Need Quick Money? DON’T Buy Fast Cash 5! [Review]

High five for stopping by my brutally honest review of Fast Cash 5 (FC5)!

Anthony Mancuso and Paul Nicholls reckon their money-making product can bank you stacks of cash quickly online from free traffic, whenever your PayPal account is running low.

LOL, if they say so!

It’s just another one of their hyped up products similar to ‘Compoundly‘ (I recently reviewed) – making ludicrous claims.

To discover why ‘FC5’ is a bitter disappointment, continue reading…

Need Quick Money - DONT Buy Fast Cash 5 - Review
Quick Overview

Name: Fast Cash 5 (FC5).


Cost: $4.95 (at the time of writing) + upsells.

Owners: Anthony Mancuso, Paul Nicholls & Ronnie Rokk Smith.

My Score: 3/10.

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What’s Fast Cash 5 All About?

The ‘FC5’ sales page boldly claims you’re gonna “get 5 emergency cash methods that will bank you $187 in 24 hours or less“.

And according to the video spokesman (Anthony), the methods revolve around generating fast “free” traffic to high-ticket affiliate offers that anyone can promote – using some unique twist.

It doesn’t involve email lists or any complicated setups, etc, – just traffic to a super cool offer for high conversions and dough in your pockets.

In fact, it works so brilliantly well, that Anthony just had to share his 24-hour ($1,200) affiliate commission report from his very first run with the strategy.
Fast Cash 5 Income Proof Screenshot
Holy Batman!

But don’t get sucked in by the hype because I’m telling you now, internet marketing is no walk in the park – ESPECIALLY for newbies.

Don’t get me wrong, Anthony’s income proof may well be genuine, since he’s a seasoned marketer.

But to actually go from $0 to 3-figure paydays as an affiliate marketing noob is gonna take bags of time and effort to learn and execute new skills, particularly when it comes to driving free traffic.

The only reason why the 3 Amigos (Anthony, Paul, and Ronnie) want you to believe that raking in a ton of cash online is a piece of lemon drizzle cake, is so they can sell you THEIR product.

Seriously, it’s uncool.


How Does Fast Cash 5 Work For a Buck?

Apparently, ‘FC5’ is a simple 3-step process.

  1. Choose from one of the five newbie-friendly & proven methods
  2. Follow the set up instructions to start generating traffic in under 60 minutes
  3. Check your PayPal account & then rinse n’ repeat or choose another method for $

Making money online had never been so simple has it?

But here’s what to REALLY expect from ‘FC5’…

Once you purchase the product, you’ll gain entry to a dashboard area that contains the 5 methods broken down into video training modules.
Fast Cash 5 Members Training Area
These 5 videos cover:


#1: High Ticket Launch Jacking (35 Mins)

Put simply, you’ll learn to profit from upcoming product launches in the ‘make money online’ arena by building your own websites and creating YouTube videos for a bunch of traffic.

However, I’ve tried the concept of “launch jacking” on numerous occasions and it’s incredibly tough to turn a buck with.

For starters, the ‘make money’ niche is THE most challenging niche at the best of times.

Secondly, you’ll be competing against some of THE most experienced internet and affiliate marketers in the industry.

Furthermore, you’re up against cheats who use shady “black hat” SEO tactics for manipulating Google.

Overall, it’s pretty crap and toxic, to say the least. Read THIS article to discover why.


#2: Affiliate Pay Per Call Networks (24 Mins)

You’re taught to use platforms like Max Bounty and Offer Vault to find local businesses that will basically pay you commissions when your website visitors become their leads by submitting their phone numbers and other basic info.

This is another concept I tried during my earlier affiliate marketing days, and it’s far from quick and easy.


#3: Craigslist & Gum Tree Arbitrage (30 Mins)

In this module, you’ll learn to subcontract various web-based media services via Craigslist and Gumtree, outsource the services on the cheap, and then sell them for $ in your pockets.

I’ve tried something similar in the past, but it was just a pain in the ass. Maybe it was just me not getting to grips with it, I dunno.


#4: Authority Review Site Strategy (47 Mins)

Put simply, this lesson is all about putting a site together and publishing reviews of various products in order to drive targeted organic search engine traffic and raking in affiliate commissions when folks make purchases.

It may sound simple enough, but building out an authority site (aka “blog”) requires the right training, tools, and support.

Not to mention the fact that it will take 12, 18, 20+ months of solid donkey work (depending on your niche) to gain real traction in the search engines + a full-time income.

So by no means is this a fast method, as you’re led to believe.

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#5: The “Near Me” Domination Method (29 Mins)

Within this video, you’re taught to make money from folks who Google local products and services.

You basically set up a website containing content and add Google Adsense + other affiliate product offers.

While you learn about some basic internet marketing and money-making concepts, there are 2 big problems with the 5 training modules.

First of all, the videos cover tough strategies that take time (literally months) and effort to implement.

And secondly, the training is inadequate for success online because it fails to actually show you HOW to do important tasks step-by-step.

As a newbie, you’re pretty much left in the dark to figure things out, like building a site + writing high-quality content + SEO techniques, producing YouTube videos, and finding affiliate products, etc.

So in all honesty, it’s 100% unlikely that a beginner will make any profit with the bear-bone training from the guys behind ‘FC5’.

Which, makes their “24-hour – 3-figure” claims absolute bullsh*t.


How Much Does Fast Cash 5 Cost, Huh?

To get through the front door of ‘FC5’ will cost under 5 bucks (at the time of writing).

And then the guys will try to upsell you with the following OTOs (One-Time-Offers):

  • Done-For-You Campaigns = $17 – $27
  • 3X Your Profits Traffic & Training = $17 – $37
  • Reseller Rights = $47 – $97

Luckily, it’s not gonna cost you and arm and a leg for the upsells.

But If they can’t be arsed to deliver real VALUE with your initial ‘FC5’ purchase for getting an online Biz up and running, then why should you hand over more of your hard-earned cash?


PROS vs. CONS of ‘FC5’


  • The starting price is dirt cheap
  • You get some level of value for your money
  • A 30-day refund policy is offered


  • The sales page & video make hyped up income claims
  • By no means, are the 5 methods quick ways to make $
  • The training lacks depth (“How To” steps wouldn’t go amiss)
  • The product is far from newbie-friendly
  • There are upsells to purchase


Final Take: Is Fast Cash 5 a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownIn a word: No.

While there are some lengthy videos on various ways of generating an income online, the tutorials are just too thin for a total beginner to make money because there’s no actionable step-by-step guidance on starting from scratch with any of the 5 methods.

As the saying goes – “I’ve seen more meat on a butcher’s pencil” lol.

Furthermore, I hate the way that Anthony, Paul, and & Ronnie sell ‘FC5’ as a “get-rich-quick” type of product – tricking you into believing that raking in 3-figure paydays within your first 24 hours is realistic.

The truth be told, you will struggle to turn a buck with ‘FC5’, and the guys behind it know it.

The bottom line:

‘FC5’ may be legit and you’ll even learn some internet and affiliate marketing basics.

But it’s far from the “golden opportunity of a lifetime” because it seriously falls short when it comes to actually building something successful.

So on that note, it gets a huge thumbs down.

“What the heck now then, Neil?”…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any thoughts or questions to share on ‘FC5’ – We’d LOVE to hear from ya below…


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