Real Money Streams: Is $7,293/Month FAKE? [Review]

Welcome to my review!

Real Money Streams apparently shows you how to make REAL money online (literally $1,000s per month)!

But is it just another “all sizzle and no steak” kinda money-maker or is your bank account really gonna get flooded with a life-changing amount of cash every 30 days?

I’ve looked into the program and I’m about to give you a truthful answer within this honest review.

So hang tight, buddy!

Is 7K Per Month Fake With Real Money Streams Review
Quick Overview:

Name: Real Money Streams (RMS).


Cost: $37 + Upsells.

Owner: Katy Stephenson (allegedly).

My Score: 2/10.

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What’s Real Money Streams All About, Huh?

‘RMS’ is another one of those “online JOB” sites claiming you can rake in a TON of cash on a monthly basis.

It also claims “it’s so easy, anyone can do it“, and is designed for those who are sick and tired of getting stuck in traffic driving to work and dealing with unappreciative bosses (YUP, ain’t that the truth?).
Real Money Streams Claims to Help Escape a Job
Apparently, you’ll never have to worry about losing your JOB (Just Over Broke) again because ‘RMS’ will enable you to become financially free from doing “simple online tasks” for other companies.

In fact, check out the $10,000s made by the owner of ‘RMS’ just from doing jobs on the web!

Real Money Streams Income Hype

They’ve apparently made over $150,000 + another $17,000!!

Holy Smokes!!

But unfortunately, I’ve come across this HYPE before with the likes of:

These are just a handful of the SCAMMY Bullsh*t sites that falsely claim you’ll make bucket loads of cash from simple jobs and tasks.

So does that mean ‘RMS’ is gonna turn out just like the rest of the “home JOB” trash I’ve highlighted or is financial independence really gonna be EASILY yours for the taking?


I guess you’re about to find out…


How You Supposedly Make Megabucks With Real Money Streams

Once you submit payment for the “money-making opportunity of a lifetime”, you’ll gain access to info and resources for helping you get started on the net with getting paid for tasks.

First of all, there are “offline” tasks.

You’ll be given 3 recommended companies to check out for $: GigWalk, FieldAgent, and EasyShift.
Real Money Streams Offline Tasks
These offer a variety of tasks you can do, from mystery shopping to searching for simple jobs available within your city to downloading and using an App for getting paid to shop and eat, etc.

Secondly, there are the “online” job recommendations that include all sorts of stuff, from Content Categorization to Search Relevance to Copywriting.
Real Money Streams Online Tasks
Most of these tasks revolve around Amazon Mechanical Turk which is a micro-job marketplace where companies post various tasks that need completing, like image/video/data processing, data verification and clean-up, and info gathering.

These are basically certain tasks that require “human” attention since computers aren’t always capable of doing everything online, which is why simple task sites exist.

Now, as for “Copywriting”, that’s something else entirely.

There are businesses looking for Copywriters to write sales letters and are willing to pay you good money. In fact, you have the potential to earn $25 to $35 per hour!

Wowzers Bowzers!

But first, in order to rake in that kinda cash, you must be a highly-skilled Copywriter which takes time to learn.

So, although Copywriting is a job recommended by ‘RMS’, it’s not something you can easily jump straight into with both feet first without prior experience.

In addition to those resources, you get a bunch of training eBooks that cover getting paid to surf the net, working online, quitting your job, and the secret high paying online jobs.

Plus there are extra training modules on blogging, cashing in on domain names, Google Adwords and Adsense, the Amazon affiliate program, profiting via Twitter, and selling stiff on eBay.

Sounds like a heck of a lot of value inside the ‘RMS’ product!

Wouldn’t you agree?

But I wouldn’t get excited, just yet!


The 3 Ugly Truths of ‘RMS’…

The first thing I’d like to point out is that the idea of raking in $1,000s per month with ‘RMS’ is nothing but a flat-out LIE!

The owner, Katy Stephenson (maybe a fictitious character) boldly claims she makes $7,293 on a monthly basis with the product.

Um, yeah right, “Katy”. Oh look, a flying Pig!

Unfortunately, all job recommendations (with the exception of Copywriting) are extremely low-paid tasks. You’ll be lucky to make a few hundred bucks per month, let alone $7K!

Have you ever met anyone who’s made a killing online or even offline and became financially free from doing “simple and easy tasks”?

Nah, me neither!

This “get-rich-quick” approach, ESPECIALLY when it comes to “JOBS” is a total myth.

Second of all, some offline jobs are gonna be limited in numbers, particularly if you live in a smaller town or city.

The majority of the jobs are in the bigger surrounding cities which means you’ll have to fork out for traveling expenses if you wanna make some money from shopping or eating out, for example.

In fact, those expenses could leave you out-of-pocket.

My third and final point. The eBooks and extra training you get on making money from home contain outdated material.

It’s like the cheesy hyped-up Internet Marketing strategies from the late 1990s/early 2000s.

If you were online during that time period, then you’ll catch my drift lol.

This means if you apply some of what you’re taught from ‘RMS’, the chances are that it’s either gonna have minimal effect or not even work at all for putting cash in your pockets.

In my opinion, you get very little to no value out of the training.

And as for online/offline jobs, you can very easily find those resources yourself at $0-cost if you hunt around on Google and YouTube.

To be honest, I really don’t like my chances with ‘RMS’ UGH!


Final Thoughts: Is Real Money Streams a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownThe jobs and digital marketing methods inside ‘RMS’ are totally genuine.

And because it’s also a Clickbank product means there’s a refund policy in place – which I guess makes the product legitimate in that respect.

But don’t expect me to recommend ‘RMS’ because there’s also a dark side to it, I’m afraid.

Not only are you misled to believe it’s possible to make over $7K per month from simply doing tasks online/offline (which is pure CRAP), but most of the stuff you learn dates back to at least the late 90s/early 2000s.

Therefore, you’re better off saving your cash and searching the web for jobs and marketing tactics that actually “work” in this day and age.

So on that note, I’m branding ‘RMS’ as a Borderline SCAM.

The Bottom Line: Yeah, you’ll earn some loose pocket change from using Apps, shopping, and completing tasks inside the Amazon Mechanical Turk marketplace, etc.

Heck, you might even make a few hundred bucks per month doing tasks. But expect to be investing A LOT of hours for that cash.

However, just don’t hold your breath when it comes to striking gold with ‘RMS’ because that day will NEVER happen.

If you’re sick of all this hyped-up “get-rich-quick” nonsense, and you’re looking for a 100% LEGIT place to make REAL sustainable money online that CAN replace your day job…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

Do you have any questions or thoughts to share on ‘RMS’? We’d LOVE to hear your comments below…

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