(Reviewed) Earn Easy Commissions – Is $100K Doable?

Welcome to my review of Earn Easy Commissions!

Here we go again – yet, another money-making program claiming how “easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy” it is to rake in a fortune as an affiliate marketer.

But does this one actually work or is it simply a sleazy scam like all the other “Get-Rich-Quick” systems on the web, huh?

Hmm, I wonder…

Grab this unbiased and truthful in-depth blog post for all the juicy details you need!

Is 100K Doable With Earn Easy Commissions
Quick Overview:

Name: Earn Easy Commissions (EEC).

Website: earneasycommissions.com.

Cost: Free, $1,000 + extra expenses.

Owner: Chuck Nguyen.

My Score: 5/10.

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What’s The Idea Behind Earn Easy Commissions?

Chuck Nguyen sells ‘EEC’ to you as a ‘100% FREE Done-For-You’ system that allows you to make money on the web without lifting a finger and breaking out into a sweat.

In fact, the system claims you can “earn your first $100K with autopilot commissions“.

It’s basically designed for complete affiliate marketing newbies who have zero internet marketing skills and wanna reel in tons of cash “the lazy man’s way” lol.

Apparently, you DON’T have to create a website, learn coding, optimize sales funnels, write blog posts, do any data analytics or even any selling of any kind.

Blah, blah, blah…
Earn Easy Commissions Done For You System
Gosh, the guy makes it sound like a dream money-churning system that even a 10-year old kid could operate blindfolded.


How The Heck Does Chuck’s System Work?

Chuck gives you a Done-For-You website, email list, and a 6-figure online business all rolled into one.

And he has built the entire system for you for “FREE!”

You don’t need to pay him a single dollar. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

It sure seems like a “too good to be true” deal, don’t you agree?

Unfortunately, everything in Internet Marketing land comes at a cost.

Simply put, you’ll need to invest $1,000 to become a ‘VIP Partner’ if you wanna make the big bucks with Chuck’s program.

So, it’s not entirely 100% free (like he claims in his sales video), which I’m about to discuss with you in more detail…


How Are You Gonna “Make Money”?

Earn Easy Commissions 5 Steps to The MoneyTo set up your ‘EEC’ affiliate cash-generating system and get rolling, you’ll need to watch Chuck’s video tutorials and follow some basic steps:


Step #1: How to Get Started

Chuck explains the purpose of ‘EEC’ which is to help you earn your first $1 to $100,000 online, and why his system is so effective.

In addition, he shows you his income and also income proof from some folks inside his private members’ Facebook group who are crushing it with the system.

After the video, you’ll update your PayPal email (for getting paid commissions) and also join ‘Chuck’s Mastermind’ FB group, which I must say, is exploding at a rapid rate!
Earn Easy Commissions Mastermind Facebook Group


#2: Grab Your Referral Link

Chuck dives into using your unique affiliate link for promoting ‘EEC’, which is how you’re gonna be turning a buck with the system.

As a free member yourself – for each direct referral who becomes a “Verified Member”, you’ll get $1.

When your referral upgrades to the next step (step 3), you’re gonna get a 10% commission ($100) from Chuck.

The great thing, in my opinion, is that your commissions are also paid on a “weekly” basis into your PayPal account.

To earn commissions, you just send folks (potential members) to your affiliate link and let the “automated” system handle the rest.

Sounds ever so simple and straightforward, right?

Well, yeah it is for seasoned marketers.

But for a newbie, it’s not so easy.

As a free member, Chuck gives you a bunch of Done-For-You email swipes, banner ads, and Facebook images for promoting your affiliate link, but there’s no actual training on driving traffic.


#3: Maximize Your Earnings

Making Money OnlineBy becoming a ‘VIP Partner’ for a one-time $1,000 or 12X $100 payments, Chuck allows you to really beef up your affiliate commissions via multiple income streams.

Firstly, you get $1.20 from each “qualified” referral. I know, it seems peanuts. But I guess payments can rack up, the more people you bring into ‘EEC’.

Secondly, you can earn “high-ticket” commissions of 50% ($500) from each referral who also upgrades to VIP level.

Thirdly, when each referral sets up their bonus system, you’ll earn passive commissions from a bunch of services which include ‘GetResponse’, ‘ClickMagick’, and website visitor orders from a traffic network.

These are services that your referrals (including yourself) will require for branching out and building a profitable business using the power of email marketing.

So, in addition to getting paid from ‘EEC’ and the services I just mentioned, you can really turbo-charge your profits by promoting products from the Clickbank and JVZoo affiliate marketplaces, etc, to your email subscribers which Chuck helps you to do.

Last but not least, Chuck sweetens his deal even more by offering you 20% commissions ($200) from each 2nd tier sale – meaning you get paid from each ‘VIP’ member who your referrals refer to ‘EEC’.


#4: Zero To $10K Journey

The $10,000 journey is basically a step-by-step action plan spread across 9 days (1 video per day) where Chuck helps you to take action and multiply your profits.

However, as invaluable as the presentation-style info is, he doesn’t actually walk you through an “over-the-shoulder” process which is something you need as a total noob.

In my opinion, building an online business is much easier from a beginner standpoint when a marketer grabs you by the hand.

As for step #5 – it’s coming soon because it was slowing down the main ‘EEC’ website. But they are working on a fix. So stay tuned.

When it comes to “Chuck’s 6-Figure System” Bonus, that’s also coming soon. UGH.


Is Any Training Available at All?

Unfortunately, as a free member of ‘EEC’, you don’t get access to any training – only the ‘Zero to $10K Journey’ videos which aren’t sufficient if you’re a beginner.

But when it comes to the ‘VIP’ membership, Chuck does give you access to a couple of resources: ‘Digital Elites Academy‘ and ‘VIP Inner Circle‘.

Both resources combined offer products, bonuses, training courses, and step-by-step case studies on boosting your profits and becoming a leader in the internet/affiliate marketing arena.


What do You Get, Support-wise?

At the $0 cost membership level, you can submit a support ticket to the team via a help widget in the members’ dashboard area.

You can expect a response within a 24 – 48-hour window.

As a ‘VIP’ paid member, Chuck gives you access to his own email address for his personal coaching and fast track support.

But don’t also forget that you have access to ‘Chuck’s Mastermind’ group on Facebook for asking questions and making new buddies – which is offered at both membership levels.




  • It doesn’t cost anything to join
  • You can make money as a free member
  • Marketing materials are available
  • A ticket system + Facebook group available for support
  • Chuck’s system is easy to understand/set up for newbies
  • The potential to boost your profits as a VIP member and email marketer – earning bigger commissions & from multiple income streams. Plus VIP provides other benefits


  • The free membership is limited in terms of income
  • $1K is a lot of money to fork out for VIP right off the bat
  • Additional funds needed for tools + driving traffic from Solo Ads
  • To get any real training & personal support from Chuck himself, you must upgrade your membership


My Final Take…

Earn Easy Commissions is a LEGIT  and easy-to-set-up system that provides a great deal of value in terms of support, training (when you upgrade), and an awesome income opportunity, in my opinion.

So Chuck’s system is definitely getting a huge thumb’s up from me in that respect.

But when it comes to actually recommending his ‘EEC’ platform, I’m kinda sitting on the fence lol.

On the heads side of the coin, the Done-For-You system makes it quick and easy for you to get started online as an affiliate marketer if you don’t have the marketing skills.

Plus, I do think that when you upgrade to become a ‘VIP Partner’ – it is absolutely possible to make $100,000 in commissions when you follow the training and pour money into solo ads.

But to generate a 6-figure income, it’s not gonna be a 24-hour process. So you will need to give your business time to flourish.

On the tails side, $1,000 is a heck of a lot of money to spend on the system up front, especially when you’re a novice.

But with that said, you do have the option of paying $100 per month for 12 months if your budget’s tight.

Additionally, you’ll need to splash out on extra tools and also invest $100s of your own money into solo ads to start with.

The Bottom Line: If you can afford to invest in the ‘EEC’ system, tools, and traffic for making 6 figures online, then I say “why the heck not, hey?”

But before you race off to join the program…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts that you’d like to share on ‘EEC’ – we’d LOVE to hear your comments below…


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