Profit Reign: Will it REALLY Bring $243.17 Daily? [Review]

Hey, cheers for stopping by my Profit Reign review!

Today, I’d like to discuss this program that claims you can make over $200 per day with “FREE” traffic.

But is it really possible to make that kinda cash on a daily basis?

Or are the guys behind it telling you porky pies in order to make a quick and easy buck from you?

All is gonna be revealed within this honest and unbiased review from a “non-affiliate” of the product.

Profit Reign Review
Quick Overview:

Name: Profit Reign (PR).


Cost: $2 + $47, $37 & $197 for upsells.

Owners: Paul Prissick & Mark Barrett.

My Score: 5/10.

Summary: In a nutshell, Profit Reign teaches you all about using the ‘Push Notification’ method.

Where, instead of building an email list the traditional way, you’ll use Push Notification software to reach your audience through their browsers instead.

I must admit, the idea doesn’t sound bad and can potentially make you profitable.

But at the same time, I’ve heard mixed reviews from marketers who use this method on their websites and YouTube channels.

The training you get from Paul and Mark on how to implement the method is OK.

But if you’re a total newb, you will need to create your own website first – which there’s no in-depth training on.

But before taking the plunge.

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What’s Profit Reign All About, Huh?

From Prissick and Barrett (the guys behind 2Day Profits and 8 Minute Profits 2.0), comes Profit Reign.

The duo claims it’s “A brand new (never been seen before), newbie-friendly method for making $243.17 per day with FREE traffic“.

They also claim you can start making money right away…

It only takes a few minutes per day to keep the cash flowing, and the method is fast and easy. Blahdy blah.

In my opinion, it just comes across as another hyped-up product making unrealistic claims.

Firstly, there are no “new secret methods” in the Internet Marketing world because every base has already been covered pretty much.

Secondly, I’m still yet to discover a “quick and easy” approach to raking in the dough, especially with “free traffic” methods.

So does that mean the two guys are stringing you along? 

I guess you’ll find out shortly…


Let’s Take a Look Behind The Scenes of Profit Reign

Once you pay a WHOPPING 2 bucks – you’re thrown straight into a sales funnel of upsells (hence why the starting cost is just $2).

For $47, you’re offered a ‘Done-For-You’ funnel (+ 100 products to give away) for passive daily income.

For $37, you’ll get a bunch of cash-pumping profit ads for an automated income.

And then an additional $197 for personal coaching from Paul and Mark.

Don’t get me wrong, I hold nothing against upsells/sales funnels (a concept discussed in DotCom Secrets).

BUT before you actually know what you’ve bought into for $2 with ‘PR’, you’re hit with more expenses.

In my opinion, you should SEE the main product FIRST before deciding whether it’s invaluable enough to make you wanna spend extra $.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Once you finally access your ‘PR’ purchase, you’re directed to “The Passive Income Blueprint” members’ area which looks like this.
Profit Reign Membership Area
Inside the blueprint area, there’s a short introduction video as well as 11 videos divided into 3 steps:

  1. Here’s How It’s Done (6 videos)
  2. How to Make The Most Money (2 videos)
  3. Choosing Offers to Promote/How You Can Do This For Free/In Closing (3 videos)


Step #1: Here’s How It’s Done…

Within the first set of 6 videos, the topic of Affiliate Marketing is discussed and how it can be profitable IF done right.

Additionally, you’ll learn that most email opt-ins generated via a squeeze page using solo ads don’t open up their emails.

Because most folks tend to use garbage email addresses that they don’t use.

And as a result of this, they’re not seeing your affiliate offers, which means little to no profits on your end.

So Paul and Mark have come up with a solution where they throw a quick website together.

And instead of using an email opt-in form, they use a box where folks can select “Yes” or “No” for a free gift and get added to a ‘Push List’.

This strategy is known as ‘Push Notifications‘.

See an example of the box.

Push List Method

For example purposes only.

So instead of blasting out emails to those subscribers:

You’ll be using software like ‘Push Engage’ to broadcast affiliate offers to their browsers instead.

Clever stuff, hey?

But after speaking with numerous marketers about this strategy, some have mixed experiences and opinions on it.


Step #2: How to Make The Most Money…

This step discusses the processes of writing a product review and promoting that to your ‘Push’ subscribers.

Instead of an actual raw affiliate link because you’ll see better results.

The guys also recommend some paid resources and also a review template for helping you create reviews if it’s your first time.

Being a product reviewer myself, I can confirm with 100% confidence that writing product reviews are EXTREMELY profitable because they provide value.

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Step #3: Choosing Offers to Promote, etc…

When it comes to the making money part, the videos cover using the Warrior+Plus marketplace for finding the top-selling products and grabbing your affiliate links.

And if you wanna write product reviews, you’re also given some info on using a site called Munch Eye which lists up and coming product launches.

So you can apply to become an affiliate of certain products and request promo info from the owners for your reviews.

However, the only downside to writing reviews based on products before they’re even launched is that you’re not being totally honest with your readers.

This is something practiced by Launch Jackers who write biased and hyped up reviews on products they’re clueless about.

And then “cash in” from newbies. UGH!

As for the traffic part, there’s a PDF with links to various training videos on both free and paid traffic methods for scaling your Biz.


PROS vs CONS of ‘PR’


  • You’re getting a real bargain for just $2!
  • The training videos are broken down to make things easier
  • You’ll learn about a cool & effective ‘Push List’ building method
  • Recommended resources, PDFs & traffic training videos included


  • You’ll need to invest in the upsells to get the most out of the program
  • There’s no Facebook group or in-house community for support
  • The training on a whole lacks depth
  • You’ll need to invest in some paid traffic for the best start
  • It’s unsuitable for newbies, in my opinion


Final Thoughts: Is Profit Reign a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs UpAfter going through the training and seeing what resources Prissick Barrett offer, I believe what they’ve stumbled upon is unique.

But with that said, there are affiliates who still prefer the traditional “email marketing” route.

So, I’m classing ‘PR’ as 100% LEGIT – especially considering they spill the beans for just a $2 payment.

However, the only beef I have is the fact that there needs to be more meat on the bone when it comes to the training.

Because I feel the guys missed out some key information on stuff like how to build a website from scratch for using the ‘Push List’ method.

And although I do recommend ‘PR’, I just don’t think it’s suitable for newbies.

Can you name one Affiliate Marketing beginner who knows about squeeze pages, email list building, creating a website, and blogging, etc?

Nope, neither can I!

In my opinion, ‘PR’ is more for those in the digital marketing arena who at least have some level of experience under their belt.


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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts you’d like to share on ‘PR’ – We’d LOVE to hear from ya below…

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