Earn Easy Commissions – Is $100K Doable? (Reviewed)

Welcome to my review of Earn Easy Commissions!

Here we go again – yet, another money-makingย program claiming how “easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy” it is to rake in a fortune as an affiliate marketer.

But does this one actually work or is it simply a sleazy scam like all the other “Get-Rich-Quick” systems on the web, huh?

Hmm, I wonder…

Grab this unbiased and truthful in-depth blog post for all the juicy details you need!

Is 100K Doable With Earn Easy Commissions
Quick Overview:

Name: Earn Easy Commissions (EEC).

Website: earneasycommissions.com.

Cost: Free, $2,000 for VIP + extra expenses.

Owner: Chuck Nguyen.

My Score: 5/10.

But before diving into this review…

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What’s Earn Easy Commissions All About?

Chuck Nguyen sells ‘EEC’ to you as a ‘100% FREE Done-For-You’ system that allows you to make money on the web without lifting a finger and breaking out into a sweat.

In fact, the system claims you can “earn your first $100K with autopilot commissions“.

It’s basically designed for complete affiliate marketing newbies who have zero internet marketing skills and wanna reel in tons of cash “the lazy man’s way” lol.

Apparently, you DON’T have to create a website, learn coding, optimize sales funnels, write blog posts, do any data analytics or even any selling of any kind.

Blah, blah, blah…
Earn Easy Commissions Done For You System
Gosh, the guy makes it sound like a dream money-churning system that even a 10-year old kid could operate blindfolded.


How The Heck Does Earn Easy Commissions Work?

Chuck gives you a Done-For-You website, email list, and a 6-figure online business all rolled into one.

And he has built the entire system for you for “FREE!”

You don’t need to pay him a single dollar. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

It sure seems like a “too good to be true” deal, don’t you agree?

Unfortunately, everything in Internet Marketing land comes at a cost.

Simply put, you’ll need to invest $2,000 to become a ‘VIP Partner’ if you wanna make the big bucks with Chuck’s program.

So, it’s not entirely 100% free (like he claims in his sales video).

Let’s see how it all works, shall we?…


How Are You Gonna Make Money With Chuck’s System?

Once inside the members’ area, Chuck runs through the steps for getting up and running online with his ‘EEC’ money-making system and training portal.
Earn Easy Commissions Members Area


Step #1: How To Get Started Video (11.49 Mins)

In this welcome video, Chuck briefly says you need to:

  1. Join the private mastermind Facebook group
  2. Drop an income goal comment below the intro video
  3. Grab your ‘EEC’ affiliate link for sharing to the masses
  4. Go through his step-by-step action plan (highlighted below)

But the one thing that turns my stomach with the intro video is when Chuck boldly “guarantees” his system is “the easiest” way to make money online.


Yeah, his ‘Done-For You’ system may be super duper easy for a buck.

But the actual process of marketing on the internet to send targeted traffic to your ‘EEC’ affiliate link is the hardest part, especially for a noob.

And even when visitors click on your link, there are no guarantees they will convert into sales.

However, with all that said, Chuck does emphasize the fact that it will take action on your part for the results.

So that’s one good thing.


Step #2: Your First Dollar Online (13.15 Mins)

Chuck says your only job to make money with his system is by simply sharing your affiliate link to refer new members to ‘EEC.

And his system will take care of the rest for you.

He then goes on to explain that each time one of your free referrals becomes a ‘Qualified Member’, you’ll earn $1.

But for those dollars to rack up, your referrals must:

  • Live in the US, UK, Canada, Australia or New Zealand
  • Use real email addresses
  • Confirm their accounts
  • Use their accounts
  • Pass Chuck’s scam/spam filters

So making $1 a pop is easier said than done because not every referral will tick all 5 boxes, unfortunately.

But on the flip side, the criteria separates the wheat from the chaff.

Wouldn’t you agree?

As regards to getting paid, Chuck says you must reach a minimum threshold of $20.

And you’re also paid weekly (once every Thursday), which is definitely a bonus in my book.


Step #3: Maximize Your Earnings (23.49 Mins)

Making Money Online

This video is all about becoming a ‘VIP Partner’ to turbocharge your commissions from Chuck’s system.

With the VIP membership comes:

  • Lifetime access to Chucks ‘Inner Circle’
  • Advanced training on Internet & Affiliate Marketing + more
  • The opportunity to Network with & learn golden nuggets from other VIP Partners
  • The chance to offer your input for future improvements of ‘EEC’
  • Some chill out time with Chuck behind the scenes
  • The ability to rake in $500 commissions from your VIP referrals
  • $100 commissions from tier 2 VIP referrals
  • An extra income from 20+ built-in income streams
  • Contests, bonuses & promotions for extra $ + ‘Done For You’ traffic
  • Plus more…

In my opinion, this membership package sure offers a sh*t ton of great benefits for helping you to become a massive success online with ‘EEC’.

However, the only downside is that VIP costs…

Are you ready for it?…


*GULP* $2,000! YUP, $2K!

Some say it’s totally worth it. But others will consider the fee an arm and a leg.

Personally, I’m in two minds because although Chuck throws stacks of goodies into the mix, there are MUCH cheaper ways of generating an income online for newbies.

Check out some of my top recommendations – all come with steep learning curves and require heaps of elbow grease:

By no means is internet marketing an easy process. But if you stick it out with at least one of my top picks, you can earn a full-time income.

Even if you decide to splash out a fortune on VIP with ‘EEC’, the 5 options I’ve highlighted can certainly help to grow your Biz.


Step #4: 30 Day Action Plan

This section gives you access to 24 days worth of videos from Chuck, where he basically holds you accountable for keeping on the right track with making money with ‘EEC’.

The 24 videos cover:

  1. Getting Started (11.35 mins)
  2. Success Mindset (41.37 mins)
  3. VIP Partner (26.31 mins)
  4. Bonus System – creating accounts with GetResponse, ClickMagick, Clickbank & paying Chuck an admin fee for the set up inside ‘EEC’ (32.10 mins)
  5. Submit a testimonial for free in-house traffic (7.44 mins)
  6. Free vs. Paid traffic (11.33 mins)
  7. Facebook Marketing (22.57 mins)
  8. FB Posting (28.57 mins)
  9. Prospecting on FB (12.55 mins)
  10. FB Groups (9.36 mins)
  11. Warrior Forum (10.41 mins)
  12. Forum Posting (16.39 mins)
  13. Classified Ads (18.45 mins)
  14. Warrior Forum WSOs (11.22 mins)
  15. Solo Ads (9.10 mins)
  16. Udimi Network (16.51 mins)
  17. Traffic For Me (9.32 mins)
  18. Get Igor Kheifets Solo Ads (7.58 mins) – Except he’s behind the ‘Filthy Lazy’ Scam! UGH. So tread with caution
  19. Solo Ad X (4.01 mins)
  20. Leased Ad Space (15.32 mins)
  21. Infinity Traffic Boost (16.19 mins)
  22. Leads Leap (10.33)
  23. Safelist Mailing (10.09 mins)
  24. My absolute favourite day: Join Wealthy Affiliate here ๐Ÿ˜‰ (3.51 mins)

I guess the other 6 videos are still on the way lol.

But overall, I think Chuck has done a cracking job at providing you with heaps of methods for driving traffic to your ‘EEC’ affiliate link.

However, refrain from attempting all methods at once (especially the paid ones) because you’ll be out-of-pocket and in over your head faster than you can say blueberry pie.

My best advice is to slowly scale your efforts by learning and mastering one internet marketing technique at a time – tracking and recording your results along the way so you know what works best.


Step #5: Latest Video Updates (21.10 Mins)

This isn’t really an actionable step, but Chuck briefly discusses and shows you the important changes to ‘EEC’.

He walks you through the changes that have already occurred and also what to expect during the future of the system.


What Do You Get, Support-wise?

At the $0 cost membership level, you can submit a support ticket to the team via a help widget in the members’ dashboard area.

You can expect a response within a 24 – 48-hour window.

You also have access to ‘Chuck’s Mastermind Group‘ on Facebook for asking questions and making new buddies.

However, the FB group seems to have become some sort of laughing stock just lately.

On one hand, newbies are setting unrealistic income expectations from the get-go.

Some wanna make $500 daily, $10K monthly, and even $20K per month.
Earn Easy Commissions Unrealistic Member Income Goals
Don’t get me wrong, setting income goals gives you something to strive for.

But when you’re starting out online without any skills, you must start out small, like $50 – $100 per month, for example. And then scale from that point.

When the bar’s set too high, you’re gonna fail to meet your target, leaving you disheartened and making you wanna throw in the towel.

And on the other hand, some newbies are totally lost in the woods – asking the FB community for help BEFORE they’ve even gone through Chuck’s getting started steps.

Also, I’ve noticed that Chuck himself *GASP* doesn’t engage in his own community. He’s probably too busy with his VIP peeps.

But with that said, Chuck’s mastermind FB community is extremely active – folks introducing themselves, sharing problems, and providing helpful answers.

So it’s not all doom and gloom.

As a ‘VIP’ paid member, Chuck gives you access to his own email address for his personal coaching and fast track support.

Additionally, there’s the ‘Inner Circle’ for picking other VIP members’ brains.




  • It doesn’t cost anything to join
  • You can make money as a free member
  • Get access to some great training videos
  • A ticket system + Facebook group available for support
  • Chuck’s system is easy to understand/set up for newbies
  • The potential to earn $500 commissions + earn from 20+ streams + other benefits as a VIP member


  • The free membership is limited in terms of income
  • $2K is a lot of money to fork out for VIP, right off the bat
  • Additional funds needed for tools & paid traffic methods outside of ‘EEC’
  • To get any real training & personal support, you must upgrade to VIP membership
  • Too many terms for Qualified member commissions (plus, folks from only 5 countries qualify)
  • There’s a strict no-refund policy in place
  • The system mostly benefits Chuck himself
  • Could be considered as a “money-making scheme”


Final Take: Is Earn Easy Commissions a Scam?…

Yes and NoThe way I see it, ‘EEC’ is actually a LEGIT program.

I like that the system is easy-to-set-up, provides a great deal of value in terms of training and support, and offers an awesome income opportunity IF you follow Chuck’s guidance and work your butt off.

So his system is definitely getting a huge thumb’s up from me in that respect.

But when it comes to recommending his ‘EEC’ platform, I’m on the fence because on the flip side of the coin, $2,000 is a heck of a lot of money to fork out up front when you’re a novice on a tight budget.

And with the expensive system/training being the actual product you’re promoting, may well make it a high-ticket “scheme” frowned upon by some marketers, especially the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).

Furthermore, ‘EEC’ attracts the wrong crowd – those looking for a lazy way to make huge buckaroonies online just for the sake of it, rather than building a Biz around a hobby or passion – something they can be proud of.

Also, you’ll need to splash out extra for any tools and paid traffic you’ll need, which can easily set you back $100s.

The Bottom Line: If you don’t have plenty of cash to burn and are unwilling to invest time and effort into bringing peeps into the system via your link, then ‘EEC’ is not for you.

But before you dash off…

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Your Friend, Neil ๐Ÿ˜€

If you have any questions or thoughts that you’d like to share on ‘EEC’ – we’d LOVE to hear your comments below…


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