My Jaaxy Review 2020: (The Planet’s #1 Keyword Tool?)

Welcome to my unbiased review of Jaaxy!

As a user of this keyword tool, I’d not only like to share my experiences with it, but also provide the ins and outs, so you know how it works…

And also whether it really is the best keyword tool out there for affiliate marketers and bloggers.

So without further ado, let’s get stuck in…

Jaaxy Review
Quick Overview:

Name: Jaaxy.


Cost: 30 free searches (Click Here to Get Yours). PRO = $49/month. ENTERPRISE = $99/month.


If you join Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll get a special Jaaxy “LITE” version for $0. PRO for only $19/month & ENTERPRISE for $49/month!

Owners: Kyle & Carson.

My Overall Score: 7/10.


In my opinion, Jaaxy is one of the best newbie-friendly platforms for not just quickly and easily uncovering tons of keyword ideas for new content.

But also for monitoring your blog post rankings in the search engines – which saves you time and hassle.

My only beef with the keyword tool is that it falls short in a couple of important SEO areas – which need addressing by Kyle & Carson.

So there are pros and cons to the tool.

But overall, I think the platform’s a great starting point for newbie affiliate marketers.

Get stuck into my FULL review to discover how this tools actually works…


What is Jaaxy All About, Huh?

JaaxyPut simply, Jaaxy is a keyword research platform helping affiliate marketers and bloggers of all levels to publish content that gets ranked in the search engines.

And we all know what top Google, Bing, and Yahoo rankings can lead to, right?…

Targeted traffic and potential sales/affiliate commissions.

Now, as for the main keyword research function, Jaaxy displays the following 4 SEO metrics for every keyword:

  1. Volume of Traffic
  2. QSR – Competition
  3. KQI – Quality
  4. SEO – Ranking Power

Basically, these metrics are designed to help you uncover the right keywords for publishing blog posts around that get ranked and drive traffic to your site.

In my ipinion, Jaaxy is such a brill tool that quickly uncovers heaps of keyword ideas.


Sadly though, the tool isn’t without its flaws.

Because from experience and after comparing the keyword Traffic and Competition metrics to the same data produced by Long Tail Pro

Jaaxy seems inaccurate in those departments – which is why I now only use the tool for research ideas and its other cool functions.


Let’s Pop The Hood to See How Jaaxy Works!

To get started with the tool, you simply enter a keyword search term associated with your niche.

For example, let’s say you type “dog baskets for bikes” into the search bar.

In a matter of seconds, Jaaxy returns a bunch of ideas for your new blog post. Here are a few:
Keyword Research Results
But how do you know if any of these search terms are any good for building blog content around and getting rankings + traffic, huh?

This is where the following metrics are meant to come into play:



The number of monthly searches that the keyword triggers.



The number of monthly visitors on your blog post if it’s on page 1 of the search engines for that particular term.

TIP: Run with a keyword phrase that generates at least 40 visitors per month, because after all, you are building a site for attracting folks and building a profitable Biz.


QSR (Quoted Search Results) 

The number of competing websites in Google for that specific search term.

The lower the number, the easier it will be to rank and get traffic.

TIP: Choose a QSR under 100 or as close to 0 as possible – especially when you’re just getting started online with a brand new blog.


KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator)

The quality of the keyword. If it’s Green, it’s AWESOME to use. Amber is OK. Red is POOR – stay the hell away!



A score that combines traffic and competition numbers.

This metric uses a scoring system of 1 – 100.

TIP: Choose a keyword that’s as close to 100 as you can get it because it will increase your chances of page 1 rankings in the 3 top dog search engines.

My final tip of the day is to ALWAYS pick a keyword that forms a readable sentence and makes total grammatical sense.

Stay away from terms like:

  • “Dog Baskets Bikes”
  • “Dog Baskets Bicycles”
  • Etc…

At the end of the day, your content needs to be free-flowing for both your visitors and Google.

Otherwise it leads to a bad user-experience. Simples.


Which Brings me to The Next Feature…

Jaaxy allows you to create keyword lists for grouping your readable and “good to use” phrases together.
Keyword Lists
You can create multiple keyword lists – you might want one for dog shampoo, dog beds, and dog toys, etc.

It certainly helps you to better-organize your keyword campaigns and content ideas.

So as you can see, Jaaxy really does simplify the whole keyword research process…

Making searching for those “golden nuggets” super fun too!

But it’s NOT JUST a super powerful research tool with a pretty face, ya know!…


Jaaxy Boasts, Even More, Mind-Blowing Features!

There are additional features that I know you’re just gonna LOVE!

But I’m saving the best one till last. 😉


Alphabet Soup

this technique helps you to find TONS of additional ideas for your keyword term.

The tool automatically goes through every letter of the alphabet (A to Z).

For example, a few phrases with the letter “a”:
Alphabet Soup Technique


Search Analysis

This nifty features allows you to spy on your competitors’ top ranking positions in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

You’ll see their Meta Descriptions + Keywords, word count, links on site, backlinks, Alex rank, and also whether they’re using Adsense.

Search Analysis

(Click to Enlarge)


Affiliate Programs

This feature saves you heaps of time.

Drop your keyword term into the box and it automatically finds you various sites with affiliate programs on networks like Commission Junction, Link Share, Digital River, and ClickBank.

In addition, commission percentages are also displayed.
Affiliate Programs Feature


Enables you to thoroughly research topic ideas and also products to promote on your blog…

Using Google Trends, Alexa Topics, Amazon Best Sellers, and Twitter Trends.


Site Rank

This has to be one of my most favorite features inside Jaaxy.

Because it enables you to quickly and easily track your website content rankings in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

The powerful feature really does save you heaps of time and hassle.

By having a tool that monitors your rankings is gonna allow you to see the progress of your website.

And also make content improvements where they are needed for better rankings.

Plus, not to mention the fact that it’s gonna help you to stay way ahead of the competition.

For example purposes, I entered the term of this website ==> Zero To Affiliate Hero.

Site Rank Feature

(Click to Enlarge)

YAY, I’m on page 1 of ALL 3 search engines! WOOT WOOT.


Any Training/Support Available From Jaaxy?

Jaaxy Keyword Research Video Training

(Training Video Snapshot)

To be honest, using Jaaxy really is a piece of lemon drizzle cake!

But should you need any assistance with using the tool, Kyle has created a few walk-through videos that cover:

In my opinion, Kyle gives you some awesome in-depth training on leveraging the platform for your success.

With the most keyword tools, the training isn’t that thorough, but Kyle goes above and beyond to help you.

In addition, you can fill out a form to contact the Jaaxy team if you have any general or billing issues.


How Much is Jaaxy Gonna Cost You?

When you sign up for the free trial, you’ll get 30 free searches and access to the other features, but there will be some limitations.

  • PRO level = $49/month
  • ENTERPRISE level = $99/month

If you want to experience the full benefits of Jaaxy and also faster keyword searching speeds…

Then I highly recommend upgrading your account to either Pro or Enterprise – whichever level will best fit your needs and budget.


However, when you become a member of Wealthy Affiliate – you’ll get a special “LITE” option included with your WA membership for $0.

AND you also have the choice to buy PRO for just $19/month or ENTERPRISE for only $49/month!


PROS vs CONS of Jaaxy


  • It’s completely free to try (no credit card needed)
  • It simplifies the process of keyword research – making it quick & easy
  • There’s nothing to download on your computer – it’s totally web-based
  • Heaps of AMAZING features
  • Training/Support is available
  • A very cost-effective tool
  • Perfect for affiliate marketing newbies
  • Can also help you to find and choose domain names for your sites


  • The free trial is limited to just 30 searches
  • The SEO metrics (in terms of traffic & competition data) seem inaccurate


My Final Thoughts on Jaaxy (+ BONUS)

A Big Thumbs Up

Jaaxy is the most user-friendly keyword tool I’ve ever used.

Not to mention the fact it gives you countless keyword suggestions for writing content around and also has an array of cool features.

So I DEFINITYELY give the platform a huge thumb’s up from that point of view.

But in my opinion, Jaaxy falls flat on its face when it comes to a couple of highly important SEO metrics for rankings and traffic.

If Kyle and Carson addressed these SEO issues, Jaaxy has a fighting chance of being one of, if not THE best keyword tool out there.

But it’s still a great tool to leverage – especially if you’re a newbie.


Once you get your account – under the “Jaaxy Help” tab, you’ll get access to 3 free bonus PDFs to download.

  1. A hand-picked list of 1,000 high traffic, low competition keywords
  2. Your handbook on how to uncover hot niches in minutes
  3. Secrets to tapping into the billion dollar domain name industry

So, whatcha waiting for?…

==> Start With Jaaxy Now (Get 30 Free Searches!)


Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any thoughts, questions or experiences to share on Jaaxy, we’d love to hear your comments below…


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