Profit With Alex: DO NOT Buy it! Period. [Reviewed]

Welcome to my review of Profit With Alex! 🙂

Although it has been doing its rounds on the web since 2017, there still seems to be a lot of buzz around the online money-maker.

So I decided to investigate the program. But what I discovered wasn’t pretty at all, I’m afraid.

To learn just why this deceptive product doesn’t live up to its hype, jump into my honest and unbiased review below…

Profit With Alex Scam Review
Quick Overview:

Name: Profit With Alex (PWA).


Cost: $37.

Owner: Something tells me it’s “Alex” lol. Alex Goodwin, in fact.

My Score: 1/10.


Unfortunately, all you get from Profit With Alex is some lame website that’s NOT gonna rake in the dough for a number of reasons:

Not only will your cookie-cutter website breach Amazon’s terms – which means you won’t be able to promote any products.

But your new site won’t provide value for your visitors, it won’t get ranked in Google, nor does it belong to you either.

The only person rolling in the cash and has full ownership of your site is the creator who tricks you into parting with your cash.

‘PWA’ is an EXTREMELY bad way to do affiliate marketing. Period.

But before you take another step further.

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What’s Profit With Alex About, You Ask?

Apparently, Profit With Alex builds you your own niche website in just 14 clicks and 5 minutes.

Which brings you $38,491 PER MONTH like clockwork from promoting Amazon and eBay products as an affiliate!

Sounds super duper cool and easy doesn’t it?…

Set up a quick site and rake in $40K on a monthly basis from just a bunch of products slapped on to a website.

Happy days!

But you see, here’s the problem.

The methodology is totally outdated and doesn’t work in this day and age of the digital marketing world.

Not just that but you’ll more than likely get booted out of both the Amazon and eBay affiliate programs.

That’s if they accept your affiliate applications in the first place.

And thirdly, a $40K-per-month income is seriously far-fetched, ESPECIALLY from a “newbie” standpoint!

Without beating around the bush…

In my opinion, ‘PWA’ has to be one of the most scammiestmake money online” products I’ve come across to date from Clickbank. Period.

I’ll explain why ‘PWA’ is a no-go area in more detail in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.


How Profit With Alex Makes You a Fortune, Supposedly…

Done For You Amazon Websites
‘PWA’ makes you follow a number of processes for getting your brand spanking new profit-ready website up and running.

  1. Choose your product niche.
  2. Name your site & choose how often it gets updated with products
  3. Update the SEO settings with keywords & a description
  4. Activate “Xtreme Traffic Accelerator” for website visitors
  5. Make your website go live

And hey presto, the $10,000s in affiliate commissions are gonna roll in month-in, month-out!

Um, yeah right, as if!

But here’s why the whole setup’s nothing but pure Bullsh*t! (Pardon my French lol).


#1: You’ll Get Rejected by Amazon…

Amazon will have a good laugh when you apply to join its affiliate program.

Because what they require from you is a website that actually provides “VALUE”.

In order to be accepted as an affiliate…

Your site MUST have a some “high-quality” and “unique” content to show how serious you are about affiliate marketing and that you intend to “HELP” folks.

So some pre-filled “low-quality” niche site used by all other ‘PWA’ members’ isn’t gonna wash with Amazon, especially.

Oh, didn’t “Alex” send you the memo?


#2: It’s in Violation of Amazon’s Terms…

‘PWA’ pulls content and products directly from Amazon which violates their Associate’s agreement.

IF you are accepted into the affiliate program (which is highly doubtful with a ‘PWA’ site) and Amazon catches you out, you will say goodbye to your account.

The only way to stick to Amazon’s guidelines is by ONLY using the tools it provides you with for promoting its products.


#3: Won’t Work For SEO…

The SEO settings are a joke.

Even if you do find and insert the right keywords and add a description, there’s no “quality” content on the site for getting rankings in Google.
Website SEO Settings
As I said, the content is pulled from Amazon which means you’ll have “duplicate content” on your site.

Google has a strict website content policy in place.

So good luck with getting indexed in its search engine with some shoddy cowboy site.


#4: $37 Gets You a Crap Quality Product…

I highly doubt Alex is gonna give you something groundbreaking for generating a boatload of traffic for just a small one-time payment of $37 lol.

Second of all, even if his “Extreme Traffic Accelerator” helps with traffic…

There’s no indication of where the traffic actually comes from or even if it’s “targeted”.

If it’s free traffic from crappy traffic exchanges or sites like AdFly, then it’s worthless. Don’t expect it to convert into sales.

And since your site won’t get ranked anyway, means the only effective option is to spend money on paid ads.

But even then, results aren’t guaranteed, particularly for a site that provides little to no value.


#5: You Don’t Own The Sites…

Your ‘PWA’ websites don’t actually belong to you either.

They belong to ‘PWA’ since the sites are on sub domain names.

This means that if ‘PWA’ ever come crashing down to the ground, then you’ve lost your sites.

In my opinion, leaving your sites in the hands of someone else (especially some scammy product creator) really isn’t a wise idea.

My recommendation? Get WordPress websites that are YOURS here!


Is Profit With Alex a SCAM? Hmm…

In a word. No.

The main reason why I can’t label ‘PWA’ as a blatant scam is the fact that when you hand over $37, Alex Goodwin provides some websites.

Even if they do violate Amazon’s terms and are complete junk, in my opinion.

Plus, with ‘PWA’ being a Clickbank product means you can request your hard-earned cash to be refunded.

You can also bet your bottom dollar that ‘PWA’ had a high refund rate, which is no surprise considering the hyped up product fails to deliver on its promises.

While it may not be a complete dud, this program is something I still wouldn’t recommend in a million years.

Especially since Alex makes BS claims of his own.
Fake Amazon Earnings
He claims that ‘PWA’ helped him to make over $4,300 in Amazon commissions from selling just 87 products through a “baby monitor” site.

But considering baby monitors don’t exactly cost the Earth and Amazon isn’t that generous when it comes to commission percentages either…

Makes it VERY unlikely that he made so much money.

You’ll need to generate A LOT more than 87 kiddie monitor sales for 4K in your pocket!

In fact, I’m calling his bluff because any trickster can create fake income proof for pulling the wool over newbies’ eyes.


My Final Take on Profit With Alex…

A Big Thumbs DownProfit With Alex probably would have worked a real treat back in the late 90s when it was easy to rank content-thin junkie sites in Google.

But a lot has changed in the world of “online money-making” since then.

Because today it’s all about putting your time and energy into creating high-quality and original blog content that actually helps folks to solve their problems.

This, in turn, will build your brand online and enable you to become a highly profitable affiliate marketer.

Unfortunately, ‘PWA’ is a very deceptive program providing you with useless websites that just aren’t gonna work.

Especially when they’re unethically pulling product info from Amazon’s marketplace.

I’m willing to bet a whole year’s worth of affiliate income that not one person has made a single $1 from ‘PWA’!

So on that note, I think ‘PWA’ deserves to branded as a Borderline Scam.


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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts to share on ‘PWA’ – We’d LOVE to hear from you below…


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