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Dont Count on Making Money With Countdown To Profits
Quick Overview

Name: Countdown To Profits.

Website: countdowntoprofits.com

Cost: $97.

Owner: Richard Paul (used as a stage name).

My Score: 0/10.

My Verdict: Keep your wallet or purse under lock and key because it’s a scam!

With multiple red flags, the system was clearly created by somebody living in the land of make-believe.

But before getting stuck into this review for the lowdown on the sham…

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What is Countdown To Profits?

Countdown To Profits (CTP) makes far-fetched claims that you’ll EASILY “make a life-changing income“, and you will “start earning immediately“, blahdy blah.

In fact, you’ll get $500 just for watching a 500-second video!! LOL.
Countdown To Profits Fake Payment Promise
The truth be told, the system is a simple gateway website to a “high-ticket” MLM-based platform known as MOBE (My Online Business Empire) owned by Matt Lloyd – known to some as ripoff extraordinaire!

Unfortunately, ‘CTP’ is an elaborate confidence trick designed by the same racketeers behind the likes of, Steal My System, Copy My Commissions, Profit With Our Sites, and other identical scams.

Each fraudulent site uses a similar style of sales page and offers the same BS “get-rich-quick” work from home opportunity.

But with a different identity and fake program owner every time.

These people love to twist your melon, man!


Who Does ‘CTP’ Target?

It’s aimed at the individuals who want to be their own boss working from home.

And who have no skills or experience when it comes to making money online, who have a desire to earn quick cash and don’t want to invest much money into getting started online.

Just perfect, wouldn’t you say?

But unfortunately, when it comes to the nature of this system, it’s sole purpose is to appeal to the part of you who wants instant gratification.

Especially, where MONEY is concerned.

If you join ‘CTP’, I promise you, your dreams of quick riches will be shot down in an instant!


4 Red Flag Scam Warnings With ‘CTP’

When looking at ways to work from home online, it’s extremely important for you to know the scam signs because if you don’t, you’re easily gonna lose a bunch of money on fake opportunities and products.

And when you do flush money down the toilet, trust me, it’s not a pleasant feeling. You’ll wanna kick yourself for not listening to your instincts.

So to save you from a load of heartache and anger, here are the main scam signs to remain cautious of with the ‘CTP’ program…

Guaranteed Quick Earnings – The opportunity GUARANTEES you an easy 500+ dollars as a newbie and you will start to make money on the internet immediately.

There’s no such thing as “guaranteed” earnings on the web or even making money fast.

To be profitable, firstly, you need to learn HOW to build an online business and gain access to the right tools as well as support.

Secondly, to make your first $1 in the cyberworld, you must graft for a period of time.

Your level of success depends on the level of your commitment.

Locations & Limited Spots – The website not only uses tracking code to determine your location but also deploys a dirty tactic to create urgency on your part.
Countdown To Profits Fake Limited Spots Scarcity
The internet is WORLDWIDE, so most opportunities are either for everyone to join or only for people in specific countries – not certain villages and towns.

Also, legit programs don’t usually set “limitations” on membership positions either.

Zero Work Description – There’s no description of the work that’s involved online.

Except, a vague sales video of unrealistic HYPE that promises you a minimum of $500 just for watching it to the end.

Any opportunity that involves an “automated fool-proof system”, avoids giving you a detailed description of your tasks, and basically offers you easy money for nothing – is taking you for a ride!

Fake TestimonialsThere are vague video testimonials from members who love the program because they’re making $1,000s per day/week/month.

Here’s one guy chilling out on a hammock on the beach. He made almost $3K in one day! Apparently.
Countdown To Profits Fake Member Testimonials
Legitimate and successful online business owners will often share the amount of work they put in, how they did it, and the long-term success they’re experiencing as a result.

Scammers always use extremely short testimonials of fake members (hired on sites like Fiverr) making unrealistic claims of big earnings without any explanations.


Final Thoughts on The Countdown To Profits Scam…

First of all, when it comes to ‘CTP’ – Richard Paul isn’t an Internet Marketer or even anyone you can trust.

He’s simply a fabricated identity to hide the REAL identity of the scammer.

You’ll find the real owner of ‘CTP’, hiding behind a computer screen counting his or her easy MOBE affiliate commissions generated from vulnerable people.

Secondly, Mr. Paul promises you an easy $500 in cash just for watching his sales video of BS and HYPE.

But the thing I find ironic about this is:

A: You must first pay the $97 joining fee to make $500 profit.

And B: If the lunatic is giving 500 dollars away to every member who joins, I can’t see him making a profit from the system lol.

Therefore, the Five Hundred dollars is a non-existent bonus used as bait to “take your money.”

In addition, you’ll be directed to the MOBE opportunity, where Matt Lloyd will entice you with training products costing $100s – $10’000s!

If you’re tired of being ripped off by scams and you’re looking for an honest way to earn an income on the web…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions, thoughts or experiences with ‘CTP’ that you wish to share, we’d LOVE to hear your comments below…



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