$500 Cash Club Review: (Avoid This Scam Club!)

Welcome to my brutally honest $500 Cash Club review!

So the guy or gal behind this reckons it’s a piece of cake for you to rake in at least $100 on a daily basis online.

But don’t believe them for one second because I’m about to expose the system for what it really is inside THIS review.

So buckle up for the ride – Things are about to get bumpy!…

500 Cash Club Scam Review
Quick Overview

Name: $500 Cash Club (5CC).

Cost: $49 + $1,000s in upsells.

Owner: Unknown.

My Score: 0/10 (SCAM).


On the surface of $500 Cash Club, you’re led to believe that the creator will personally give you 500 bucks just for watching their video (LOL)…

Followed by claims that you’ll then easily bank at least $100 daily using their system.

However, below the surface it’s an entirely different story.

Because first of all, there is no $500 waiting for you – It’s just a deceptive tactic to get you hooked.

And secondly, 5CC is nothing more than an affiliate bridge page that funnels you into MOBE (My Online Business Empire) which costs $1,000s to join!


Thankfully, MOBE got closed down by the FTC for operating as a ripoff “coaching scheme”.


But before getting stuck into this FULL review…

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What’s $500 Cash Club All About?

Put simply, the $500 Cash Club comes across as the easy solution to all your money-making prayers.

According to the sales page…

You simply pay a one-time cost of $49 (with no strings attached), set up a system that’s as easy as 1-2-3, and watch the money come pouring in.

The sales page claims:

  • No Prior Experience or Skills Required
  • Start Earning Immediately
  • Make Money and Change Your Life Now!

But you’ve probably heard all this “get-rich-quick” fluff before, right?

Sadly, the ‘5CC’ sales pitch is full of nothing but hype and lies, I’m afraid.

But before I explain why the system fails to live up to all the hyped up promises…

I just wanna warn you about other programs that are identical to ‘5CC’:

Automated Daily Income, 45 Minute Paydays, UDC System, My Millionaire Mentor, Online Profits Breakthrough, and Massive Internet Profits.

These are just the tip of the iceberg – I’m betting there are trillions more of these fraudulent opportunities floating around on the web.

So I urge you to be on guard when you’re searching the online space for legitimate ways to earn money.

Because you will get stung, I’m telling ya!

But anyway… 


How Does $500 Cash Club Actually Work?

The unknown creator (which is a red flag in itself) leads you to believe that just a small $49 payment will gain access to their “magical system”.

But the truth be told, it doesn’t actually exist.

Because first of all, the concept of get-rich-quick is nothing but a myth – Especially when it comes to the online world.

To become a big success online required stacks of effort, time, and also money.

And secondly, ‘5CC’ is actually a doorway to another income earning opportunity called ‘My Online Business Empire‘ (MOBE for short).

Simply put; The ‘5CC’ sales page has been created by an affiliate of MOBE for the sole purpose of making mega commissions from you.

Because to become a full-fledged member of MOBE, requires you to literally spend $10,000s, so you can also be an “affiliate” and peddle the system to others for big commissions.

So $49 is just the entry cost – Don’t allow yourself to be deceived by the ‘5CC’ sales pitch.


But What Exactly is ‘MOBE’, You Ask?

Matt Lloyd (the author of WiFi Millionaire) is the guy behind MOBE.

However, I’m not gonna give you full walk-through of Matt’s platform.

Because that’s a special review I’m saving for another day. 😉

In a nutshell, ‘My Online Business Empire’ is a high-ticket business opportunity.

It’s intended to sell you high-cost training products for teaching you how to resell the same products for HUGE affiliate commission checks in your bank.

If you’re also familiar with Empower Network and Aspire Digital Altitude, they too, operate using the same business model and promoting overpriced coaching packages.

Unfortunately, MOBE is far from an easy way of making money online because the products are so damn expensive.

A lot of affiliates do find it a struggle.

And I’m guessing this is one of the main reasons why some affiliates are flying under the radar by creating unethical programs such as ‘5CC’.

If they have difficulty in earning with MOBE ethically, they switch to plan B:

The creation of “Get Rich Quick” landing pages/sales funnels for targeting unsuspecting noobs.

So if the majority of Matt’s affiliates suck at earning a full-time income…

Where is it gonna leave you as a newbie if you decide to join, huh?

In reality, the “top earners” who are raking in $100,000s with MOBE are affiliates who already have the experience in internet marketing and selling high-ticket products.


What’s The Cost of MOBE?

MOBE is a program that’s likely to break the bank.

So it’s not exactly the best online Biz starting point for any newbie, in my book.

Looking at the cost of the training products, you’ll see just why:

  • My Top Tier Business (MTTB) 21-step system – $49
  • MOBE License Rights – $2,497 + $99/month
  • Titanium Membership – $9,997 + $199/month
  • Platinum Membership – $16,667 + $299/month
  • Diamond Membership – $29,997 + $299/month
  • Affiliate Program – $19.95/month

Unfortunately, to make maximum commissions and for a real shot of success, you’re gonna have to “go all in” and pay an absolute fortune.

If needs be, you’ll have to sell off your internal organs to cover the membership fees.

On top of those packages, you may need to invest in other tools and also paid traffic strategies for generating visitors to your MOBE system.


My Final Conclusion: Is $500 Cash Club a Scam?…

The $500 Cash Club provides you with diddly-squat.

Nothing. Zero. Zip. Nada.

So yeah, it’s a scam, in my opinion.

It’s just a site that leads you astray with hype and empty promises of making yourself rich very quickly and easily on the web for a small one-time $49 investment.

I’m afraid, that’s not how building an online business works.

The investment of time, hard work, and more than 49 dollars is required if you want a really profitable internet-based empire.

And as for Lloyd’s program, it is a legit training system.

However, just not the right training program for any newbie because Matt’s platform will suck your bank dry of many thousands of dollars for expensive coaching.

Unluckily for Matt Lloyd, by allowing some of his affiliates to use unethical strategies such as creating and promoting scammy doorway sites like ‘5CC’ and others I’ve mentioned above…

His affiliates are gonna be responsible for the downfall of his money-maker.

This isn’t just my opinion, but the views of many other marketers who are looking into Lloyd’s platform from the outside.

But before you dash off, see how to make money with affiliate marketing THE right way…

Trust me, it’ll save you from spending $1,000s – $10,000s on overpriced coaching schemes in the long run.

Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or feedback that you’d LOVE to share on ‘5CC’, please post your comments below…



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