Prime Time Profits Review: (Prime Example of A SCAM!)

In my review today, I’m gonna give you the lowdown on Prime Time Profits and expose it for exactly what it is…

A dubious SCAM to be avoided.

So tuck into this blog article for the juicy details on the so-called money-maker and learn why you should run for the hills like the wind!

Is Prime Time Profits a Prime Example of a Scam
Quick Overview:

Name: Prime Time Profits (PTP).


Cost: $47 – $97.

Owner: Some unknown individual.

My Score: 1/10.

Summary: The Prime Time Profits sales page doesn’t just fool you with “get-rich-quick” crap (for the creator’s benefit).

But the basic training and “cookie-cutter” website you get are inadequte for actually making money on the internet.

In the real world, building a website for a profitable affiliate marketing Biz takes real time and effort.

And then you’ve gotta have the right tools, step-by-step training and 24/7 support – which PTP fails to provide you with.

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What’s Prime Time Profits All About?

Prime Time Profits (very similar to Money Sucking Websites and Five Minute Profit Sites)…

Is just another”get-rich-quick” scheme that claims it’s gonna make you a WHOPPING $500 per day!

In my experience, no matter how many times you’ll come across these types of hyped up systems on the web.

They always turn out to be scams 100%, without fail.

The ONLY reason why PTP makes ridiculous money-making claims is to lure in folks wanting to make cash as fast as lightning without investing effort.

Legitimate Internet Marketers and even fraudsters both know that generating a vast fortune quickly on the web from day 1 is an impossible task.

But vulnerable “newbies” are none the wiser.

Which, unfortunately, creates ample opportunity for tricksters to scam the pants off them.

But before I explain the other red flags that come with the PTP product…


How Does Prime Time Profits Work, “Allegedly”?

Apparently, all you need to do is copy one “weird trick” revolving around some secret “black box” gift for 500 dollars to fill your pockets on a daily basis.

And get this… all on “autopilot” too!

WOWZERS, you’re set for life!

Crack open the Moët & Chandon!

But if you received a dollar each time you heard that from hyped up opportunities…

You’d be wealthier than Donald Trump (everyone’s favorite US president) LOL.

And just like every other con trick, PTP simply discusses the topic of “money”.

And how you’re gonna be living the rest of your days stinking rich, blahdy blah.

Unfortunately, PTP doesn’t go into any real details on HOW the dollars are gonna come rolling into your bank.

Because, the fraudster purposely uses it as a tactic to make you curious – curious enough to invest your hard-earned cash.

The truth be told, PTP is a pile of horse crap – it doesn’t actually work because it’s non-existent.

In fact, the whole idea of “get-rich-fast” is a myth.

Sorry to burst your bubble, bud.

The only guy or gal who is gonna be living the Life of Riley is the scam artist responsible for creating PTP, I’m afraid.

If you truly wanna make a real living on the web, it’s gonna require the right tools, training, support, and a TON of consistent HARD WORK over a period of time.

So take no notice of the voice-overs narrating cheesy, hyped up, and “too good to be true” sales videos.


The Prime Time Profits Red Flags…

There are a number of GOOD reasons why you should take PTP with a grain of salt and keep your cash tightly tucked away in your purse or billfold.

And here are a few of them listed below – that I found throughout the sales page and video…


#1: Too Good to be True Income Claims

First of all, there’s the bold $500-per-day (starting today) claim.

I’m sorry but it’s not just possible to earn that kinda dough when you get started online as a newbie.

Because, it requires learning the right Internet Marketing skills and then spending months executing those skills.

And stacked on top of that, there are other variables, like the competitiveness of your niche and the methods you use for driving traffic, etc.

So no marketer on this earth can make such income promises.


#2: Weird Black Box… What Black Box?!

Secondly, there’s the “weird trick black box” thing.
Prime Time Profits Fake Black Box
I think if it was so simple and easy to plug into some sort of “push button” system to strike gold online…

Don’t you think everyone in town would be as rich as Jordan Belfort – The Wolf of Wall Street?

Furthermore, how the black box actually works is unexplained because it’s just trickery for getting the better of your curiosity.

Anyways, how can the fraudster explain the ins and outs of the box when it’s non-existent anyways?


#3: The Cost is Way too Low

Thirdly, there’s the $50 – $100 price tag.

I dunno about you, but I’ve never met a single wealthy webpreneur who invested a one-time payment of just $100 for super success.

The reason why the scam is as cheap as chips is to make it look like an awesome bargain and a half in order to entice you.

I assure you, building a super successful business online can easily cost you $100s – $1,000s per year (depending on your strategy).

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Final Thoughts: Is Prime Time Profits a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownUnfortunately, the World Wide Web is riddled with filthy scams, especially in the “make money” arena.

And Prime Time Profits is definitely one of them to steer well clear of.

Almost everybody wants to earn an extra income or even become financially free to change their lives for the better.

But the biggest problem in our society is that so many folks wanted to be mega-rich “yesterday”.

This is why the likes of PTP pop up – so the “unethical” people in this world can exploit the vulnerable for their own greed.

The Bottom Line: If you ever come across anything that resembles PTP…

Then run in the opposite direction because it’s highly likely to be a money-sucking SCAM.


Want a “Legit” Money-Making Alternative Online?…

Thankfully, the internet makes it 100% possible for you to generate a full-time income from affiliate marketing.

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There’s only one proven path to make money online with a website…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts to share on PTP – We’d LOVE to hear your feedback below…


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