Affilorama: Can You Kiss Your Job Goodbye? (Reviewed)

Howdy, thanks for dropping in on my Affilorama review!

Apparently, it’s the biggest affiliate marketing training community on the web. 

One, that helps you to make enough money online for kissing your day job goodbye!

But does the platform really do what it says on the tin or is it a load of hyped up baloney, huh?

Grab this detailed review to find out…

Affilorama Review
Quick Overview:

Name: Affilorama.


Cost: $19, $197 & $997.

Owner: Mark Ling.

My Score: 6/10.


In a nutshell: Affilorama is a platform that provides newbies with the resources for creating successful affiliate marketing businesses.

But the problem is, not only is there far too much training to get through (without solid steps to actually getting started)…

But the member support community just isn’t active enough from my point of view.

However, with that said, there are far worse programs out there lol.

But before you continue reading any further for the lowdown on Ling’s program…

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What’s Affilorama All About, You Ask?

The Affilorama affiliate marketing platform was born in 2005.

And is intended to show you how to get a successful online business underway.

It has certainly been operating for a good number of years, wouldn’t you agree?

Mark Ling’s program provides you with training videos, tools, and community support.

So you can make money online and tell your boss to take a hike (in a polite kinda way) lol.

But is the platform really worth the investment, that’s the question?

Before we get to that bit, I’m gonna give you a walk-through of it…


Firstly, Who is Affilorama Geared Towards?

The program is designed for anyone wanting to earn an income on the web within the affiliate marketing arena.

With the various membership levels available, it’s for both inexperienced newbies who wanna learn how to build a business from scratch.

And also seasoned marketers wanting to branch out their businesses.

However, if you’re looking for a way to “get-rich-fast”, then it isn’t the one for you.

Because building a successful business on the internet takes heaps of time and effort.


What do You Get Inside Affilorama, Training-wise?

Affilorama Pathway to Passive GuideOnce you activate your membership, you get 2 free chapters of the “Pathway To Passive” guide.

Which is a blueprint for helping you to build passive profit websites.

The 2 pages contain info on how it pays to be lazy, where Mark talks about his journey.

He also discusses why most affiliates fail, plus 4 steps to affiliate success.

Mr. Ling then offers you the full guide for $19 which is fairly reasonable, in my book. *PUN intended*

The Downside:

It feels like you’re pressurized into buying the guide, especially when there’s a countdown timer in your members’ area.
Path2Passive Offer Has a Countdown Timer

Next up, there’s a “Get Started” pack to download which is designed to help you get up and running as an affiliate.

Inside the 32-page PDF, you’ll learn about:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • The 4 steps to building a successful website
  • Picking a niche
  • Email marketing
  • Getting website visitors
  • And how to make more sales.

I must admit, the PDF report gives you lots of invaluable info and recommends some great resources for starting an online business.

The Downside:

You get no website and there are no “actionable” steps for getting an affiliate Biz set up either.

In addition, there’s a bunch of lessons on various aspects of Internet Marketing.

The lessons cover market research, content creation, site building, marketing ideas, SEO + PPC, and affiliate outsourcing.
Affilorama Training Lessons
Within each lesson, you’ll discover numerous walk-through articles with screenshots and video tutorials on a wide range of topics.

Some lesson topic examples:
Internet Marketing Lessons
There are more than 70 in-depth articles for you to get your head around! Happy Learning!

The Downside:

While the lessons/topics deliver tremendous amounts of value…

There’s just too much info for a newbie to absorb all at once. It’s gonna make your head explode with “info overload” lol.

Ever heard the saying “can’t see the wood for the trees“?

Well, that’s the problem with the ‘AR’ lessons – there are too many damn trees!

Now, with Wealthy Affiliate’s free starter account – you not only get your hands on 1 free WordPress website.

But also 10 easy-to-follow step-by-step video lessons for actually starting a business on the net.

See WA’s “Getting Started” lessons:
Wealthy Affiliate Free Getting Started Lessons
I’m sure you’ll agree with me that following 10 simple newbie-friendly lessons (with a website included)…

Is much better than getting lost in the woods with 70 chock-a-block articles, right?

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When it comes to advanced training with ‘AR’, there’s the ‘AffiloBlueprint‘.

Which you’ll need to buy if you actually want to start a web-based business and learn how to make money.

AffiloBlueprint is designed as a step-by-step system to help earn you an income in the long-term.

It’s a bunch of tutorial videos that show you how to build profitable niche websites, apply traffic strategies, and generally optimize your blogs for sales.

Plus there’s a private members’ forum for extra support.


What’s Available Inside Affilorama in Terms of Tools?

There’s a couple of platforms available inside ‘AR’ that can really help you to scale your online biz and shoot for the moon.

#1: AffiloTools

This one’s a free platform (at the time of writing) for helping you to improve your rankings in the search engines.

By providing an in-depth analysis of your site.
AffiloTools Dashboard
AffiloTools integrates with Google Analytics, Bing, Facebook Twitter, MOZ, SEMrush, Clickbank, Enom, and NameCheap.

You can do all kinds of stuff like:

  • Checking your website ranking
  • Indexed pages
  • Clickbank earnings
  • Likes and Retweets
  • Spying on your competitors’
  • Building backlinks
  • And check the overall health of your site.

==> See The Tool I Use For #1 Google Rankings!


#2: AffiloJetpack

AffiloJetpack has been designed as the ultimate system for big money-making machines.

But it’s a bit pricey, in my opinion.

Inside it, Mark gives you a series of done-for-you components that are ready to plug n’ play for success.

You get:

  • 90+ pre-written emails
  • Reports for building your subscriber list
  • 5 WordPress websites with hosting included for 12 months
  • 20 cheat sheets for creating content
  • And 18 profitable niches to choose from.


Help & Support, is it Accessible Inside Affilorama?

When it comes to getting support, there’s a number of options available to you.

Firstly, there are FAQ pages as well as popular articles to read through.

Secondly, you can contact the ‘AR’ team via email or phone.

Thirdly, there’s a forum for you to hang out with other members and pick their brains on different subjects.

The Downside:

Considering Affilorama has been around since 2005.

And boasts about being “the largest” community of affiliate marketers, the forum doesn’t appear to be very active.
Inactive Community Forum
Most replies to member questions are either 12 – 24 hours, 1 day – 5 days, 1 week – 3 weeks, or 1 month – 3 months ago.


With the 2 million member community here, affiliate marketers answer your questions within just minutes!

Even sometimes just seconds if you’re on live chat!!

Unfortunately, a “live chat” function is one of the important support elements missing from Mark’s program for chin-wagging with other members and getting quick support.


How Many Dollars Will Affilorama Cost?

To get started with isn’t gonna cost you a single cent.

AffiloTools is free, but I’m unsure whether Ling has any plans to slap a price tag on it at some point.

The Pathway To Passive guide costs $19.

(Although, the price increased to $37 just hours after I joined ‘AR’. Tut Tut, Mark Ling!)

AffiloBlueprint is $197.

AffiloJetpack is a WHOPPING $997!

To be fair, the prices for ‘AR’ seem reasonable. It’s only the most expensive product that’s gonna cost you a chunk of change.


PROS vs CONS of Affilorama


  • It’s free to get started
  • There’s a $0 cost “getting started” guide
  • The free membership provides heaps of value
  • Tools & advanced training for building a successful business
  • Help & support is available (including a forum)
  • Products offer money-back guarantees


  • You’ll get some serious “info overload” as a free member
  • To get websites/real training for starting/building a biz, you must buy the products
  • There’s no live chat feature for engaging with other members
  • The community forum is barely active


Final Take: Is Affilorama Worth it?…

A Big Thumbs UpOverall, I think Affilorama is a fantastic platform for the tools, training, and support you need for creating a successful empire on the web.

So, yeah, I do believe that Mark Ling’s program can help you to fire your boss…

(IF you apply the training and use the resources available).

However, the only thing that really bugs me with AR is the sheer volume of information that your brain’s gonna absorb as a free starter member.

Because 70+ articles along with video tutorials are way over the top, in my opinion.

From a newbie perspective, your marketing info-intake should just cover the basics of affiliate marketing and starting a business, in general.

This is something that Ling needs to address to avoid confusing the hell out of his newbie members and making heads spin.


Is There a Better Alternative Than Affilorama?…

You bet there is!

Don’t get me wrong, I hold nothing against Affiloaram because it’s a great platform for newbies.

But it’s just too overwhelming with not enough step-by-step directions, for my liking.

So if you want a more simplistic platform…

One, that equips you with websites, tools, over-the-shoulder training & 24/7 support for creating a lucrative affiliate marketing Biz from scratch…

==> Start Your Journey With Wealthy Affiliate For $0!


Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions, thoughts or experiences with AR you’d like to share – We’d LOVE to hear from you below…


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