(Reviewed) Commission Magnet – Will You Attract $100s/Week?

Howdy, welcome to my review of Commission Magnet!

Are you really gonna attract $100s on a weekly basis with this program or is it a lousy scam to steer clear of?

If you want an honest answer, then continue reading…

Will The Commission Magnet Attract a 5 Figure Income
Quick Overview

Name: Commission Magnet.

Website: thecommissionmagnet.com.

Cost: $4.95 + $180 in upsells.

Owner: Glynn Kosky.

My Score: 5/10.

Verdict: It’s a LEGIT system with training that’s easy and simple to follow for affiliate newbies.

However, the sales page is seriously hyped up, which I really dislike.

But before digging into this FULL review…

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What is Commission Magnet?

‘CM’ is designed as a step-by-step training system for showing you how to generate a flow of free traffic and make money from promoting CPA (Cost Per Action) and affiliate offers on Instagram.

On the hyped up sales page, Glynn Kosky also boldly claims that “you can make over $900 this week” and literally hundreds of dollars each and every week thereafter.

But is that kinda mega-money REALLY a possibility when it comes to marketing on Instagram or is this Glynn dude yanking your chain and getting your hopes up?

Hmm, you’ll find out very soon…


Who is ‘CM’ For?

The system has been created specifically for helping noobs like you to earn affiliate commissions from the web.

If you haven’t got the faintest clue about starting up a Biz.

Then the ‘CM’ program will take you by the hand and walk you through the process of leveraging Instagram for promoting products as an affiliate marketer.


What Level of Training do You Get?

The ‘$300 CPA Every Day’ training course is a series of 14 tutorial videos that walk you through various stages of starting your very first affiliate marketing business and scaling it out on Instagram.

You’ll get access to the following videos:

  1. A short introduction to the program
  2. A guide to CPA offers and networks
  3. Choosing good CPA offers to promote
  4. Downloading software on to your PC for viewing the app version of Insta
  5. Fully setting up an Instagram profile correctly via your computer
  6. Learning about the importance of the Emoji
  7. Posting images and using hashtags for free traffic
  8. Using Hostgator to buy domain names for your affiliate links
  9. Using software to automate and schedule your posts
  10. Following users, liking, and commenting on posts
  11. Using automated software to handle your Insta tasks
  12. Ramping things up with more accounts and more of everything
  13. Creating an Aweber Autoresponder account and opt-in landing pages
  14. Conclusion – Bringing everything together

There are a few information-based videos, but the majority of the training tutorials are step-by-step – where Glynn shows you exactly what he does for building a profitable business as an Instagrammer.

Additionally, you have the option to register for a training webinar hosted by the ‘300CPA’ team.

In all honesty, I think Glynn’s Instagram system is probably one of the best I’ve seen.

If you follow the training as it’s laid out and apply the tasks, there’s no doubt you can make some money.


What Are Your Support Options?

When it comes to needing help with any area of the platform, there is a support email address available for you to contact.

In addition, Glynn is also kind enough to give you access to a private members’ Facebook group.


What’s The Cost of ‘CM’?

To get through the front door of ‘CM’ will only cost you $4.95.

But apparently, the price increases with every sale.

There are also optional One-TimeOffers (aka OTOs or Upsells).

OTO #1 ($19) – ‘Done For You’ package of Copy & Paste money making campaigns on autopilot.

OTO #2 ($27) – ‘Done For You’ email swipe package and advanced video training on how to become an experienced email marketer.

OTO #3 ($37) – A database of high paying evergreen affiliate programs for a regular passive income + a list of lead magnets.

OTO #4 ($97) – ‘Sales Funnel and Coaching’ package.

You will receive a license to promote the ‘MC’ product for 100% commissions and access to a 6-figure sales funnel created by Glynn and his team.

To be fair, the prices aren’t bad because I’ve seen much worse with some costly programs out there.


PROS vs CONS of ‘CM’


  • The joining fee is cheap as chips
  • Easy to follow step-by-step training for newbies
  • Most of the videos are fairly lengthy
  • There are some freebie bonuses
  • Some great recommended tools/resources
  • Email support is available
  • You have the potential to make money


  • HYPE is used on the sales page
  • No actual tools are provided with the system
  • Additional expenses are required for tool recommendations
  • Using free Instagram marketing strategies can be time-consuming


My Final Conclusion…

A Big Thumbs UpIf you’re a newbie when it comes to making money online and you’d love to learn how to use Instagram for building an affiliate marketing business, then the Commission Magnet system can be a good starting point.

However, Instagram can be tedious and very time-consuming if you’re implementing the free traffic strategies to earn from CPA offers.

So you will need to invest in Glynn’s recommendations for automating your tasks to make things a lot easier.

BUT can you make $100s per week with ‘CM’, huh? That’s the real question!

In my opinion, YES, it’s a possibility. But perhaps not as quick as you would hope to.

If you open multiple Insta accounts, work your butt off, invest in resources + Glynn’s upsells, and also promote affiliate products with high percentage commissions…

Then you could generate a full-time monthly income down the road.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts on ‘CM’, we’d LOVE to hear your comments below…


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