Real Profits Online Review: (Another Fake-Ass SCAM?)

A big welcome to my Real Profits Online scam review!

The program boldly claiming that you can make 500 bucks daily on the web from plugging into some “push-button” software.

But is it just a load of horse manure or an actual LEGIT way of making some serious cash online without lifting a finger?

I guess you’re about to find out, my friend!

Is Real Profits Online Another Fake Ass Scam Reviewed
Quick Overview:

Name: Real Profits Online (RPO).


Cost: $47 + $100s for Upsells.

Owner: Mark?

My Score: 1/10.

A Brief Summary of Real Profits Online

Put simply, it’s another one of those “get-rich-quick” products that’s all sizzle and no steak.

Not only does it raise numerous red flags (as I’ve highlighted inside this review), but the actual product you’re provided with does nothing.

It’s just some “cookie-cutter” style website that Google will never rank and send traffic to, since it’s the same site used by other members.

Which, means you’ll need to spend $100s/$1,000s on paid traffic that’s not guaranteed to convert into profits either.

Furthermore, the training you get is extremely thin, and also the type of stuff you can get from YouTube for free.

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What’s Real Profits Online All About?

Real Profits Online claims you’re gonna rake in $500 per day from the World Wide Web using one “weird trick”.

And get this… without even breaking into a sweat too!

Apparently, you’ll get your very own website that’s ‘Done-For-You’ and ready to pull in $1,000s in affiliate commissions from Amazon on a weekly basis.

You simply put your feet up and watch Peaky Blinders (or whatever your Netflix fave) while enjoying a hot brew and the dollars just roll in.

What a life that would be, hey?… Reeling in an absolute fortune through affiliate marketing “the lazy man’s” way and living “the dream”.

Did you also know that pigs can fly?

It’s true…

In the land of “make-believe.” 😛

Unfortunately, the trickster behind RPO wants you to believe in that fairy-tale.

So you fall into their snake pit, and they pocket cash at YOUR expense instead because they only have their own best interests in mind.


How Does Real Profits Online Actually Work For $?

Sadly, it doesn’t work as promised because it’s just a mythical money-making system designed by some unethical individual.

The product just turns out to be some very basic and lame PDF/video training that can be found for “free” online.

Furthermore, you’ll get a ‘Done-For-You’ website that you’ll struggle to make money from because Google doesn’t rank duplicate content.

Even if you were to splash out on paid traffic methods, you’ll need plenty of knowledge and also be willing to lose a chunk of change beforehand.

Because, paid traffic comes with a lot of risks – and RPO doesn’t teach you concrete traffic-generation methods, unfortunately.

So you’ll be left to your own devices, which isn’t a good position to be in as a newbie.


The Red Flags Raised by Real Profits Online…

The first thing about RPO that triggered my internal alarm bells is the fact that its sales page is identical to that of the Amazon Cash Websites scam…

Promoting a fake as a wedding cake work at home opportunity.
Amazon Cash Websites
I think both RPO and Amazon Cash Websites also have ugly siblings called Cash Money Sites and Money Sucking Websites.

Because, the similar hyped up sales page designs give you the impression that the same con man or woman is behind them all.

But don’t quote me on that just in case I’m wrong lol.

Unfortunately, the deception doesn’t end there with RPO.

Because, the guy or gal behind it uses additional mind trickery for extracting that folding stuff from you.


#1: Who The Hell is “Mark”?

The owner of RPO claims his name is “Mark” in order to earn your trust.

But I have reason to believe it’s a blatant lie because there’s ZERO evidence to support who he is.

More often than not, scammers use “Pen Names” in order to build false relationships with you.

It’s also the perfect cover for hiding their TRUE identities so they don’t get called out as “scam artists” when they rob you blind.


#2: The Product Being “Free” is BS!

The sales pitch claims RPO is “FREE” but that couldn’t be further from the truth because you need to fork out $47 to gain access lol.

Now, you may think $47 is the amazing deal of a lifetime for some mega money-making system, right?

But the low fee is really to entice you to buy the product so the scammer can hit you with multiple Upsells for almost $700 in total!


One upsell, in particular, promises you’ll get 20 ‘Done-For-You’ websites for getting 20X the income and results, supposedly.

Yeah right, and I’m the fairy godmother!

It’s just Bullsh*t because in order to build at least ONE profitable website will take numerous months of blood, sweat, and tears.

And if you really wanna 20X or even 10X your results as a blogger, you simply work like a Trojan Warrior on a single website to get tons of content out.

Trust me, this is coming from experience as a blogger.


#3: Fake-Ass Member Testimonials

And then comes all the false video testimonials from some members who have apparently generated $500 – $700 in their very first day.

Or even $4K+ in their first week!
Real Profits Online Fake Member Testimonial
How do I know these guys n’ gals are walking you down the garden path?


If you sift through, you’ll come across these very same people selling their “spokesperson” Gigs.

Say Hello to the same dude again lol.

Testimonial From a Fiverr Member


So, not only do these peeps pretend they’re earning a life-changing income from a “non-existent” system.

But they’re ACTUALLY willing to shoot fake videos for scammers.

It makes you wonder why they do it.

Lack of moral principles and also money-hungry, perhaps?


Final Take: Is Real Profits Online a Scam?

A Big Thumbs DownI’m sorry to say it and burst your bubble.

But I really do believe Real Profits Online is a blatant scam to avoid like the black plague.

In reality, there’s no such thing as some “weird trick” or a “$47 magical system” that makes all your dreams come true from the “push of a button”.

The notion of “get-rich-quick” just does NOT exist. Period.

Add to the fact that the RPO sales pitch is very deceptive…

With numerous red flags hoisted and especially $700 worth of trashy upsells that aren’t gonna work either.

The Bottom Line: Building a successful web-based Biz as an Affiliate Marketer requires the right training, tools, support, and plenty of elbow grease.

So never allow yourself to be misled by circus clowns who tell you differently.


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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts on ‘RPO’ – We’d LOVE to hear your comments below…



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