(Reviewed) A to Z CASH System or SCAM System?

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Is it really gonna be a piece of cake to rake in $100s per day or just another lousy scam to avoid at all costs, huh?

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Is The A to Z Cash System Another Rotten Scam Reviewed
Quick Overview

Name: A to Z Cash System.

Website: atozcashsystem.com/main.html.

Cost: $4.97 for a 3-day trial (or $1 if you click back). Then it’s $77 + an additional $57/month.

Owners: Sophie Vaughn/Jennifer Becker (both used as stage names).

My Score: 0/10.

Verdict: With the hype on making big bucks very easily, outdated and poor-quality training, and especially a shoddy support system that offers no refunds – the intention of this deceptive program is to burn holes in your pockets.

Before getting stuck into this FULL review…

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What is A to Z Cash System All About?

Unfortunately, the A to Z Cash System (ATZCS) is another scammy hyped up program claiming that you can earn up to “$379 per day” as easy as pie.

The fake owner (Sophie Vaughn or either Jennifer Becker) is also the face of Cash on Demand, Earn At Home Club, and IncomeInfuser – all duplicate scams

Jennifer Becker The Scam Artist

Jennifer Becker From The ‘Earn At Home Club’ Scam

‘ATZCS’ is apparently designed as an online business coaching program helping you to make a ton of cash from promoting ClickBank products.

But unluckily, everything about the program is false, from the income snapshots to the member testimonials.


Who is The System Intended For?

The system was created to trick folks out of money who want to work from home on the web.

To be more specific, the program is aimed at unsuspecting internet marketing novices with high expectations of accomplishing quick wealth without hardly breaking a sweat on their computers.

But it’s this naivety that causes opportunity seekers to lose a lot of cash with systems like ‘ATZCS’. Unluckily, people are still being duped by countless “get rich fast” scams as I speak.


Any Training, Tools & Support?

When it comes to the training part, there are 5 step-by-step video tutorials on Facebook, Google, and other digital marketing strategies for earning online.

However, the unfortunate thing about the training is the fact that it’s outdated and lacks a lot of depth. So there’s not really much value offered for becoming successful on the web.

As for the tools, you’re offered a website as part of your membership. But on the downside, you’re given no real training on how to make money online from it.

With support, you can either email or make a phone call. But since the “support team” hangs up if you ask for a refund over the phone, they simply aren’t to be trusted with your online success in their hands.


The Red Flags With ‘ATZCS’

Right out of the gate, there are numerous red flag warnings on the sales page that clearly indicates it’s a scam:

  • The get-rich-quick claims of nearly $400 in daily commissions
  • Very easy work involved & no description of the tasks either
  • Made up far-fetched stories/testimonials & also images from stock photo sites
  • A limited number of spots available & countdown timer
  • Extremely cheap trial fees of $1 or $5
  • The advertisement of major TV news channels

Fake News Endorsements

One of The Red Flag Examples

Fictitious and fraudulent individuals like Sophie Vaughn or Jennifer Becker will attempt every sleazy manipulative “con trick” in the book to collect your email, phone, and credit card info for robbing you of your hard-earned cash on the web.

I would suggest that you bear the above red flag warnings in mind because they might just save your hide from further pitfalls on the internet.

Any “legit” training program would never use such persuasive grimy tactics for the intention of taking your money, since they believe in delivering REAL VALUE rather than scamming you with garbage.


PROS vs CONS of ‘ATZCS’ (Let’s Recap)


  • The perfect example of what you should avoid online


  • Hyped up program & unrealistic daily income claims
  • Fake income proof, characters, photos, & testimonials
  • It’s difficult to request a refund
  • You must contact your credit card company to cancel payments
  • Your phone number is requested upon joining – a tactic for hard selling you additional upgrades
  • There are additional red flag scam signs with the system


Final Conclusion on The A to Z Cash System Scam…

A Big Thumbs DownAlways put your guard up when it comes to “too good to be true” ‘work from home’ opportunities like ‘ATZCS’ because they are simply out to get your credit card info.

If you keep your eyes peeled for the red flags in this review and also keep your wits about you when opportunity hunting on the web, you can protect your money from the thieving con artists.

The ‘ATZCS’ isn’t the first scam to hit the internet and it surely won’t be the last either, but do your due diligence and you will easily learn to outsmart the swindlers.

If you want success – join a genuine online marketing coaching platform that shows you how to build a business from scratch, one that supplies you with the essential tools, and also gives you full access to a huge community for the support you need around the clock…

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