Private Cash Sites Review: $10K in 30 Days? Dream on!

Howdy, friend – welcome to another one of my FAB reviews! 😉

I guess you’re wondering what all the buzz around Private Cash Sites is about, huh?

To put it bluntly, there is no real buzz because it’s just some low-grade product creator and a bunch of his or her affiliates promoting it for $ via Clickbank!

If you wanna know why this so-called money maker fails to deliver what it states on the tin, then jump right into this honest and unbiased review!

Is Private Cash Sites Legit or a Scam - Read My Review
Quick Overview

Name: Private Cash Sites (PCS).


Cost: $47 + Upsells.

Owner: Some random “Nathan Canfield” character.

My Score: A HUGE 2/10.

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What’s Private Cash Sites All About?

The ‘PCS’ sales page claims you can “steal 3 simple businesses that easily generate 3 to 7 paychecks per week“.

Apparently, it’s some “secret” to raking in $10,000 on a monthly basis and you can start applying in just 10 minutes with zero Digital Marketing skills, blahdy blah.

You hear these types of promises all the time, and to show you more proof, check out Money Sucking Websites, Affiliate Cash Club, and Easy Cash Club, to name a few duds I’ve reviewed.

I’m sorry but if you believe that drivel, then you may as well believe in the festive bearded guy who drops down your chimney every December.

SHH, don’t tell Santa I said that! LOL.

If you truly wanna earn a life-changing income on the web, you must be prepared to learn new Internet Marketing skills and work your socks off for MANY months.

There is no “magic bullet”. It’s as simple as that.

But before we get into the nuts n’ bolts of ‘PCS’ and why it’s gonna leave a bitter lemony taste in your mouth…


Keep Ya Eyes Peeled For The Warnings!

As with all “too good to be true” Clickbank online money-makers, the ‘PCS’ sales page/video screams out “WARNING: Red Alert!

Once you’ve been around the block a few times with these circus acts (just like I have since 1999), it’s easy-peasy to spot the red flag scam warnings, right off the bat.

So before reaching for that credit card, you might just wanna bear the following shady and manipulative tactics in mind…


#1: Fakse-Ass Scarcity

You’re fed a lie about the plug being pulled shortly.
Private Cash Sites Fake Scarcity Tactics
It’s just a load of bullsh*t to lure you into making a purchase, at the end of the day.

The truth be told, it doesn’t matter when you visit the tacky sales page, you can bet your bottom dollar the opportunity’s gonna be available.

Don’t get me wrong, scarcity is a legitimate tactic deployed by product owners and marketers who genuinely do have limited stock availability and wanna run time-sensitive offers.

But sadly, it’s now a technique used by sub-par product creators and scammers to fill their deep pockets.


#2: Who is The Actual Owner?

The spokesperson and owner of ‘PCS’ claims to be a guy named “Nathan Canfield”.

However, other reviews name him as “Josh”, “Steven” or even “Felicity” lol.

Maybe the owner changes their name according to the day of the week or the weather, who knows.

But since there’s no actual photographic, social or contact detail proof to support the creator’s claim, you should seriously take any name with a pinch of salt.

Sadly, this “pen name” approach has become common, especially among far-fetched Clickbank products these days.

Wanna know why?

So the actual peeps behind such crappy products can exploit beginners like you for big bucks without damaging their true identities.

I dunno about you, but it’s pretty cowardly and shameful move, if you ask me!


#3: Connected to Other “Pipe Dreams”

At the bottom of the sales page, the Clickbank legal text refers to Explode My Payday – which is another dodgy product I busted a short while ago.
Private Cash Sites is Connected to Explode My Payday
Additionally, the disclaimer page has ties to Your Freedom Mentor – another pile of horse crap I reviewed.
Private Cash Sites is Connected to Your Freedom Mentor
And the privacy page is associated with Greedy Mentor. YUP, you’ve guessed it – yet, even more garbage!
Private Cash Sites is Connected to Greedy Mentor
So what the heck’s going on?!

It certainly seems clear to me the guy or gal behind ‘PCS’ has a bunch of scammy money-makers on the go in order to extract as much cash as possible from vulnerable newbies.

Seriously, how low can these unethical “money grabbers” swoop in our society?



#4: Your Email’s Gonna Get Rented

Unfortunately, ‘PCS’ is gonna share your name and email with third parties.
Private Cash Sites Shares Private Information
Don’t get me wrong, there are many sites that sell on your details to third parties with your consent. So it’s a perfectly legitimate tactic.

But the problem with the person behind ‘PCS’ is that they’re likely to flood your inbox with more of their “get-rich-quick” products, trashy affiliate offers, and possibly sell your details to scam artists.

So before entering your name and email on the sales video page or even making a purchase, you should seriously think twice.


What’s Really Cracking Off Behind The Scenes?

Once you’ve splashed out 47 bucks and got past all the bullsh*t upsells, you’ll receive some basic training on making money from the concept of Affiliate Marketing.

In addition, you get your hands on 3 ‘Done-For-You’ businesses in a box (basically, sales funnels for promoting affiliate products) – where the person behind ‘PCS’ claims it’s some “brand new method” for raking in the bucks.

But that claim couldn’t be further from the truth because it’s just a ploy to force you into buying ‘PCS’ from the get-go because good oldAffiliate Marketing has been around since the stone ages.

Well, not literally. But you catch my drift, yeah?

In both my opinion and experience, affiliate marketing is flipping AMAZEBALLS and one of the absolute best ways to make money online, even for noobs.

However, it is an art form, and it’s gonna take much more than a few pre-built landing pages/funnels and some basic set up training to become profitable.

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So, while ‘PCS’ does give you some form of value, it’s just inadequate for success.

You need real in-depth training and support from others along the way, which is where ‘PCS’ falls short.

Sadly, it’s the same story with all far-fetched Clickbank money-makers – all sizzle without the steak.


PROS vs. CONS of ‘PCS’


  • Clickbank offers a 60-day refund policy
  • Provides some level of value
  • A perfect example of what not to fall for


  • Sales video makes ludicrous income claims
  • Both sales page & video contain deception
  • Tempts you with upsells for more of your $
  • Your email inbox will get flooded with crap
  • Newbies will struggle to make money


Final Thoughts: Is Private Cash Sites Legit?

A Big Thumbs DownTo be perfectly honest with you, I’m gonna say YES and NO.

On one side of the coin, you don’t get totally scammed because your gonna access some affiliate funnels and basic training for 47 bucks.

In addition, Clickbank has a safety net in place -meaning you can request a refund anytime within a 60-day window.

However, this may not apply to the upsells inside ‘PCS’. So you could end up out-of-pocket, especially if the upsells are trash.

So it’s a risky one.

But on the dark flip side of the coin, the person behind ‘PCS’ tries to pull the wool over your eyes – selling some mythical “pipe dream” from doing little to no work on your part.

Plus the fact, I really don’t trust the guy or gal as far as I can throw them when it comes to handing over your email address.

The Bottom Line:

To earn a real income online as an affiliate marketer takes learning the right skills and spending heaps of time putting those skills into action.

This is what the person behind ‘PCS’ fails to disclose.

Is it because all they’re interested in is THEIR own selfish needs, at the end of the day?


So on that note, I seriously don’t recommend ‘PCS’.

If you’re sick to the stomach of shady products and scams, but looking for a tried and true way of genertaing a full-time income in the affiliate marketing arena…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions, thoughts or experiences with ‘PCS’ that you wanna share, we’d LOVE to hear from ya below…


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