Profit Genesis 2.0: Is $5K Weekly Doable? NAH! [Review]

Like most Clickbank products I’ve reviewed in the “make money online” arena just lately, Profit Genesis 2.0 is all sizzle without the steak because it fails to live up to its promises.

But, of course, as always, it’s the creator’s intention to come up with some sort of garbage to fool the vulnerable ones in search of ways to turn a buck, FAST!

So how are you gonna be deceived by yet, another, worthless info-product, huh?

Continue reading for the info you need.

Is 5K Weekly Doable With Profit Genesis Review
Quick Overview:

Name: Profit Genesis 2.0 (PG).


Cost: $37 + Upsells.

Owner: David Miller?

My Score: 2/10.

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What The Heck is Profit Genesis 2.0 About?

‘PG’ boldly claims you’re gonna get access to some “secret system” that allows average Joes’ to pocket $1,000s on a weekly basis (starting this week) without breaking into a sweat.
Profit Genesis Hyped up Income Claims
It’s the unique opportunity of a lifetime you’ve been waiting for all this time, blah, blah, blah…

But, like I said, ‘PG’ is just another lousy Clickbank product that tries its hardest to deceive you, and I’m gonna explain why (with screenshots).

When you land on the hyped up sales video page, David Miller immediately introduces you to a few successful folks profiting from just a few minutes of work with ‘PG’:

  • Jessie who brings in “$1,400 per week…
  • Antonio who made over “$8,500 in 6 days…
  • Trevor who makes “$1,250 in 35 minutes…

Say Hello to Trevor.
Profit Genesis Fake Testimonials
Now meet the real guy – A “spokesperson” on Fiverr selling his services LOL.
A Casual Presenter From Fiverr
So right off the bat, it’s a red flag because “Trevor” is clearly used as a fictitious character who has never ever made a single cent in his life with the program.

In fact, take every male and female member testimonial with a grain of salt because each short video clip you come across has been produced by a Fiverr member.

There’s nothing genuine about their big money-making claims, whatsoever.

The only cash that these guys n’ gals generate is from the sales of their Fiverr Gigs to tricksters behind stuff like ‘PG’.


But There’s Still More Nonsense to Come…

As you get stuck into the cheesy ‘PG’ sales video, there are several other red flags that the product creator uses to get his or her hands on your hard-earned cash.

First up, is “David Miller” actually the real deal?
Profit Genesis Owner David Miller is Fake
Mr. Miller is the spokesman throughout the entire video but not at any point does he prove to you who he claims to be.

In fact, I have my sneaky suspicions, that, he too, is a fictional character and hired as a voice-over from Fiverr.

The reason why scammers implement this tactic is so they can easily hide behind an alias and break down your barriers without exposing themselves.

Secondly, David shows you EXTREMELY far-fetched proof of his income from ‘PG’.

In one example, he shows that he’s pulled in over $300K within a 1-month time frame.

Profit Genesis Fake Income Proof

Yeah, pigs might fly, mate!

But since the concept of “get-rich-quick” is a total myth AND especially since “fake” income proof isn’t exactly difficult to learn how to create these days – makes David a Billy Bullsh*tter.

Thirdly, the emphasis is on “money, money, money”.

And no, I’m not referring to the Abba song! 😛

The entire presentation revolves around “making money” and LOTS of it.

Who doesn’t wanna line their pockets and live the life of Riley, right?

David consistently talks about raking in tons of cash with ‘PG’ for that very same reason because he knows you’ll easily get hooked.

The other reason is to create curiosity. By skipping out the actual details of HOW the cash-generating system works is likely gonna push you into splashing out $37.


How Does Profit Genesis Work?

As you’ve probably guessed by now, ‘PG’ is a deceitful “get-rich-quick” system that’s non-existent.

These types of fraudulent programs never have worked and never will do because raking in a fortune on the web as easy as pie and as fast as lightning (without any experience) is an impossible task.

Yeah, you can try out the “fast-wealth” trash by all means, but you’ll be sorely disappointed.

However, since ‘PG’ is sold via Clickbank, you’re not gonna be left high and dry because you will get something out of it and you can also get a refund, which will put your mind at rest.

Once you submit payment, you’ll get access to some basic training on a concept called dropshipping and how to get started online with the money-making strategy.

Dropshipping is basically the process of taking customer orders through your Shopify store and buying the products from China to ship to your customers.

I’m not gonna go into too much detail on the concept because personally, I think Affiliate Marketing is a much more fun and lucrative method.

Anyway, back to ‘GP’. While it does provide some level of value, dropshipping is never gonna be a quick and easy way of making boatloads of cash.

So at the end of the day, the sales video talks jib-uh jab-uh.


Final Thoughts: Is Profit Genesis a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownWhy the person behind ‘PG’ can’t be upfront with you from the get-go is beyond me.

If he or she is selling training covering the basics of dropshipping, then why not be open and honest with you instead of producing some Bullsh*t presentation with fake testimonials and far-fetched income screenshots – selling you a LIE?

Fortunately, you will gain some value from ‘PG’ but because its creator lies through his or her teeth within the sales video, I’m labeling it as Borderline SCAM – which is only fair, in my book.

Wouldn’t you agree?

If you truly wanna earn $1,000s per month, then you’ll need to be committed to learning the essential skills and working like a donkey to build a successful business during the long-term.

Don’t pay any attention to the “get-rich-quick” crap because it only works for the product creators who suck in vulnerable folks using trickery.

The Bottom Line: ‘PG’ is not recommended.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

Have any questions or thoughts to share on ‘PG’? We’d LOVE to hear your comments below…

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