Extreme Home Paycheck is an Xtreme SCAM! (Reviewed)

A huge welcome to my Extreme Home Paycheck review!

The person behind this program reckons you can make $100s per day online as easy as A, B, C.

Ya, right. It’s just a load of bullsh*t! (Pardon my French LOL).

Get stuck into this honest and unbiased review to find out why…

Extreme Home Paycheck Scam Review
Quick Overview

Name: Extreme Home Paycheck/Xtreme Home Paycheck (EHP).

Website: extremehomepaycheck.com.

Cost: $97 + Upsells.

Owner: Mick Moore (used as a stage name).

My Score: 0/10.

Verdict: SCAM.


With numerous red flag warning signs and also complaints made against Extreme Home Paycheck, I really don’t trust the opportunity as far as I can throw the person who created it…

And especially when there’s no description of how the so-called “magical” money-making opportunity works from the offset.

Which clearly shows that the creator’s definitely hiding something.

So on those notes, I seriously recommend dodging this get rich quick style product like a bullet.

But before you continue…

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What’s Extreme Home Paycheck All About?

Extreme Home Paycheck is nothing more than a scammy money-making product.

One, that claims you can “make up to $379 per day from home” by giving up just 60 minutes of your time daily.

This is hype you have probably heard over a Gazillion times already when it comes online opportunities that seem too good to be true.


Unfortunately, the opportunity is also constantly being re branded under various names.

Like Automated Daily Income, Secure Job Position, Home Wealthy Remedy, and also the Home Income Profit System, to name a few.

Which, to me, suggests somebody is clearly desperate to get their hands on YOUR cash.

To learn why ‘EHP’ is to be avoided and why some people want their money back…

Read BBB complaints against the Home Income Profit System here.

The creators may try to fool you with various program names and logos, but the money-sucking system is always the same.

These money-hungry con artists are definitely on a mission to trick as many opportunity seekers as possible – it’s as plain as day.

Unluckily, newbies worldwide are being sucked in by this trash and losing $1,000’s.

So the purpose of this review is to help folks like you to avoid becoming another one of the scam victims and losing dough.


How Does Extreme Home Paycheck Work?

The sales page feeds your hunger by discussing the subject of “money”…

And how you can easily make TONS of it on the World Wide Web without breaking a sweat.

But there’s absolutely ZERO mention of how you will be using your laptop and WiFi connection to produce cash flow.

Which clearly indicates it’s a scammy opportunity with no tangible products or services to sell.

What raises a second red flag is the fact that failing to disclose the necessary info is just an attempt to manipulate you.

Because the creator knows that sparking your curiosity will put cash in his or her pockets.


But The Red Flags Don’t Stop There…

In addition, the popular news channel endorsements on the website are 100% fake.

Because the real truth of the matter is that ‘EHP’ hasn’t been featured on those news outlets at all.
Extreme Home Paycheck Fake News Endorsements
This is yet, another red flag because it’s clearly a confidence trick.

By the creator showing you those logos, why would you not wanna invest in the product with no questions asked?

The final red flag with the system – it uses the “limited availability in your area” scarcity tactic.
False Limited Availability Scarcity Tactic
The truth be known , spots are actually unlimited because the opportunity isn’t going anywhere.

It will still be available 3 – 6 months down the line from now, I guarantee it.

All the scammer has to do is apply the shady techniques above, and enjoy massive online paydays from unsuspecting internet marketing noobs like YOU.

So if you think you’re gonna be driving through the streets in a convertible Bentley, sailing the Caribbean in a luxury yacht or buying a home in Malibu…

You have another thing coming. 😛

The only one living that kinda lifestyle from using the ‘EHP’ system is the con artists behind it.


How Much Does Extreme Home Paycheck Cost?

If you wanna buy into the system, it will cost you a one-time fee of $97.

While the price might seem enticing to you, I know for a fact (from experience) that you will get no value for your money whatsoever.

And unluckily, it’s also tough cookies if you want a refund.

Because the scammers will be long gone with your hard-earned moolah.

Even if the system worked, there’s no way you could earn a full-time income on the internet from simply investing $97.

Because, in reality, it requires several hundred dollars per year for all the resources you need to start and grow an online Biz from scratch.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an affiliate marketer, MLMer or a Dropshipper, etc.




  • It’s a classic example of what NOT to splash out on


  • It makes unrealistic income claims
  • Manipulative marketing strategies are used
  • The owner is a fabricated character
  • You will lose nearly $100
  • There are a number of complaints


Final Opinion: Is Extreme Home Paycheck a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownMaking real money online requires plenty of skill, whether it’s affiliate marketing, eBaying or dropshipping, to name a few methods.

So when something like Extreme Home Paycheck comes along with a ridiculous promise of helping you to make a fortune very quickly…

And with minimal effort, then it’s certainly a scam.

Not to mention the fact that the program uses manipulative marketing tactics on you and also fails to give you info on the products.

Which says it all really, right?


So What Do You Do as a Newbie Now, Huh?…

The awesome news is that if you scout around the web, you’ll find legitimate products that will help youl launch and grow a lucrative Biz online.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

Do you have any questions or anything you’d like to share with us on the ‘EHP’ hoax? We’d love to hear from you below…


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