Niche Site Formula [Review]: Will You Crush it With Amazon?

Howdy, welcome to my unbiased review of Niche Site Formula! 😀

I must admit, the sales page for the training program is very convincing.

But does it really deliver what it says on the tin – helping you to generate a full-time income with the Amazon Associates program?

Or is it just a load of fluff getting your hopes up?

To give you an honest answer, I’ve had an in-depth look behind the scenes – so I can show you EXACTLY what you’re gonna get taught and whether or not the training is meaty enough for the big bucks.

Sound good to you?

Great, let’s crack on!…

Niche Site Formula Review - Will You Crush it With Amazon
Quick Overview

Name: Niche Site Formula (NSF).


Cost: Silver level = 5 payments of $197 or Premium level = $797 (one-time) + $100s for third party tools/services.

Owner: Roman.

My Score: 6/10.

But before taking the plunge, see how I make sustainable money online as a blogger and affiliate marketer…

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What’s Niche Site Formula All About?

Put simply, Roman has designed ‘NSF’ as a step-by-step video training portal – showing you how to start, build, and grow a 5-figure affiliate marketing Biz from scratch.

The platform revolves around the process of building out a niche blog, sending traffic to it, and earning affiliate commissions from Amazon product sales on your website.

On the dude’s sales page, he also asks: “Do You Want a Wildly Successful Business in The Next 90 Days or Less?

And then states “within 12 months, expect to be earning $1,000 – $3,000 per month“.

However, in my own blogging and affiliate marketing experience, there are no success guarantees because numerous moving parts come into play, like niche selection, work ethic, work quality, time, and economics, etc.

But as THIS training also taught me – IF you work your butt off for months and adopt an “iron mindset”, you absolutely can make your dreams come true as an affiliate marketer.

Just don’t expect a full-time passive income to be a quick stroll in the park is all I’m gonna say.


How Does Niche Site Formula Work? Let’s Dive in…

Once you’re in, you’ll have access to text and video-based training covering niche research, keyword research, domain and hosting, brand and design, WordPress, content, outsourcing, SEO, Amazon, link building, tools, and special tips.

A small snippet of what the training dashboard looks like.
Niche Site Formula Members Training Area
Basically, you’re gonna learn about the fundamentals of blogging your way to success with Amazon by using WordPress – which is far better than other platforms like Blogger, in my experience.

Here’s a more in-depth look at the training you’ll receive from Roman:


#1: Niche Research (5 Sections)

First of all, Roman gets you pumped by sharing one of the greatest moments from The Wolf of Wall Street movie.

but fear not, my friend, because you certainly won’t be scamming the pants off folks by ramming worthless stocks and shares down their throats. 😛

But anyways, swiftly moving on to Roman’s tutorial videos…

Niche Research Basics

To start off on the right foot online, Roman gives you some pointers along with a couple of tool recommendations (Keywords Everywhere and Google Trends) for choosing a viable niche.

Followed by a quick (1.36 minute) video of the guy showing some income proof of various niche sites that have sold for $10,000s – $100,000s via a site called Empire Flipper.

Method 1 – Brainstorming

Roman briefly discusses 3 types of ways to generate ideas from defining problems and then researching Amazon for products as solutions.

Followed by a (5.31 minute) animated video from ‘Sprouts’ on brainstorming techniques.

Method 2 – Aliexpress

This section briefly covers a quick 5-step process for using the Aliexpress eCommerce platform to find trends and popular products in order to see how well they’re selling on Amazon.

A (35-second) walk-through video with no sound is also included.

Method 3 – Amazon Products

Roman talks about the opposite way of how to niche down by looking up hot-selling Amazon products with glowing reviews and high price tags, so you can also earn some decent affiliate commissions.

Included is a silent (1-minute) Amazon walk-through video.

Also, he recommends using Google Trends for checking product popularity.

Method 4 – 100 Ideas

Here, you can download an ebook of various niche ideas – where Roman states you’ll still need to analyze your chosen niche using the steps in the previous lessons.


#2: Keyword Research (4 Sections)

Keyword Research Basics

Roman discusses the importance of keyword research, targeting long tail keywords, and generally explains the keyword types.

Generating Keywords

You’ll learn about the 4 essential keyword metrics along with basic walk-throughs and snapshots of how to go about conducting searches using tools like:

You’ll also get a keyword research template to download.

Competitor-Based Research

Roman shares 7 quick steps (with a couple of snapshots) for reverse-engineering your competitors’ rankings and unearthing some proven keyword ideas.

Long Tail Keywords

Here, you’re shown (via some snapshots) how to find long tail phrases using good old Google, and the Ahrefs, Keywords Explorer, Answer The Public, Ubersuggest, and LSI Graph tools.

In addition, there’s a (12.44 min) video from ‘Ahrefs’ on how to go about the long tail process.


#3: Domain & Hosting (4 Sections)

Domain Name

This section covers coming up with a catchy and brandable domain name using various strategies, and the domain characteristics + DON’S to bear in mind.

Additionally, there’s a (3-minute) video from ‘GoDaddy’ on choosing a great domain.

Also, Roman suggests using NameCheckr to check availability across multiple social networks.

Domain Suffix

Roman quickly talks about why using a .COM suffix is your best option.

Followed by a very short (1.35 min) video from ‘PeopleBowsr’ on what a Top Level Domain (TLD) stands for.

Domain Registration

There’s a brief discussion on registering a domain followed by a list of recommended registrars, that include: NameCheap, Namesilo, and GoDaddy.


Roman quickly covers the various factors to bear in mind when it comes webhosting and recommends purchasing it through providers, like GreenGeeks, SCALA Hosting, and ipage.

Additionally, there’s a (2.33 min) ‘GoDaddy’ video on webhosting explained.


#4: Brand & Design (4 Sections)


This is just a basic 30-second discussion on the importance of branding.


Another quick discussion on the impact of colouring (with a couple of sites to check out for inspiration), your colour goals, and various colour meanings.

There’s also a (2 min) video from ‘Fusion 360 Content’ on the psychology of colours in web design and a (3.58 min) video from ‘Seeker’ on how they affect your mood.


This is a short discussion on the importance of having a website brand logo and hiring someone on Upwork to create one for you for $10 -$15.

Additionally, you have a (4.45 min) video from ‘Vox’ to watch on what makes a truly great logo.


Roman briefly discusses the topic of using fake and real personas and recommends using Facebook’s Audience Insights tool as well as Google to help create one.

Additionally, he reels off a bunch of free stock photo sites for choosing an image to go with your alias.


#5: WordPress

CMS (Content Management System)

This is a short explanation CMS and why WordPress is the planet’s #1 blogging platform to use.

There are also a couple of videos on the WordPress installation process. One from ‘GreenGeeks’ (2.44 mins) and another from ‘ipage’ (4.16 mins).


Here, you’re encouraged to install the Premium ‘GeneratePress’ WordPress theme for $49.95 followed by some simple tutorials on how to install and activate it.


Roman recommends installing 9 different plugins for both website functionality and security of your blog, and provides some simple steps (+ a snapshot) for installing and activating them.

Google Analytics

Again, with some simple snapshots and also a (1.07 min) video from ‘Google’ – you’re shown how to set up Google Analytics and add the code to your blog for tracking website visitors.

Robots File

Roman provides you with a Robots.txt file to upload to your site and also a (6.11 min) video from ‘WP basics’ on how to use FileZilla for the upload process.


#6: Content (8 Sections)


This is a quick discussion on the purposes, types, and length of content.

Content Plan

Download a 6-month content plan.

Informational Posts

You’ll quickly learn about the different post types, improving your headlines, and a couple of tips + an informational template from Roman to download.

Product Reviews

Roman basically runs you through the process (with screenshots) of writing effective product reviews + a template to download.

List Posts

Another quick walk-through on the best way to structure lists posts and the message to reach out to influencers with + a downloadable template.

Featured Snippet

Roman explains (with a couple of snapshots) how to increase your chances of getting your content featured in the special box at the top of Google’s search results.

Must Have Pages

Roman says you must have About, Contact, and Disclaimer pages for running a successful site.

He also includes pre-done Terms of Use and Privacy Policy text to copy and paste on to your pages.


Same as above, but giving you basic steps on how to add Disclaimer text to your blog’s sidebar instead.


#7: Outsourcing (2 Sections)

Hiring Writers

A brief guide on how to go about hiring freelancers to write your blog content.


A quick discussion on outsourcing writers + a bunch of recommended Upwork articles to read + a (1.22 min) video from ‘Upwork’ on how to post a job.


#8: SEO (4 Sections)

On-page SEO

A very brief discussion on the concept.


A quick explanation (+ screenshot) on how to interlink your posts/pages.

Meta Tags

Roman discusses how to best structure your site (with snapshots) in terms of meta title and description, permalink, headings, content, and images.

SEO Tips

A small handful of tips from Roman.


#9: Amazon (4 Sections)

Amazon Associates Program

4 quick steps (with snapshots) on registering for Amazon’s affiliate program along with some tips.

Creating Amazon Links

Roman shares 4 steps (with snapshots) on creating affiliate links and recommends the AAWP plugin (starting at €39) for making life easier and increasing profits.

Rules of Amazon

Roman recommends reading the program policies and also lists some DON’Ts.


If you’re from Australia, India or Estern Europe, Roman recommends signing up for a Payoneer card in order to receive your Amazon commissions.


#10: Linkbuilding (5 Sections)


Roman discusses the concept of backlinks and the things that you shouldn’t do.

Blog Commenting

You’re briefly taught (along with a snapshot) how to go about building backlinks from commenting on others’ blogs the right way.

Guest Posting

Same as above, but reaching out to like-minded people using tools as well as Google for guest post opportunities.

Roman also includes ice-breaker messages to copy and send.

Scholarship Campaign

Roman talks you through the process (+ a snapshot) of adding a scholarship page to your site and then reach out to universities using a pre-written ice-breaker.

Reverse Engineering

Roman shares 3 steps (with snapshots) to get the same backlinks as your competitors’ using Google and Ahrefs.

Tools You Need

This is pretty much a list of the recommended blogging tools I’ve mentioned in this review.

Special Tips

There’s a bunch of basic tips on reviews, interlinking, visitor time, website disclaimer, content ranking time, the WordPress editor plugin, and the WordPress editor.


What I Like vs. Dislike About The Training

A Big Thumbs UpI like the fact that Roman has broken down his training into bite-sized chunks and steps in order to simplify the learning process.

I like that the guy provides recommended resources, downloadable templates, and also text to copy n’ paste for important blog pages and reaching out to authoritative bloggers for guest posting opportunities.

A Big Thumbs DownI hate that Roman’s video tutorials are very few and far between, and also extremely short in length.

(Most of the training videos are from external resources. So Roman needs to put A LOT more effort into creating his own videos, in my opinion).

I hate that the majority of his text and snapshot-based lessons are also way too short.

(He really needs to go more in-depth with topics because there’s a heck of a lot of ground to cover when it comes to internet and affiliate marketing).

I hate that he forgets important tutorials on setting up the Yoast plugin for SEO, creating a Google sitemap & submitting to Google Search Console, writing optimized content with keywords, inserting images and affiliate links into posts, etc.

Furthermore, you don’t get any Premium tools from Roman, especially considering the amount you splash out on ‘NSF’.

Don’t get me wrong, Roman’s done a good job with his training, but there’s still a lot of room for improvement.


Is Any Help & Support at Hand?

If you’re stuck with any part of the training, you can personally email Roman, since HE is his own support team.

He also responds in a timely fashion, which is great.

There’s even a private members’ Facebook group.

But unfortunately, you only gain access to it if you purchase the Premium membership, which brings me to the next point…


How Much Does Niche Site Formula Cost?

The Silver level membership is gonna cost you 5 X Payments of $197.

Or to go “all in” with Premium membership comes with a hefty price tag of $797 (one-time payment).

In addition to that, you’re looking at forking out $100s for the tools and services that Roman recommends.

From my affiliate marketing experience, starting an online business via the “blogging” route and getting your hands on all the essentials – SHOULDN’T cost more than $400 per year.

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PROS vs. CONS of ‘NSF’


  • The training is easy to follow
  • Roman provides you with templates
  • There are plenty of great resources recommended
  • Get help & support from Roman (+ access to a Facebook group)


  • ‘NSF’ is far too expensive for what you get. (It should be sold at a fraction of the price)
  • The training is patchy in some places. (More depth and “actionable” video tutorials are need)
  • There are numerous key areas that Roman fails to cover
  • To gain access to the Facebook group, you must go Premium
  • No tools or services are included in the price


Final Thoughts: Is Niche Site Formula Worth it?…

Yes and NoIn all honesty, I’m kinda sitting on the fence because ‘NSF’ leaves a lot to be desired, in my book.

Don’t get me wrong, Roman obviously knows his sh*t when it comes to internet marketing and provides value throughout his training. Even I learned a bunch of stuff from him.

But on the flip side, a big chunk of his training seems to fall short because there are some areas that are just too skinny for my liking.

His explanations require more depth and he also needs to do REAL lengthy step-by-step video tutorials.

Furthermore, there are some important key areas that he fails to cover for some reason.

Plus, he needs to chuck in some tools to sweeten the deal.

I think if Roman addresses these issues, ‘NSF’ has the potential to be an awesometastic training product.

Can you (a newbie) “make money” with ‘NSF’, that’s the golden question?

In my opinion, YES, the opportunity is there.

But you’ll also need to search the web for supplemental training in order to fill the gaps left by Roman.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts to share on ‘NSF’ – We’d LOVE to hear from ya below..

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