Easy Cash Code Review (Easy Money Problem Solver?)

Howdy, a huge welcome to my honest review of Easy Cash Code!

Let’s cut to the chase…

Is it really gonna make you a fortune on the web as easy as warm cherry pie or is it just a load of old bullsh*t?

Continue reading to find out…

Easy Cash Code Scam Review
Quick Overview

Name: Easy Cash Code (ECC).

Website: easycashcode.com.

Cost: $18 one-time + $29.95/month in upsell fees.

Owner: Reginald Stinson.

My Score: 4/10.

Verdict: Legit, but not really my cup of tea.


Simply put, Easy Cash Code is a ‘Done-For-You’ system that allows you to easily build an army of email subscribers.

But even though you get plenty of pre-built resources in terms of squeeze pages, email follow-ups, and promotional materials…

The system falls short where traffic is concerned.

Because there’s no advanced training on showing you what to do to drive targeted traffic to your system.

So without this knowledge, how can you ever build a profitable Biz with the system, huh?

This means that you’ll need to learn all the traffic stuff yourself on places like YouTube.

But before jumping into this honest review for some truthful answers…

See the best way to make money online – A platform that gives you everything required for creating a successful affiliate marketing Biz from scratch.


What is Easy Cash Code About?

When I visited the Easy Cash Code sales page:

I was greeted with a video of people who are apparently making hundreds and thousands of dollars, and it’s portrayed as the best thing since sliced bread.

There’s plenty of cliché waffle about doing very little work and stuffing your bank with $18 (100% commission) payments…

Making up to $500 per day on autopilot, blahdy blah!

When you also watch the ‘ECC’ sales video, your mind is fed with more hype.

But there’s no mention of the work involved prior to joining, which is something that raises a red flag.

However, to my surprise, I discovered that ‘ECC’ is actually a legitimate funded proposal marketing system for generating an income.

How does it work?

You basically have your own funnel system of capture pages for earning from multiple income streams…

While building an Aweber or GetResponse email list and your primary online business opportunity simultaneously.

Simply put, it’s a smart way for folks to build affiliate marketing businesses.

Speaking of which, 12 Minute Affiliate and Commission Hero are some of the best ‘Done-For-You’ systems I’ve seen. 😉


Who Can Join Easy Cash Code?

Apparently, the program is geared towards any MLMer or Affiliate Marketer with any level of experience…

Even a newbie can implement the system.

But I disagree.

Because any newcomer to digital marketing needs a good level of online Biz training before jumping into the world of lead generation, email marketing, and funded proposals, etc.

To tell you the truth, ‘EEC’ is mainly for Network Marketers who suck at building their MLM opportunities.

So I guess it’s for the majority of MLMers out there lol.


What Training & Tools do You Get Inside Easy Cash Code?

Inside the members’ area, you’ll start with the “Quick Start” section.
Easy Cash Code Members Area
Which gives you 10+ hours worth of training for helping you get started with your new funded proposal system.

But to be a highly successful online Biz owner, you need weeks/months of advanced training.

So 600+ minutes of basic stuff just isn’t gonna cut the mustard, in my opinion.

As for the tools/features – you will have your own:

  • Funnel system with email capture pages
  • 30-day pre-written email marketing series
  • Video sales page, referral management dashboard
  • Personalized hangout page
  • And also access to banner ads for promoting your system.

So you do get plenty of resources… You just have to learn how to drive the right traffic to your funnel for potential profits.


What Level of Easy Cash Code Support is Offered?

There are 2 main options available if ever you’re in a bit of a pickle.

Your first option is to submit a support ticket to the help desk.

And secondly, you’ll gain access to the ‘ECC’ Facebook Mastermind Community to connect with other members of the program.


How Much is Easy Cash Code Gonna Cost You?

To become a member of ‘ECC’ and also qualify for the unlimited 100% commission System Resell Rights, you’ll pay a one-time fee of $18.

Which is a fairly reasonable cost, in my opinion.

There are also hidden upsell fees:

UOP Mobile Marketing Software = $20/month.

The ability to promote your biz via SMS text messaging and voice broadcasting.

Master Reseller License = $9.95/month.

You must pay this monthly fee to qualify for earning 100% residual commissions from the UOP software above.

So you’re looking at paying $18 + $29.95 per month (all in).




  • It costs only $18 to get started
  • You can make 100% commissions
  • There are some features and support available


  • There are additional upsells to purchase
  • Unrealistic claims of making lots of money quickly
  • It takes no responsibility for refunds
  • The member testimonials aren’t genuine
  • It’s not a suitable program for beginners
  • The training is very basic and lacks important aspects


Final Conclusion: Is Easy Cash Code a Scam?…

Personally, I don’t think Easy Cash Code is a scam.

Because you do receive some basic training, some tools you need for making money from your funded proposal system and building an email list.

Plus you get support too.

But on the flip side of the coin, I hate the fact that Reginald Stinson feeds you “quick wealth” garbage on the ‘ECC’ sales page…

Not to mention the false and hyped-up member testimonials.

In addition, he’s not upfront about his joining fees from the beginning.

And also, why should you send the guy $10 per month just to qualify for residual income payments?

He should have a “free” affiliate program in place instead, right?

The Bottom Line – ‘EEC’ is legitimate, but the program is also misleading.

Because there’s nothing “EASY” about making money on the web.


Looking For a Better Money-Making Option?

I hold nothing against ‘Done-For-You’ systems because they do have the power to produce profits.

But when it comes to ECC, it does fall short, especially when it comes to traffic generation, which is an important puzzle piece.

So the best way to start out as an affiliate marketer is with a program called Wealthy Affiliate.

Because Wealthy Affiliate is an “all in one” platform offering you tools, training & 24/7 support for building a profitable blog from scratch…

A blog, built around your hobby or passion.

If this seems ideal to you – Start your affiliate marketing Biz for free!
Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts that you’d like to share with us on ‘ECC’, we’d love to hear your comments below…


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