Gift Hunter Club Review: (Is it Really Worth it?)

Welcome to my review of the Gift Hunter Club!

If you want the ins and outs of this ‘GPT’ opportunity and wanna know if the rewards are actually worth your time…

Then you’re in the right place for the lowdown and my own honest opinions!

So, sink your teeth into THIS review…

Gift Hunter Club Review
Quick Overview

Name: Gift Hunter Club (GHC).


Cost: Free.

My Score: 5/10.

Verdict: Legit.


In a nutshell; the Gift Hunter Club offers you various fun tasks to do online that reward you with cash and other rewards.

So if you wanna get paid some “fun money” from putting your spare time to good use, then ‘GHC’ is an ideal opportunity.

However, there are some minor downsides to the platform, that are highligthed below.

Just don’t expect the tasks to pay the bills or make you financially free because these ‘Get-Paid-To’ sites aren’t rigged up like that.

Well, unless you choose to refer a ton of members (via your referral link), then it could turn out to be a different story. 😉

But before jumping into this FULL review…

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What’s Gift Hunter Club All About?

The Gift Hunter Club is simply a program that rewards you for giving up your free time to complete fun tasks on the internet.

It works exactly like Swagbucks (my top rated GPT opp), GiftHulk, and TimeBucks, to name a few other ‘Get Paid To’ sites out there.

‘GHC’ works in 3 simple ways.

  1. Register as a free member
  2. Earn points from tasks
  3. Exchange your points for gifts or money

You can either redeem your points for an Amazon gift card or a PayPal payment.

But before you can claim your gifts, you must meet the minimum points thresholds:

  • Amazon gift card – 1000 points = $10
  • Paypal – 530 points = $5

However, even for the smallest of rewards…

You will have to invest a great deal of time into the program, especially when it comes to the free tasks.


The Main Gift Hunter Club Tasks Available For Rewards

There are 4 different ways in which you can generate points/cents with this program.


#1 Offerwalls

There are literally 100s of free and paid offers to complete.
Gift Hunter Club Offer Walls
To be eligible for points, the offers always set certain terms and conditions…

Such as entering valid info and credit card details, making minimum deposits, and completing “X number” of tasks, etc.

You can earn points through various offer platforms like:

  • Wannads
  • TrialPay
  • Personaly
  • PeanutLabs
  • AdGateMedia
  • RadiumOne
  • OfferToro
  • PointClickTrack
  • AdWall
  • SuperRewards

There are certainly plenty to choose from, I tell ya!


#2 Daily Surveys

There are a number of daily surveys to take part in and share your opinions…

And you’ll generate points for the successful completion of each one.

However, there are 3 problems with surveys.

  1. Some screen you out right off the bat
  2. They can be quite time-consuming
  3. They are extremely limited (Only 22 surveys were available on the day I joined ‘GHC’)

Needless to say, I’m not impressed by the survey section, to be honest.


#3 Tasks

There are various jobs available to complete.

You can do stuff like:

  • Collect data
  • Find and correct business details
  • Find company info
  • Categorize businesses
  • Locate employee and company info on LinkedIn
  • And validate author articles

However, you don’t get many points for these jobs and they’re also limited.

So I’d say that this is my least favourtite task section.


#4 Invite Friends

You earn points from referring family and friends.

However, you don’t actually make money from bringing in new members.

Bercause you get 10% of the points they generate for themselves, which contribute towards your gift/cash rewards.

If you bring in enough people, you could make some reasonable money from their activities.

In fact, if you wanna learn new online marketing skills for recruiting TONS of new members and potentially earning a good income from ‘GHC’…

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There’s also a contest board that displays the top members who have brought in the most referrals and also completed the most number of tasks.

See an example of the referrals board (at the time of writing this review):
Referral Contest
I think it’s great that you clearly get to see the rewards they’ve earned.

Because there’s nothing like a good bit of competition to keep you on your toes, hey? 😉


Do You Get Any Support Inside The Gift Hunter Club?

Unfortunately, there’s no live chat feature or forum available for members to hang out with one another.

But there is a Facebook fan page and Twitter profile for you to follow and connect with the ‘GHC’ guys, and possibly members as well.

In addition, inside your member’s area, there’s a FAQ page and also a support tab for submitting a request.

So you do have a number of options that can help if you’re in a pickle.


PROS vs CONS of Gift Hunter Club


  • It’s free to join
  • Get 75 cents for free when you sign up
  • Earn gift cards and money for having some fun
  • Earn daily/weekly bonus cents
  • Low gift/payment thresholds to reach


  • Some tasks offer you very little points
  • A number of tasks are limited
  • Surveys can sometimes take too long & even screen you out
  • A lot of time is required to qualify for any decent rewards
  • Some parts of the site combine both English and Spanish together. It’s confusing! For example, I have absolutely no idea what the text says above my ‘GHC’ referral link…

Mixed Languages
Can you please translate for me? LOL.


Final Conclusion: Is Gift Hunter Club Worth it?…

A Big Thumbs UpAlthough the Gift Hunter Club is a perfectly LEGIT opportunity for making a buck…

Many members are only making $10 per week from completing free tasks.

Unfortunately, some tasks are also monotonous, especially surveys and jobs.

In addition, surveys and jobs are limited which caps your gift card and Paypal rewards.

Unless you participate in plenty of paid offers and refer a TON of new members to the program.

When you do the math, $40 per month is a measly figure, considering the number of hours and days you spend doing tasks.

It would be more beneficial to actually get a 2nd job, right?

But if that’s all you wanna earn from your spare time, then be my guest and join ‘GHC’.

But before you exit this review…


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Do you have any questions or experiences with ‘GHC’, that you’d like to share? We’d LOVE to hear your comments below…


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