Four Dollar Click Review: (Another “Clicking” SCAM?)

Howdy, welcome to my review of Four Dollar Click!

Is this ‘GPT’ opportunity really gonna reward you with dollars every time you click that mouse button?

Or is it just a dirty scam taking you for a fool?

Get stuck into THIS unbiased review for a truthful answer…

Four Dollar Click Scam Review
Quick Overview

Name: Four Dollar Click (FDC).


Cost: Free to join. $100s to upgrade to Silver, Bronze or Gold membership.

Owner: Unknown.

My Score: 0/10.

Verdict: SCAM (Avoid it Like The Plague).


Four Dollar Click is disguised as a legitimate way to earn 4 bucks for every ad you view. Just think, you’ll easily make $100s!

Sadly, nobody ever gets paid – it’s just a scam designed to benefit the unethical individual behind it.

Not only are there numerous complaints online against ‘FDC’, but you’re also duped into spending $100s yourself…

Just to earn as an affiliate (recruiting other suckers) and getting paid.

But again, I wish you luck trying to withdraw your earnings.

So run for the hills when it comes to this so-called opportunity.

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What is Four Dollar Click All About, You Wonder?

Four Dollar Click (see this YouTube review) claims to be “the best opportunity for you to make $4 per click for just viewing ads”.

GOSH, no wonder some folks are hopping on this amazing money-making opportunity like there’s no tomorrow!

However, don’t be deceived.

Because just like the Two Dollar Click, Three, Six and even Seven Dollar Click programs (which are no doubt operated by the same person)…

You will be lucky to get paid a cent, since ‘FDC’ is in fact, a hoax.

Nobody has ever made money with the program. Period. (You will see the proof in a few moments).

The scammers behind the fake ‘Get Paid To’ site have designed it for only one reason:

To fill THEIR own deep pockets by exploiting YOU.

They have purposely set the minimum payment threshold bar so high just to keep you surfing ads all day long…

Making both the advertisers and fraudsters very happy bunnies.

You must admit, it’s a cleverly designed scam for fooling the vulnerable online opportunity seekers.


How Does Four Dollar Click Work For The “Clicker”?

Apparently, you get 4 dollars each time you click your mouse button to watch a 25-second ad.

Just think of the $1,000s you can easily rack up from your computer.

Sounds like a dream income come true, right?

Unfortunately, not only do the scammers lie, but there’s also a catch…

In order to actually qualify for payment into your PayPal or Payza account…

You must upgrade your account to premium membership.

Which is gonna cost you $100s over a 12-month period, reach a minimum threshold of $4,000, and then wait 75 days to see the money in your account.

It seems to me like the fraudsters not only wanna waste your time and effort, but also take money off your hands.

If not getting paid was enough to send you running for the hills…

I’m sure this red flag scam warning might just set off alarm bells in your head and tip you over the edge.


Let’s Discover Extra Red Flags With Four Dollar Click…

There are a couple of other warning signs that you should bear in mind before entering your info to join.

Firstly, there are numerous complaints across the internet from people who have been sucked in by the program.

Ones, who have invested time and money, and received not a sausage for their efforts.


See a few complaints I found…

Complaints about 4 and 3 Dollar Click on in 2013:
Four Dollar Click Negative Feedback on Complaints Board
Complaints found on from 2014 and 2015:
Complaints on Scam Book
It’s also clear to see that the con-artists have been ripping off people like you for a good number of years.

My best guess is they have made hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars from advertisers and unsuspecting “click monkeys” over the years.


And then there’s the fake income proof…

Another thing that I find laughable is the fact that ‘FDC’ shows you income proof of its members.

Ones, who have apparently cashed in literally $1,000s and are rolling in the dough.
Fake Income Proof
But it’s not real income proof at all.

Because it’s simply a table of info that anyone can easily create…

Where’s the hard evidence to prove these payments have been made and that the members are the real deal?

There is none.

So how can you trust the opportunity?


What’s The Cost of The Four Dollar Click Premium Membership?

When it comes to the membership levels (which I strongly advise against purchasing), they are:

BRONZE Package:

Allows you to earn 25% commissions from the revenue that your referrals generate.

It costs from $59/monthly to $299.95/5 months. $299/yearly to $897/3years. Or a one-time $799 for lifetime access.

SILVER Package:

Earn 50% referral commissions.

Costs from $79.99/monthly to $399.95/5months. $399/yearly to $798/bi-yearly. Or $899 for a lifetime membership.

GOLD Package:

Earn 100% commissions from your referrals.

Costs from $99/monthly to $499/5 months. $499/yearly or $998/2 years. Or $999 for a lifetime membership.

In all honesty, purchasing any of these packages is the same as flushing your money down the toilet.

The only ones to profit are the scammers, at the end of the day.

In my opinion, you should never ever have to pay a single dollar just to “cash out” for earnings with any program.


PROS vs CONS of Four Dollar Click


  • It’s a perfect example of dog muck to step around


  • It makes false & unrealistic income claims
  • Deceives you with fake income proof
  • You must pay $100s for nothing in return
  • The owner is unknown
  • They never reply to your emails
  • Numerous members have made scam complaints due to non-payment


Final Thoughts on The Four Dollar Click Scam…

At first, when you come across Four Dollar Click, it seems legitimate on the surface.

But as soon as you start digging deeper, it becomes obvious that it’s a scam that not just robs you of your time, effort, and money…

But also refuses to pay out.

Any genuine “Get Paid To Click” program, has a reasonable minimum threshold, pays a few cents for each click…

And never ever charges you a penny for upgrades just to withdraw your earnings.

‘FDC’ is a waste of space, at the end of the day.


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Your Friend, Neil 😀

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