My Super Affiliate Mentor – A Super SCAM? (Reviewed)

Howdy, welcome to my review!

On my cyberspace travels, I just recently crossed paths with My Super Affiliate Mentor, so I decided to take a closer look with a magnifying glass.

I’m sure you have a number of questions that need answering, right?…

What the heck is it all about and how does it work, is it a legitimate money-maker or a slimy scam, and if the opportunity is legit, is it actually worth taking for a spin?

Hang tight, my young grasshopper buddy, because I have all the answers ready and waiting for you in this unbiased and honest blog post!

Is My Super Affiliate Mentor a Scam to Keep at Arms Length
Quick Overview:

Name: My Super Affiliate Mentor (MSAM)/The Super Affiliate Success System (TSASS).


Cost: $1 – $12,497!

Owner: Tanya Christiansen (apparently).

But before taking the plunge and getting all the juicy details you need on the program…

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What is My Super Affiliate Mentor About?

‘MSAM’ along with its twin sister ‘The Super Affiliate Success System’ claims it’s a brand new revolutionary system that allows you to cash between 4 and 6 paychecks on a weekly basis.

But since the overly hyped up sales video is pretty vague on how you’re gonna make money, one can only assume from the name that you’ll be earning commissions from selling products as an affiliate marketer.

Not only are you left clueless on the “money-making” part but the video toys with your human emotions using manipulative tactics for breaking down your guard and getting easy access to your cash.

But does that make the program a rotten S.C.A.M?

Whoa, hold ya horses, I’m getting to that part in two shakes of a donkey’s tail! ๐Ÿ˜›


5 Ways The Video Gets in Your Head

Firstly, I must warn you that the video is 47 minutes long! So you may wanna pop the kettle on (several times).

That’s 2,820 seconds of tedious “hype” that almost tips you over the edge and makes you wanna pull your hair out towards the end!

But let’s see how the video attempts to hypnotize you with some shady-like tactics, shall we?

See 5 of the Red Flags I found:

#1: You Are Extremely Lucky to be Here!

My Super Affiliate Mentor Says You Are Lucky to Find it
Yes you, you are very lucky to be on this page right now!

The lady narrating the video makes you feel like you’re one of the chosen and very special few who’s about to get their hands on a golden life-changing opportunity.

Well, I guess it’s one way to keep your eyes glued to the monitor screen, wanting more info.

#2: Time is Running Out, Act NOW!

My Super Affiliate Mentor Fake Time Scarcity
Hurry, grab this amazing opportunity right this second because when it’s gone in the next 5 to 10 minutes, it’s gone!!

Hmm… I just saw a flying pig!

Put simply, it’s used as a scarcity strategy for shifting your ass into gear with credit card in hand ready to punch in those numbers.

The truth is, the video/opportunity isn’t going anywhere. Refresh the sales video page and you’ll see lol.

#3: Top Secret – Do Not Share, Ever!

My Super Affiliate Mentor Secretive Information Tactic
The info is top secret and simply cannot be shared with anyone. It’s for your eyes only!

But the truth be told, if that’s the case, then why is the cheesy sales page and video accessible to anyone and everyone, huh?

It’s not like a hit squad is gonna come after you with guns blazing for sharing some “top secret” biz opp lol.

Basically, it’s an attention-grabbing tactic also used as reverse psychology to make you think ” hey screw you, maybe I will share this with my buddies”.


#4: Stay at Your Life-Sucking JOB!

My Super Affiliate Mentor Uses Psychological Triggers
If you don’t have the courage to take risks and a desire to make big bucks online, then stay with your mediocre low-paid job, forever!

While I do actually agree with this, it’s basically used as a technique to plant seeds in your head so you’re more open to joining ‘MSAM’.

It really gets the mind cogs turning and has you thinking about the pittance you earn from your crappy day job and that you’re worth so much more, which you are BTW. ๐Ÿ˜‰


#5: Watch Out For The SCAMS!

My Super Affiliate Mentor Talks About Scams
Where there’s big money to be made online, there are plenty of scams that you must also avoid!

This is a “trust” tactic that most scammers use to lower your guard even more so thatย skepticism disappears, thus handing over your cash with no questions asked.

While some info discussed in the video actually rings true, there’s also a lot of hyped up crap mixed in, which leads to the all-important question…


Is ‘MSAM’/’TSASS’ Actually a SCAM in Disguise?

It may shock you to hear this, BUT the program isn’t a scam – despite the sales video giving off numerous scammy warning signs.

How is that so?

Put simply, it’s a “gateway” page designed by Tanya Christiansen – an affiliate of Misha Wilson’s ‘Super Affiliate Network‘ (SAN) which is a legitimate affiliate marketing coaching program.

Say Hello to Tanya.
Tanya Christiansen From My Super Affiliate Mentor
Now, whether she’s the real deal, an affiliate posing as her or even a hired actress, I couldn’t find any concrete evidence. So you’ll just have to take her word for it.

But my best guess is that she’s probably fabricated to hide the true affiliate’s identity.

When it comes to The Super Affiliate Network, this is the actual program you’ll be joining (through Tanya’s affiliate link) for learning how to make money online.

Meet ‘SAN’.
Will Freedom be Yours With The Super Affiliate Network
Also, notice how all the logos are identical?
My Super Affiliate Mentor
That’s because Tanya has nicked ‘SAN’s’ logo and rebranded it with a fake opportunity that goes under two different names. Tut Tut.


What The Heck is The Super Affiliate Network?

If you’re familiar with the likes of Aspire Digital Altitude, MOBE, Awol Academy, and Empower Network – ‘SAN’ is basically another “high-ticket” system.

You buy into the training system/products that teach you how to promote the very same system for big bucks in your pocket.

You start with the basic membership which is $1 for a trial, and you invest in upsells to get more advanced training in order to become more successful from peddling the program as an affiliate – known as a “Plug n’ Play” system and also a “money-making scheme”.

Unfortunately, with ‘SAN’, you could end up forking out $1,000s/$10,000s for the training products and Solo Ads combined for building a profitable online biz.

For more info on the training and support inside ‘SAN’, and especially its big price tag…

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Final Take: Is My Super Affiliate Mentor Worth it?…

A Big Thumbs DownI would love nothing more than to label My Super Affiliate Mentor/The Super Affiliate Success System as a rotten scam because it’s an imaginary income opportunity that uses a number of deceptive tactics.

And also, I think Tanya Christiansen is used as a stage name for fronting the so-called program.

However, don’t quote me on that since I’ve no proof and I could be wrong lol.

But because both sales video pages do divert you to Misha Wilson’s ‘SAN’ platform which provides you with heaps of value, I’ve no choice but to call it “legitimate“.

Needless to say, that doesn’t mean I approve of SAN’ or recommend it either since there are better and cheaper alternatives for turning a buck on the web.

In fact, before you dash off…

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Your Friend, Neil ๐Ÿ˜€

If you have any questions or thoughts on either Tanya’s fake tacky sales pages or Misha’s system, we’d LOVE to hear your comments below…

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