(Reviewed) Automated Daily Income – Another Con Trick?

A huge welcome to my review!

The individual behind Automated Daily Income reckons you can easily rake in the big bucks on the internet.

But is it really true or are they talking out of their butt?…

Automated Daily Income is Another Con Trick Reviewed
Quick Overview

Name: Automated Daily Income.

Website: automateddailyincome.com.

Cost: $49 (apparently).

Owner: Raena Lynn (used as a stage name).

My Score: 0/10.

Verdict: There are false promises of big and easy earnings very quickly, it lies about the price and also raises numerous other red flag warnings.

Avoid the fraudulent system at all costs!

But before sinking your teeth into this FULL review…

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What is Automated Daily Income About?

Automated Daily Income (ADI) claims that you will “make REAL money within 5 minutes and change your life TODAY!

WOW, now there’s an offer you can’t refuse, hey?

Unfortunately, ‘ADI’ is a non-existent opportunity that will rip you off, should you make the decision to invest 49 dollars and spend a lot more on a bunch of expensive upsells.

The site demonstrates the typical characteristics of a scam (which I’ll discuss in my review), and the program is also a replica of the Home Cash Code, Cash From Home, Home Job Source, and Ultimate Home Profits as well as many other hoaxes forged by the same con artists.

Another fascinating thing I’ve discovered about ‘ADI’ is that it’s simply a”gateway” site leading you to MOBE (My Online Business Empire) owned by Matt Lloyd, which is an MLM platform selling high-ticket affiliate training products.

MOBE is a controversial program that squeezes folks for $1,00s – $10,000s, so I would think twice before joining ‘ADI’ for ONLY “$49” because it’s a LIE.


Who is ‘ADI’ Geared Towards?

The fake opportunity targets the vulnerable individuals who are basically lazy bums wanting to become rich on the web VERY quickly.

The idea of getting rich fast is for people who live in La-La land.

‘ADI’ just fills heads with utter BS.

From my experience, in order to make REAL money online, folks must learn the skills required for building a business, work their tails off, and have patience. 


Don’t Fall For The Hype…

To the untrained eye, ‘ADI’ may seem like the perfect solution to your financial difficulties. But trust me, there are a number of red flag warning signs to bear in mind before entering your credit card info.

The reason why I know this program is a hoax is that I’ve spent several years studying online scams, so I know every filthy tactic in the book used to seduce you.

Let’s look at the main warnings to avoid when it comes to ‘ADI’…

Firstly, the program promises you’ll make money quickly, it’s even featured on the top news outlets, and apparently, it’s a brand new opportunity launched today.

Yeah, pigs might fly!

In reality, it can take weeks or months to earn your first buck online, the top news channels have never heard of the opportunity, and whatever day you visit the website, it will always state it’s brand spanking new for that day.

Secondly, it uses an “urgency technique” – stating that the number of spots are limited. This is total pig sh*t used to manipulate you.
Automated Daily Income Fake Availability Scarcity
Not just that, but they even require your “email” for checking availability. It’s just a tactic so the scammers can fill your email box with more crappy opportunities.

Thirdly, Raena Lynn isn’t who she makes you believe she is because she’s not the lady who created ‘ADI’.

Say hello to “Raene”.
Raena Lynn Form Automated Daily Income is Fake
Her photo has been purchased from a stock photo website, and the woman has numerous identities with various other identical scams.

See some proof I found:

Meet “Karen Evans” from Total Income Answer.
Karen Evans Form Total Income Answer is Fake
Meet “Sara Taylor” from Home Cash Code.
Sara Taylor From Home Cash Code is Fake
Who is she? Nobody actually knows lol.

So, from the evidence, you can understand just why ‘ADI’ is a complete fraud.

Any legitimate opportunity never lies or uses hype, applies dirty manipulation techniques, and especially uses a fake identity to entice you.




  • The only upside is that it demonstrates the type of trash to avoid


  • Makes unrealistic claims of quickly making big money
  • Numerous other red flags to suggest it’s a scam
  • It’s a gateway to MOBE – a ripoff program
  • There are duplicates of the site
  • A fake owner is used to hide the REAL identity of the scammer


Final Opinion on The Automated Daily Income Scam…

Unfortunately, it’s very easy for people to get roped into internet-based scams these days because there are a lot of newbies with no knowledge on the digital marketing world, who are vulnerable.

So this makes it easier for fraudulent programs like ‘ADI’ to squeeze money out of people.

If you do invest $49 into ‘ADI’ (operated by a MOBE affiliate) – you will be lured into the MOBE “high-ticket” MLM program, where you will be talked into forking out $100s – $10,000s (money you haven’t got) for overpriced products.

With both the ‘ADI’ and MOBE sites combined, you will be out-of-pocket much faster than you can speak the name “Jack Robinson!”

Tread with caution, buddy!

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions, thoughts or even bad experiences with ‘ADI’ that you wish to share, please drop your comments below…



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