘MHJS’ “Platinum” upgraded membership for ONLY $29.

This is designed to unlock more companies and job opportunities for you, apparently.

But since there are no jobs offered under the “Free” account, it’s a trick to entice you to upgrade to “Platinum”.

Especially when some tabs display padlock symbols.

I dunno about you, but I definitely smell a dirty rat…

Simply put, you enter your info and pay 30 bucks for nothing but a bunch of “affiliate links”.

So someone else can cash in when you participate in “low-paid” opportunities on your laptop.

There are NO JOBS – it’s a con trick.


#3: Forged Facebook Fan Page Figures…

What’s extremely amusing about the main ‘MHJS’ sales page is that there’s a Facebook “LIKE” button showing over 400K people who have liked the opportunity.

“But why is that so funny, Neil?”

Well, for starters, it’s too far-fetched, especially when the program is a pile of garbage with ZERO job offers.

Also, the fact that when you go to click on the “LIKE” button, it doesn’t lead you anywhere.

It’s a fake image just for show.

Plus, when you search for ‘MHJS’ on Facebook itself, there is a fan page for it… except there’s just “1 Like!”
Fake Facebook Fan Page
And my best guess is that the one and only fan is the fraudster who designed the hoax. HAHA.

These are just 3 of the red flags among a number of others like fake news channel endorsements, testimonials from non-existent members, and a countdown timer to create scarcity.

Don’t get me wrong, scarcity is used by”ethical” product publishers for getting you to buy “genuine” products/services.

A perfect example of this is with Wealthy Affiliate’s Black Friday sale – where time really is of the essence.

But unfortunately, scam artists also use it to their advantage in an “unethical” manner to fool newbies.

In addition, according to the MHJS Privacy page…

The dud also shares your personal info with third parties – which means your inbox could get bombarded with emails to buy more stuff.

Who’s to say that your personal info/email won’t get sold to other scammers too, hey?


Final Say on The My Home Job Search Scam…

A Big Thumbs DownMy Home Job Search is nothing but a slimy SCAM designed to grab nothing but your email and convince you to part with your cash…

And for what?…

So the sleazeball creator can sell you a bunch of his or her affiliate offers and exploit you and your details further for pocketing lots of money from you?

Unfortunately, ‘MHJS’ is just smoke and mirrors – all sizzle without the steak – a big circus clown act – giving you ZERO JOB opportunities.

There are many legitimate home job search sites out there, it’s just a case of doing your due diligence.

But ‘MHJS’ is definitely not one of them, I’m afraid.


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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts that you’d like to share on ‘MHJS’ – We’d LOVE to hear from you below…



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