(Reviewed) Digital Altitude SCAM – FTC Takes Action!

Howdy, welcome to my review of Aspire Digital Altitude!

Wanna know the honest reasons why Aspire Digital Altitude got labeled a scam and closed down by the FTC?

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Aspire Digital Altitude Reviewed
Quick Overview

Name: Aspire Digital Altitude.

Website: digitalaltitude.com.

Price: $1 for 14 day trial & then $37 – $127/month. Plus $10,000s for products!

Owner: Michael Force.

My Score: 0/10.

Verdict: I joined Force’s program in 2016, but realized it’s just a recruiting scheme that rips off members with overpriced products – even if they do provide value.

I also tried to request a refund from customer support on a couple of occasions but had ZERO response.

Put simply, Michael Force STOLE my money!

** Important Update **

The Federal Trade Commission has FINALLY taken action against Michael and his program for:

Falsely claiming that members will make 6 figures in 90 days or less. The expert coaches were merely salespeople selling higher membership levels, and most members never earn a substantial income, including some folks who were charged more than $50,000!

It’s also reported that Mr. Force took more than $14,000,000 from his customers in total!! OUCH.

Read the full report: FTC Obtains Court Order Halting Business Coaching Scheme.

With the closure of ‘Empower Network’ in 2017 (the same high-ticket scam I lost $1,300 with) – and now the closure of ‘ADA’ – a number of folks are calling for Matt Lloyd’s ‘MOBE’ to be halted by the FTC too.

Could this be the end of scammy high-ticket MLM-style programs?

Will it put an end to these “Guru and Super Affiliate Opportunists” exploiting the vulnerable?

More importantly, where do struggling members of these costly programs go from here?

Hmm, interesting…

But before you dig into this review of DA…

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Aspire Digital Altitude Sets You Free! (Apparently)

Michael Force From Digital Altitude Makes Income Claims
(ADA) is an online “Top-Tier” business system developed by 7-figure internet marketing earners.

It delivers marketing training, automation, sales funnels, an Entrepreneurial community, the tools, resources and the events you need in order to accomplish success in the digital business world.

Additionally, there are upsells that dive deeper into advanced training so you can earn more money online, achieve financial independence and succeed at the highest level.

The program sounds amazing, huh?

But is it something to really shout home about?


Is The Biz Model Your Cup of Tea?

Now, if you can afford to splash out tens of thousands of dollars by going “all in” on a membership site…

If you’re fond of the idea of Network Marketing and you’re also an “opportunist” with high hopes of earning a lot of money on the web from selling extortionate products and exploiting vulnerable folks…

Then the Aspire system certainly has a membership spot reserved for you!

But if you’re an internet marketing newbie on a tight budget, then I urge you to steer clear of Force’s platform.


What Level of Training do You Get?

Aspire Digital Altitude Training Products
The costly platform delivers a bunch of products for you to learn from and build a business.

These are also the exact same educational products that you’ll be promoting for big affiliate commission payouts.


With the basic getting started membership options, you receive 60+ hours of video training sessions, automated sales funnels and websites.

You will also learn exactly how to follow up with your prospects and automate your online profits.


In this mastery course, you will learn how to prepare your business by laying down solid foundations, launch your biz off the ground with various techniques, and also concentrate on the growth.

There are 12 modules divided into the 3 key areas.


The RISE mastery course covers 19 modules broken down into 5 sections.

  1. Learn to make a commitment and change your mindset so you can achieve massive success on the web.
  2. Know your customers by learning how to think just like them and solve their problems.
  3. Learn how to become an effective copywriter that encourages people to buy and make you money.
  4. Discover the powerful killer copy words used to pull in online profits.
  5. Learn to create joint ventures and tap into other successful marketers email lists.



This is a 3-day course for 2 people to learn some info from some top biz leaders in the world, all under the same roof!

Day 1 consists of traffic generating and scaling methods.

Day 2 is all about crafting your own personal brand and also your story.

The 3rd Day covers increasing your conversions, creating online content, outsourcing your tasks and building your MLM team.


A 5-day event for 2 that delivers even more advanced internet business success training from the leaders.

You will discover how to scale your biz for more income quickly, learn about the accounting and management aspects, create a long-term online enterprise, increase the efficiency of your biz, and avoid the mistakes that will make your empire crash and burn!


A 7-day retreat for 2 individuals.

This will teach you everything you need to know on how successful online Entrepreneurs put “dream-building” systems in place…

How the rich become even wealthier, how to: make money work for you instead, think like a millionaire (which also covers the secret law of attraction), build a stable foundation of wealth, protect yourself from the “profit vultures”, and leverage real estate.


Any Support to Help You Reach The Top?

There are a few support options available:

You can submit a support team ticket by filling in a form via the “Contact” page.

There are various community Facebook groups to join.

In addition, you have the option to book your one call with your startup coach either by phone or Skype, and you can even connect with them through Facebook too.

However, not forgetting making new connections with other members at the events as well.

Alternatively, you can get a helping hand from browsing the topics related to your inquiry via the “Help” tab.

Help & Support Team = Huge Disappointment!

When it came to requesting the closure of my ‘ADA’ account and the $37 refund, I first contacted the support team using the form provided.

Within the space of 4 days, I contacted support, not once but “2 times” because they failed to acknowledge my first message. And guess what? Both emails were ignored!

If you’ve put money into the pockets of Mr. Force, then he and his team should at least have the common courtesy and decency to actually “REPLY”.

So, I then contacted my coach on Facebook for the “exit interview & cancellation link.” Finally, I had a response from somebody, even if it was 2 days later.

His response was to email his “assistant” coach who would send me the link, which was an extra day of waiting.

After chasing my tail for a whole week, I eventually canceled my account but lost my $37 due to the incompetence of the folks behind ‘ADA’.


The Cost & Level of Earnings

When you first join ‘ADA’, it will cost you only $1 for a 14-day trial.

When your trial period has reached its end, you will be billed $37 per month for ASPIRE WALKER membership.

If you want to make good progress with your online biz, you must invest in the following training packages:

  • HIKER = $67 per month.
  • HIKER + CLIMBER = $127 per month.
  • BASE level = $397 (one off payment).
  • RISE level = $1,497 (one time payment).
  • ASCEND = $6,997 (one payment).
  • PEAK = $11,997 (single payment).
  • APEX = $19,997 (one single payment).

Also, just to become an active affiliate of ‘ADA’ will cost you $17 per month, $87 every 6 months or $153 every 12 months.

Keeping it simple, you can make money from 60 various compensation plans (19 of which will pay you monthly residual income). You will earn either a 40% or 60% commission payment from each of the products you sell above.

But there is a catch – Before you can sell the products in order to earn commissions, you will have to buy into them yourself.




  • Only $1 enables you to try the basic membership level for 14 days
  • Educational training videos to watch
  • Training overviews, study guides, checklist PDF’s, & lesson audios to download
  • Schedule a strategy session phone call for help & support from a coach
  • Tools & other forms of 24/7 assistance are available
  • Lots of advanced training as you continue to upgrade
  • There are retreat events to attend
  • Monthly conference calls
  • There’s a Money Back Guarantee


  • Seriously overpriced upsell products
  • You must pay just to become an active affiliate
  • You must buy the products to earn bigger commissions
  • Some features are locked until you complete your set up/scale up steps & become an affiliate
  • The compensation plan is over-complicated
  • To cancel your account, you must contact your coach for an “exit interview” & the cancellation link
  • Most members struggle to earn a substantial income
  • It’s been labeled as a SCAM


My Final Thoughts…

A Big Thumbs DownAt first, I thought Aspire Digital Altitude was a great platform because Michael educated me on a few online business aspects during his first 2 or 3 videos, that hadn’t crossed my mind at the time.

However, the 7 start-up step training videos at the WALKER level were mainly “information” based, with no actual concrete steps for getting an online business started.

So, I was a little disappointed with most of the basic training.

But as I dived deeper into Mr. Force’s program, I realized that it was a massively over-priced training platform that was actually a “scheme” – a system for you to make money from peddling the same products that you purchase.

‘ADA’ is simply no different from MOBE and Empower Network – each one designed to rip off anyone who joins and also turn members into “greedy money-hungry opportunists” instead of REAL business owners.

My Final Verdict: ‘ADA’ is NOT recommended.

If you’re a newbie searching for a LEGIT way to earn a full-time income as an affiliate marketer from using your hobby or passion…

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Do you have any questions, thoughts or bad experiences with ‘ADA’, that you’d like to share? We’d LOVE to hear your comments below…



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