(Reviewed) EZ Wealth Solution – Easy Way to Riches?

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Is the EZ Wealth Solution really the most lucrative online money-maker or is it complete and utter bullsh*t?

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Is EZ Wealth Solution an Easy Way to Riches
Quick Overview

Name: EZ Wealth Solution.

Website: ezwealthsolution.com.

Cost: Free tour. $10/month as a Reseller. $47 – $997 for packages.

Owner: Ron Walsh.

My Score: 4/10.

Verdict: Mr. Walsh does provide you with some value and the potential is also there to make some money with his program.

However, his tacky 90s style website gives you the impression that money is quick and easy to make, and he also charges you “unnecessary fees” just so you can earn 100% commissions.

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What’s EZ Wealth Solution All about?

Firstly, before you ask – This program has NO relation to the Turbo Wealth Solution and EZ Money Team scams, whatsoever. 😛

Ron Walsh boldly claims his EZ Wealth Solution (EWS) platform is the most profitable program on the internet, and also one that will pay you unlimited fast cash payments every day.

In fact, he states that it’s “THE #1 get paid today program on the net” and his products WILL make you VERY WEALTHY!

But in my opinion, he’s just blowing smoke up his own ass lol.


How Does EZ Wealth Solution Actually Work?

As a Reseller, you get your own turn-key website (aka affiliate link) for bringing in new members to ‘EWS’ who then buy 5 packages containing over 600 info products (PDFs) on various topics as well as software products for helping you generate website traffic.

EZ Wealth Solution Products

One of Many Products Inside ‘EWS’.

For each package sold, you will keep 100% of the sale. You can earn daily payments of up to $997, but this is something I’ll discuss in a little more detail shortly.

In addition, the program has adopted an MLM-style pay plan with 1 UP and 2 UP referral systems in place.

You can build multiple sales lines of members who pass up their first and second sales to you – padding your pockets with unlimited payments. This is how you supposedly make the MEGA bucks with the system.

People who join ‘EWS’, do so for the sole purpose of making money from the “scheme” and also from selling the products separately, rather than showing an interest in the actual products.


Who is Ron’s System For?

It’s geared towards any MLM opportunity seeker who wants to make a lot of money quickly on the internet.

Unfortunately, Ron makes his program seem a little “too good to be true”.

When you watch his videos and see the pay plan diagrams, ‘EWS’ comes across as the perfect money-making system on the planet.

But the reality is much different because to make the system work and stand a good chance of generating a full-time income, you will need to WORK HARD at referring hundreds of members – especially since not everyone will become Resellers and invest in the packages.


Any Training & Tools Available?

When it comes to the training aspect of ‘EWS’, there’s no REAL step-by-step training on building a profitable online biz with the opportunity, in my opinion.

However, Ron does offer you some guidance on getting started online with his program and also gives you a bunch of marketing tips.

But those basic training resources are only accessible once you pay to become a Reseller and also purchase package #1.

As for the tools, they are either features for managing your downlines, advertisement resources for building your sales legs or recommended programs such as traffic exchanges for driving visitors.
EZ Wealth Solution Advertising Tools
Although Ron offers you a TON of resources inside ‘EWS’ – the number of tabs overwhelm you, especially if you’re a complete newbie to internet marketing.


Is Help & Support Offered?

There are a few options when it comes to support.

You can either contact your sponsor or submit a ticket to the help desk.

There’s also the “Reseller’s Room” as your third choice. However, you must obviously upgrade to become a Reseller as well as buy package #1 in order to connect with other ‘EWS’ affiliates.


How Much Does ‘EWS’ Cost?

To become an affiliate and be able to promote the packages for 100% payments, will cost you $10 a month for a Reseller account.

There are also 5 product packages available for one-time fees.

  • Package #1 – $47
  • Package #2 – $97
  • Package #3 – $247
  • Package #4 – $497
  • Package #5 – $997

In total, you’ll be paying $1,885 + $10/month.




  • You can register for a free tour
  • Packages give you 100s of info/software products
  • Free bonus products when you become a Reseller
  • Basic training & also support is available
  • The potential to make some money


  • It’s a hyped up MLM program
  • $10 a month just to be an affiliate (Reseller)
  • You must buy the packages for maximum earnings
  • Some packages are too expensive
  • A number of outdated products are inside the packages
  • No real step-by-step training for building a biz
  • Some features are locked until you invest money
  • Members’ area feels overwhelming
  • It’s not ideal for newbies


Final Thoughts: Is EZ Wealth Solution a Scam?…

In my opinion, the ‘EWS’ program does provide you with some level of value which makes it LEGIT.

But on the other hand, there are certain unethical aspects that I just don’t like about Ron’s system which is why I’ve also classed it as “SCAMMY“.

Two main elements I dislike:

Firstly, to qualify for earnings and even maximizing your income, you’re required to pay a monthly fee to become a Reseller and also buy the packages yourself. It’s gonna cost you a FORTUNE!

No program should ever manipulate you like that, just to keep “the scheme” afloat.

Secondly, Ron makes out that his system is the #1 on the planet and that wealth can very easily be generated quickly.

He’s simply full of hot air because there are far more lucrative programs than ‘EWS’, and building a profitable online biz also requires SKILL, TIME and EFFORT. Ron kinda forgets to mention that part LOL.

The Bottom Line… ‘EWS’ is definitely not for newbies, and is a money-making opportunity that I wouldn’t recommend to anyone, even if there are legitimate aspects.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts on ‘EWS’ that you’d like to share with us, we’d LOVE to hear your feedback below…


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