(Reviewed) Ewen Chia’s Autopilot Profits: Complete JOKE?

A huge welcome to my review of Ewen Chia’s Autopilot Profits!

On your online money making quest, you’re gonna come across many programs. Some are genuine, whereas others are “get-rich-quick” schemes designed to take you for a fool.

But will Ewen’s system easily make you tons of cash 7 days a week or is it a blatant scam?

This blog post reveals the true answer you’re looking for…

Why Ewen Chias Autopilot Profits is a Big Joke
Quick Overview

Name: Autopilot Profits.

Website: get-internet-income.com.

Cost: $37 + extra upsells.

Owners: Ewen Chia.

My Score: 1/10.

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What’s AutoPilot Profits All About?

AutoPilot Profits (AP) is another one of those hyped up “plug and play” systems, that’s designed to automatically print you money 24/7, apparently.

According to the exaggerated sales page:

  • It’s the internet’s fastest, easiest, and laziest system for making money immediately…
  • It’s a turnkey money machine that prints non-stop money…
  • It can’t stop sending you cash… even if you want it to…

It’s basically intended for lazy people living in La-La land who wanna get rich without lifting a finger LOL. I wish them luck!

Over the years as an internet marketer, I’ve come across a lot of “too good to be true” opportunities just like this, that always fail to deliver value and especially results.

Unfortunately, Ewen Chia (also the creator of Commission Money Machine, Copy Paste Income, and Super Affiliate Millionaire, to name a few) is renowned for peddling trashy programs in the “making money online” arena.

So right off the bat, the shady Guru’s ‘AP’ system is deemed untrustworthy.


What Can You Actually Learn Inside ‘AP’?

Autopilot Profits Training
When you become a member, Ewen walks you through a 3-step process for getting your income generating system set up and ready to roll.

  1. See how the system works & how to build a squeeze page
  2. Learn how to promote your squeeze page using solo ads & other traffic methods
  3. Enter your payment info for receiving floods of cash

Unfortunately, when it comes to paying for solo advertising, it can easily run into $100s and $1,000s for sending traffic to your landing page.

So you’re pretty much out-of-pocket before even starting up an online business. And as a newbie, it’s not an ideal position for you to be in, especially when solo ads aren’t always guaranteed to make you profitable.

In addition to the steps outlined here, Ewen gives you with a 59-page ebook that’s full of generalized and rehashed information on providing solutions for a hungry market.

It’s stuff that you can easily find on the web for free.

But what’s especially bad about the guy’s info is the fact that he teaches you “Black Hat” SEO (duplicate blog content and backlinking) strategies that are outdated and highly likely to crush your chances of success in Google.

Then towards the end of his 59-page PDF, he encourages you to invest in and promote his low-quality products as an affiliate.

From my point of view, Mr. Chia delivers very little value. There’s no real training on building a successful business, and his ebook is simply designed as a doorway for promoting more of his junk.

In a nutshell, Ewen’s program uses your pockets to make “him” money.


What’s The Real Cost of ‘AP’?

To gain access to the system will cost you $37. From the impression you get from the sales page, that’s all you need to invest, and comes across as a real bargain, right?

But that’s not the case in reality, because it requires a much bigger investment than a measly 37 bucks if you truly want to build a profitable business on the web.

In addition, Ewen also offers you upsells:

  • Mega Traffic = $67
  • Autopilot Social Profits = $147
  • Instant Websites = $197
  • Ultimate Free Traffic = $297
  • Complete Business Setup = $297

And if you were to also invest into other products highlighted in Chia’s ebook, you will be forking out $100s to $1,000s more for pretty useless stuff.

It’s just not worth the investment, at the end of the day.


My Final Conclusion…

A Big Thumbs DownConsidering the fact that Ewen has a bad reputation as an internet marketing Guru, and his Autopilot Profits system is totally hyped up with low-quality training and bad advice on using outdated SEO strategies, it’s certainly a scammy system to avoid.

A program like this is a bad way to start a web-based business because gaming your way to the top of Google simply will not work. Mr. Chia will do your biz more harm than good.

The best way for you to get rankings, traffic and affiliate commissions from Google is to write quality blog content that addresses people’s needs. Value always wins over Black Hat techniques any day of the week.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or bad experiences with the ‘AP’ that you wish to share with us, please drop your comments below…


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