Paid2YouTube Review: (Does it Pay to Watch Videos?)

Howdy, welcome to my review of Paid2YouTube!

You may be wondering if it really is worth your time for a few bucks?

Or just another hoax that doesn’t pay out like Two Dollar Click and Four Dollar Click, to name a couple of scams, right?

The good news is that I’ve looked into the money-making opportunity.

so I can give you the true facts and my own honest opinions within this blog post.

Sound good to you?

Cool, let’s roll…

Paid2YouTube Scam Review
Quick Overview:

Name: Paid2YouTube (P2Y).


Cost: Free.

Owner: Nobody knows.

My Score: 2/10.


Put simply, Paid2YouTube rewards you with small cash amounts for performing tasks for YouTubers.

Well, when I say “rewards”… what I really mean is that it’s supposed to reward you.

Because when you read through my review below – you’ll understand that money-making opportunities are very few and far between with P2Y.

This means it can potentially take you months to earn at least $10 – which is pretty p*ss poor, to say the least, in my book.

Why waste time with P2Y, when there are FAR better task-based opportunities like Swagbucks?

But before I give you the full lowdown of P2Y.

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What’s Paid2YouTube All About, Huh?

Paid2YouTube is basically a ‘GPT’ (Get-Paid-To) site.

But this one’s a little different because it’s based on “YouTube” tasks like watching and rating videos, commenting, and subscribing to various channels.

But you need to have a Google/YouTube account set up before you can participate in the tasks.

Also, if you’re a YouTuber yourself, you can submit your videos to P2Y (at a price) – where folks will do all of the above for you…

Helping your videos to get the attention they deserve in the rankings, and hopefully more folks buying whatever you’re selling.

Well, apparently anyway.

But the truth be told, P2Y really is a lame way to make money from both sides of the coin because opportunities are scarce.

As you’re about to discover…


How Paid2YouTube Works to Put Dollars in Your Account

From a task-completion point of view, let’s see how you can make some spare cash with the ‘GPT’ site…


#1: Surf Videos

For each video you view, you’ll get $0.001$0.005.

Except the number of videos are extremely limited.

When I joined (on the day of writing this review), there were only 2 videos available.

But I only got 1 to watch for a measly $0.05!
Paid2YouTube Limited Video Tasks
WOW, a whole 5 cents! How lucky am I?

At this rate, I should hit $10 before retirement age in the next 20 years or so LOL.


#2: Post Comments

For every comment you post (1 per video), you receive $0.10.

But again, comments are limited.

Apparently, there was 1 comment available for me to make (also shown in the screenshot above).

But what had me in stitches was the fact that “0” video comments were available.
No Comment Opportunities Available
Tell me, do my eyes deceive me or are there really ZERO comments to earn from?


#3: Subscriber Opportunities

When you subscribe to YouTube channels, you’re paid $0.15 per subscription.

But hey, guess what?…
No Subscription Opportunities Available
YUP, I had “0” available!


#4: Video Ratings

Every time you a give a video a Thumb’s Up, you get rewarded $0.01.

And you know exactly what’s coming next…
No Video Rating Opportunities Available
For the third time, not a chance in hell to make one single cent!


#5: Purchase Referrals

In addition to the tasks, you can purchase referral packages in order to beef up your earnings from other folks efforts:

  • 5 ‘P2Y’ members = $8.77
  • 35 members = $52.65
  • 100 members = $125.44
  • 500 members = $502.20

But there’s one slight problem…

Since the number of tasks varies from 0 to 1 (LOL):

How long do you reckon it will take to recoup those package costs, huh? Months, even Years?

In fact, with extremely limite” tasks, how many of those referrals will actually stick around?


And as a YouTuber yourself, you can advertise your videos on ‘P2Y’ for the costs shown:
Advertiser Costs
However, in the bad shape that the program’s currently in, I would assume that many members have dropped like flies.

This means minimal interaction – thus little to no profits.

So, is it really worth forking out cash for referrals and advertising with ‘P2Y’?

To be quite honest, the opportunity comes across as a sack of sh*t, in my eyes.

And that’s from both YouTuber and task-taker standpoints.

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What Level of Help is Available From Paid2YouTube?

When it comes to getting a helping hand with something on your mind…

You can view the FAQ page or send a support ticket to the team from inside your members’ area.

But how quickly you’ll get a response or if you’ll even get one at all from somebody on the other end is unclear.

Especially when you haven’t a clue on who is even behind the program – which in itself raises a red flag.


Are Paid2YouTube Proof of Payments Even Genuine?

At the bottom of the screen, there’s a “Payment Proofs” tab showing you a list of over 5,000 payments to members over the years.
Payment Proofs
But since it’s difficult to tell whether the income proof screenshots are the real deal or as fake as a three dollar bill…

I would tread with caution.

Additionally, November 2017 was the last time a proof of payment was posted.

Thich also makes the program questionable.
Last Payment Proof Was in 2017
Since tasks are limited, I don’t see many folks getting paid throughout 2020 and onwards.

What do you reckon, huh?


PROS vs CONS of ‘P2Y’


  • It’s free to participate
  • Get paid via Paypal
  • A basic level of support is offered


  • Tasks are EXTREMELY limited
  • To reach the minimum $10 threshold may take months (YEARS, even!)
  • Purchasing referrals and advertising is a waste of time & money
  • The owner is unknown


Final Thoughts: Is Paid2YouTube a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownI don’t think Paid2YouTube is a flat out scam.

But I would definitely brand it as aborderline scambecause the program seems as dead as a dodo.

It’s almost impossible to get paid when you consider all the downsides I’ve highlighted.

Whether it’s because the folks behind it purposely hold on to advertisers cash and don’t wanna pay members.

Or there’s no money in the pot and the opportunity has dried up, nobody really knows the truth.

But one thing’s for certain, if you choose to buy referrals and/or advertising for your own YouTube videos, don’t expect profits anytime soon.

Would I recommend ‘P2Y’?

HELL NO, are you kidding me!?

Instead, join Swagbucks for free if you actually wanna earn some cash from this GPT “thing”.


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Your Friend, Neil 😀

Do you have any questions or thoughts that you’d like to share on ‘P2Y’? We’d LOVE to hear your comments below…


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