Facebook Cash Code Review: (A SCAMMY System?)

Thanks for stopping by my unbiased review of Facebook Cash Code!

The person hiding behind this money-making system reckons you can easily rake in almost $400 on a daily basis using…

YEP, you guessed it… the power of Facebook.

But is the creator of this product actually telling you the truth or just feeding you a pack of lies in order to make bank themselves?

If you’re looking for an honest answer, then dive into THIS review…

Facebook Cash Code Scam Review
Quick Overview

Name: Facebook Cash Code (FCC).

Website: fbcashcode.com/atim.

Cost: Was $197. Now Only $47.

Owner: Unknown.

Score: 0/10.

My Verdict: SCAM.

Nothing good is gonna happen to you by investing in Facebook Cash Code, I’m afraid. 

Because all you’ll be doing is chucking money into someone else’s pockets for some “get-rich-quick” crap that doesn’t exist.

Trust me, I’ve used both sides of Facebook (organic and paid traffic methods) for scaling my online Biz, and there’s nothing fast or easy about it.

For the organic side (which is using your profile or creating a group) can take you weeks/months of time and effort to grow your Biz.

And even with the paid side (which is to run ads), it can easily cost you a chunk of change (not to mention time) before you potentially see results.

So don’t waste your time and money with this product – You’ll be led down the garden path.

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What is Facebook Cash Code?

On the surface, Facebook Cash Code is sold to you as an easy opportunity for you to earn huge pay checks over-and-over again on FB by simply using the skills you already have.

Whatever these skills are, the sales page and video don’t exactly shed any light on.

In fact, you’re clueless about the tasks you’ll be required to undertake.

And that’s only to spark your curiosity, so you end up entering your credit card details (which I don’t recommend you do).

Apparently, ‘FCC’ has also just been released in your area.

WOW, how lucky are you?!

According to its sales page – when you pay your membership fee, you’ll receive a welcome kit that shows you how to turn your skills into a “fast cash generating machine”

You’ll be making thousands of dollars every 24 hours!

But unfortunately, that’s not how the world wide web works, let alone Facebook.

Trust me, I’ve been an internet marketer long enough to know that “getting rich fast” is an impossibility.

If it it existed, then why hasn’t everybody on planet Earth already chucked their day job in by now?


6 Red Flags to be Aware of With Facebook Cash Code

With ‘FCC’, there are different scam signs I found on its sales pages, that are gonna help you to avoid this program like the plague, and also others similar to it in the near future.

Once you learn these signs, you’ll save yourself so much time and money, and even have a far more enjoyable experience on the web.


#1 – Expiration Date & Countdown Clock

I’ve found that scams give you a certain amount of time to take action.

The offer either expires on the same day of visiting the sales page and/or within “X amount” of minutes/hours.

I purposely let the 10-minute counter, count down to ZERO.

And yet, I still had access to the program – even when I refreshed the page, which started the countdown again LOL.


#2 – Limited Spots Available

Another tactic used – when there are “limited” or only “X number” of positions available.
Facebook Cash Code Fake Limited Spots Scarcity
It’s a lame trick to create urgency.

In other words, to quickly shift your ass into gear and pull out your credit card, so you don’t miss out on joining a “non-existent” opportunity of a lifetime!

Scarcity is actually a powerful sales method used by product creators in all types of industries, which is why scammers’ are also cashing in on it.

To truly see how the tactic is deployed on a more ethical level, then see Wealthy Affiliate’s Black Friday offer that saves you a bunch of money each year. 😉


#3 – Big Paycheck Screenshots

You’ll discover that all scams love to show off big earnings.

In fact, scammers can very easily use websites such as the Fiverr to have fake income screen shots and checks created.

Or photoshop software can easily be used to manipulate images, right?

The thing I find really amusing when it comes to ‘FCC’ is that the fraudster dazzles you with huge checks, but never explain how you can make so much money online.

But it’s clear to understand how the joker has made THEIR money…

By SCAMMING folks like YOU.


#4 – False Testimonials

Again, Fiverr can be a place for buying fake testimonial gigs so that scammers can trick you into thinking that real people are making LOTS of money with their programs.

Fake testimonials tell you exactly what you want to hear about easily making money on the web and quitting your job, etc.
Fake Member Testimonials
You’ll also find that photos of people (who are apparently successful from using the system) are actually taken from stock photo websites.

Want some proof? See ‘Mary Stevens‘ – a work from home scam artist who I also exposed.

#5 – The Mention of Well-Known News Channels

Scams usually drag big, popular, and trustworthy TV names into the picture. “Ads seen on FOX NEWS and CNN”, etc.

It’s a tactic used to gain your trust unethically.

If you contact any of these channels about ‘FCC’, I can guarantee they’ve never heard of such a big pile of horse manure!


#6 – Exact Dollar Figures (How Much You’ll Make)

They use exact daily, weekly or monthly income figures like $397, $397.47 or $3,727.14. 

This is a tactic to make the program seem legit and the money you can earn more believable.

You will find many scams implementing this technique because it’s effective.

But the truth be told, NO product creator can guarantee how much money you’ll make online.

Because there are always variables to consider – Everyone earns different amounts.

But when it comes to ‘FCC’, You won’t make a single penny. Mark my words.


My Final Thoughts on The Facebook Cash Code Scam…

Well, from reading my review, I don’t think I need to tell you what I think of the Facebook Cash Code. HA!

It’s certainly not a program that you should chuck $47 at because I guarantee you’ll be throwing your money away.

Not only that but if the people responsible for creating the scam have access to your personal info and email address when you join, there’s no telling how much other crap they will spam you with.

These people have no interest in helping you make money on the internet. Period.

To them, you’re an easy meal ticket.

Hundreds of folks have already fallen into the ‘FCC’ scam pit and lost money.

But if you follow my guidance within this review, I’ll be able to help you and many others from making the same costly mistakes.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts on ‘FCC’ or even any bad experiences you wish to share, we’d LOVE to hear your comments below…



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