(Reviewed) Global MoneyLine or MoneySCAM?

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Global MoneyLine appears to be sweeping the world of online money making like a wildfire.

But why are so many amateur MLMers, affiliates, and opportunity seekers hopping on to this bandwagon like crazy, huh?

More importantly, is the program ethical or simply another filthy rotten SCAM that’s circulating the planet?

Dive into this blog post for the truthful answers you seek…

Global MoneyLine or MoneyScam Reviewed
Quick Overview

Name: Global MoneyLine.

Website: secure.globalmoneyline.com.

Cost: Free to get started. $20 – $1,000 for BRONZE – DOUBLE DIAMOND packages.

Owner: “Big John” LOL.

My Score: 2/10.

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What is Global MoneyLine All About?

Global MoneyLine (GML) is basically a digitized version of “let’s all do the conga”, except it’s on a worldwide scale and comes without the cheesy 80s tune LOL.

Joking aside, ‘GML’ is exactly what it says on the tin – one long line of folks across the world wanting to make a buck on the web. It’s just one giant line of opportunists promoting stuff to one another.

In addition, you can make money from promoting your own ‘GML’ affiliate link and reeling in paid members who join your downline.


How Does This Global MoneyLine Thing Work?

Once you become a free member, anyone across the world who joins after you is automatically placed into your downline.

Your downline continues to grow day-after-day, which means the more folks you can “SPAM” with junk… Sorry, I meant promote your MLM Biz Opps and offers to. 😛

Just 3 days after I joined ‘GML’, over 570 people were placed into my money line.
My Global MoneyLine of Nearly 600 Leads
Pretty impressive, hey?

But don’t get too excited because there are two major downsides to being a “FREE” member.

CON #1 – You can only message ONE person in your downline at a time.
Global MoneyLine Downline Messaging Feature
So be prepared to be chained to your keyboard until the end of time.

CON #2When your messages get blasted out to your leads, they’re gonna be seen LAST. Why? Because, “PAID” members get top priority.

By the time folks in your downline have finished scrolling through premium member ads, they’re simply not gonna give a rats ass about your promotions.

Want some additional proof?

See a negative review I found on LeadsLeap from a disgruntled member of ‘GML’.
A Negative Review of Global MoneyLine on LeadsLeap
So in my opinion, it’s pretty pointless being a free member because there’s no income to be generated.

For at least a chance of making any money from your downline, you must become a paid member. I will dive into the costs shortly.

HOWEVER, since every man and his dog is promoting the “latest and greatest” MLM biz opp, traffic service or BITCOIN tripe, I don’t see how anyone could benefit financially from the program.
Global MoneyLine Hyped Up Upline Messages
Put simply, folks join to PROMOTE their offers, not BUY others stuff.


How do Members “Really” Make Money?

‘GML’ is in fact, a sugar-coated “SCHEME” because the so-called “PRODUCT” delivers very little to no value.

Folks mainly stick around for promoting the program so they can earn commissions from recruiting other suckers who choose to upgrade.

So how much can you earn from bringing other paid members into the program?

You can receive $20 – $1,000 in one-time payments from each person who upgrades, depending on the membership package they choose. You get to keep 100% of their investments, which basically makes it nothing more than a “CASH GIFTING” program.

The membership packages:

  • BRONZE = $20
  • SILVER = $50
  • GOLD = $100
  • PLATINUM = $250
  • DIAMOND = $500
  • DOUBLE DIAMOND = $1,000

Each package allows members to send a certain number of messages at a time to their downlines. Obviously, the more expensive the package, the more folks you can reach. You also get additional benefits when upgrading.

BUT in order to make money from your paid referrals, you must also invest in the same packages yourself. For example, you must be at BRONZE level to earn from BRONZE members, SILVER to earn from SILVER members, and so on.

‘GML’ could cost you an arm and a leg!

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Any Tools, Training & Support From ‘GML’?

Global MoneyLine ResourcesIn addition to messaging your downline with offers, you can place ads within the members’ area, and also have access to Communication and Genealogy tools.

However, you must upgrade your account to gain access.

There’s also a Marketing tab for assisting you with making money from promoting ‘GML’.

When it comes to the training, it’s just simple stuff that walks you through the program. So there’s nothing of real value for building a successful digital business.

As for help, you can either message the person who referred you (your upline) or submit a ticket to the support center.




  • Become a member of at no cost
  • Create advertisements & message members
  • Make money from paid referrals
  • Support is available


  • The dashboard area is overwhelming & trashy
  • The free membership is extremely restricted
  • You must upgrade for additional benefits & earnings
  • The product is ineffective
  • The owner keeps his true identity hidden
  • It comes across as nothing but a PONZI/cash gifting scheme


Final Thoughts: Is Global MoneyLine a Scam?…

I’m gonna be totally bold here by saying that ‘GML’ is a BORDERLINE SCAM!

There are a number of good reasons why I think this:

#1: The program doesn’t provide any products of REAL value. The people who you promote products and services to, want to do the exact same thing as you.

So how can anyone succeed when EVERYBODY is PROMOTING biz opps, etc? It’s a dead audience.

#2: The emphasis is on recruiting other suckers into the scheme. That’s how ‘GML’ members really earn their dollars. And since members make 100% profit from their paid referrals, also makes it a cash gifting scheme.

#3: The owner doesn’t reveal his identity. Folks who hide behind computer screens can’t really be trusted in my experience.

There are other aspects I dislike about ‘GML’ – a members’ area that looks like it’s from the 90s, members promoting hyped up garbage, and some features limited/locked until you upgrade.

If you want to become a professional marketer and build a REAL list of target leads for your online biz – learn how to build a sales funnel or your own squeeze page, learn how to promote it effectively, and also learn the ins and outs of email marketing.

The Bottom Line… Global Money Line sucks and is simply a recruiting scheme for opportunists. The ONLY one who wins is the guy at the TOP.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or negative experiences with ‘GML’ that you wish to share, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below…


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