(Reviewed) Commission Cash Code – You WON’T Cash in!

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You Wont Cash in With The Commission Cash Code Scam
Quick Overview

Name: Commission Cash Code (CCC).

Website: commission-cash-code.com.

Cost: $43 + additional expenses.

Owner: Blake Matthews.

My Score: 1/10.

I just don’t know what it is with programs using “cash code” in the titles!

If they’re not utter trash, they’re blatant scamsFacebook Cash Code, Easy Cash Code, and Home Cash Code, etc, are all garbage after your money.

Unfortunately, ‘CCC’ is in the same league.

But before you read this FULL review to learn why Blake’s platform isn’t exactly up to par…

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What is Commission Cash Code?

‘CCC’ is a digital marketing video training site that helps you to leverage Facebook community pages for email list building, generating affiliate sales and commissions.

In a nutshell – You’re provided with a WordPress plugin used to post on Facebook group walls for making affiliate commissions.

There are two things wrong with this program, though:

  1. You’re gonna be spamming Facebook groups with your stuff.
  2. Mr. Matthews also claims that you can easily make $1,000s per day on autopilot from FB.

With this type of IM strategy, you’ll be lucky to make a single buck online because FB can and will block you for spam.

Plus, the hype on “easily” making TONS of money doesn’t exactly fill you with confidence either.

Especially, since the notion of “get-rich-quick” is non-existent.

It’s the same hype you find with Digital Payday, Viral Pay, and Copy And Paste Ads, to name more bullsh*t I’ve reviewed.


Who is ‘CCC’ Geared Towards?

Apparently, the “regular person” with no IM skills can make a killing online from affiliate marketing – promoting stuff for product creators and marketplaces such as Amazon, etc.

But simply using a plugin to spam FB isn’t gonna produce any results and you’ll land in deep crap with FB too.

I’ve been an affiliate long enough to know that Blake is talking out of his rear end lol.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, YES, the average person can create a lucrative empire.

But it’s not as easy as using some “push-button” tool for automatic commissions.

Online success is all down to getting your hands on the right tools, step-by-step training, and 24/7 support.

And then it’s a case of working your butt off.




  • You get some training & access to a WordPress plugin


  • Blake deceives you with his unrealistic income claims
  • Spamming Facebook is no way to build a real business
  • The plugin and training tutorials aren’t exactly effective
  • No training showing you how to build a free WordPress website
  • There are additional upsells to squeeze more money out of you
  • Numerous members have made complaints against the program
  • Help & Support does not exist


My Final Conclusion…

A Big Thumbs DownFrom my experiences, to truly be successful at marketing on Facebook, you’ve really gotta put lots of time and effort into “engaging” with people in the FB communities.

And also learning/implementing effective paid FB marketing strategies for reeling in commissions.

So when it comes to Commission Cash Code, you’re simply wasting your time with the training, the WordPress plugin, and the program as a whole because posting promotional stuff in communities is unacceptable.

SPAM is the worst possible kind of way to attempt to grow any online business, period!

Leave FB spamming to the amateurs who have allergies to “education” and “hard work”.

Let’s recap to see why ‘CCC’ is a scam

#1: Blake Matthews uses deceptive marketing techniques and hype to push you into a low-quality program that’s just not gonna work for anyone.

#2: In my book, “spamming” is a big fat NO! It’s an outdated and ineffective IM strategy from the 90s.

A number of affiliates just haven’t learned and are still at it today.

They really need to wake up and smell the coffee, in my opinion.

#3: You’re pressured into buying upsells.

It seems like spending 43 bucks on a pile of useless crap isn’t enough! Blake wants to strip you of your cash just for his personal gain.

#4: There are member complaints across the web – Ripoff Report, Warrior Forum, and comments on other ‘CCC’ blog reviews, to name a few resources.

#5: Support is non-existent.

Some members have attempted to get help for weeks on end, without any responses from a customer services team.

In my eyes, that’s an epic fail for Blake and his imaginary team.

If a platform fails to support you, it’s not worthy of your money, effort, and time. Abandon the sinking ship.

The Bottom Line: ‘CCC’ isn’t suitable for any newbie or seasoned marketer because it teaches affiliates unethical marketing practices that don’t work.

If you really want to make money online with Facebook – learn to engage with your target market and also learn how to run paid ads.

I wouldn’t inflict ‘CCC’ on my worst enemy… (OK, maybe I would) HA HA.

But dare to join at your own risk!

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions, thoughts or negative experiences with ‘CCC’ that you wish to share, please post your comments below because we’d love to hear from you…



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