Fast Cash Blueprint Review: (A Fast Way to Get Nowhere?)

Howdy, welcome to my unbiased review of Fast Cash Blueprint!

Is it really a quick and easy way to turn a buck on the internet or is it just gonna get you nowhere, FAST?

Continue reading to find out if “Nate” is full of sh*t or not…

Fast Cash Blueprint Scam Review
Quick Overview

Name: Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0/Instant Commission Blueprint 2.0.


Cost: $14.92.

Owner: Nate (used as a stage name).

My Score: 3/10.

Verdict: Legit (But Approach With Caution).


Nate reckons that you can make some pretty fast affiliate commissions from hardly any effort online.

But sadly that’s far from the truth.

Because although you get value from the Fast Cash Blueprint in the form of a PDF on how to use Quora for making money online…

It’s not that quick or easy, I’m afraid.

Because first of all, it takes weeks and months of effort to build an authority on Quora by answering questions.

And secondly, you really need to create a decent squeeze page or website with high quality blog content if you wanna transform your visitors into customers.

Nate only shows you the basics, unfortunately.

So I don’t really recommend this product, to be honest.

But before digging into this FULL review…

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What is Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0 About?

Fast Cash Blueprint (FCB) is an 18-page PDF report on how to make money online from affiliate marketing…

Without building a sales funnel + email marketing list, needing a website, producing YouTube videos, doing paid advertising, posting in forums and using social media, etc.

Apparently, it’s a strategy you haven’t seen or heard of before.

You simply join an affiliate network like Clickbank or JVzoo, choose a product to promote, and follow Nate’s blueprint to make SUPER FAST MONEY!

In fact, he claims you can make $50 or more per day in affiliate commissions!
Hyped up Income Claims
But how many times have you been told the same story from Gurus, scammers, and owners of poorly constructed programs, huh?

So take Nate and his bold claims with a grain of salt – ESPECIALLY when you discover the truth soon enough.


Who is Fast Cash Blueprint Intended For?

The PDF training guide is geared towards helping people who want to learn how to EASILY make money on the internet…

Without all the hassles of blogging, social media, and other internet marketing strategies that actually require HARD WORK.

It’s basically for lazy bum ass folks who wanna get fast from affiliate marketing.

Ya know, the type of newbies who invest in all that WarriorPlus fluff LOL.

So don’t be one of them.


What’s The Story Behind This “Nate” Dude?

On his blog, there isn’t really much information on the guy at all. 

Basically, he started his very first online business back in 2014 and discovered some “secret” source. 

One, that quickly generated him affiliate commissions each day without ever needing a website and publishing content.

Nate From Fast Cash Blueprint

Meet Nate.

However, I dug up a little dirt on Nate…

And found that his photograph is actually a stock photo image for sale on,, and

Bald Man Sat in a Car

Meet The REAL Nate!!! LOL.

This leads me to believe that perhaps his story is fake and it also makes you question the genuineness of his ‘FCB’ blog…

As well as the 180+ comments from visitors and customers who are SO happy with his product.


How could you ever trust any internet marketer hiding behind a false identity and photo, eh?

The short answer is: You CAN’T!


What Training Does Fast Cash Blueprint Provide You With?

To be quite honest with you, the training isn’t exactly some fancy-pants blueprint.

Because it simply covers a strategy on leveraging Quora – a ‘Question & Answer’ platform that’s very similar to Yahoo Answers.

So what does Nate actually teach you?

Inside his 18-page PDF, he first explains how to choose affiliate products to promote from the Clickbank marketplace.

He then dives into using the Quora ‘Q & A’ site (implementing a lazy way to answer questions)…

And how to set up landing pages via Blogger for driving lots of free targeted traffic to your affiliate links.

Through my own experiences with Quora and sharing blog posts within my answers…

I can confirm the platform is an effective marketing strategy for building an affiliate marketing biz at no cost.

Quora also disallows the promotion of raw affiliate links due to spamming.

So for that reason, you WILL definitely need to set up a landing page or a free website for directing visitors to your Clickbank offers.


There is a Big “But” Though…

Nate makes Quora sound like a QUICK and EASY way to make a TON of money.

But he is so wrong because a LOT of TIME and EFFORT must be invested into the Q&A site if you are to earn an income from any niche.

You must consistently give folks in-depth quality answers, which in turn will build your authority/brand on Quora.

There are no shortcuts to affiliate marketing success, I’m afraid.

But even when you do get some decent traction on Quora, not everyone will be willing to buy your offer.

Furthermore, you really need to know how to create decent product reviews that are good enough to turn your visitors into customers.

So there are numerous moving parts that Nate fails to disclose when it comes to the strategy that he recommends.


PROS vs CONS of Fast Cash Blueprint


  • For under $15, the PDF is cheap to buy


  • The real owner hides behind a fabricated identity (Nate)
  • Nate’s photo is a fake bought from a stock photo site
  • The sales page uses hype on making money online
  • A number of comments on the ‘FCB’ blog post come across as fake
  • Nate doesn’t teach you the full ins & outs of the strategy


Final Thoughts: Is Fast Cash Blueprint a Scam?…

There’s a part of me that really wants to shout “SCAM” when it comes to the Fast Cash Blueprint.

But I reckon that would be unfair to the owner, since he/she has designed a training PDF that works to a certain degree.

The upside to ‘FCB’  – If you follow the training and consistently answer a bunch of questions on Quora every day…

You can potentially build a stream of free traffic to your website(s), earn affiliate commissions, and build a sustainable business on the web.

The downsides to ‘FCB’You’re taught how to answer questions “the lazy way”.

Unfortunately, if you’re not thorough and helpful enough with your answers, it won’t give folks good enough reasons to click on your links.

Secondly, making money is not quick and easy at all when it comes to Quora or in fact, any digital marketing strategy.

If you want $50+ per day in affiliate commissions, you must work your butt off on Quora for many months.

Thirdly, unluckily, your landing page belongs to Google.

It means that the “Big G” has full control of your page and won’t think twice about trashing your page loaded with spammy affiliate links.

See the SiteRubix builder if you want a free website belonging to you!

Finally, I find the whole “fake Nate” character a little off-putting.

Because you simply can’t put your trust into a person who keeps their true identity hidden, right?


See a Much Better Money-Making Alternative…

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of shadiness to ‘FCB’, for my liking.

Especially when the full picture isn’t painted by Nate. UGH.

But there is a kick-ass alternative to making money through affiliate marketing, that’s extremely powerful in this day and age…

It’s called Wealthy Affiliate (you can start for free!)

Where you’ll receive the whole shebang in terms of WordPress websites, step-by-step training & 24/7 support from a HUGE community for success.

It sure beats some dated PDF, I tell ya!

Your Friend, Neil 😀

Do you have any questions or thoughts on ‘FCB’ that you’d like to share? Please post your comments below…


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