Home Job Source Review: (A Home Working SCAM?)

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According to the sales pitch, you can make a proven and guaranteed income of almost $400 per day working from home.

And all you need to do to achieve that is spare just 60 minute of your time on a daily basis.

Those are some pretty bold claims, right?

But is this REALLY a legitimate opportunity that fulfils its promises, you ask?

Jump into THIS review for an honest answer…

Home Job Source Scam Review
Quick Overview

Name: Home Job Source (HJS).

Website: home-job-source.com.

Cost: Was $47. Now $97 + Upsells.

Owner: Kelly Simmons (an imaginary person).

My Score: 1/10.

Verdict: Scam (Steer Clear).


On the surface you’re led to believe that Home Job Source is the simple solution to all your money worries.

Because the pitch “guarantees” you’ll make $379 per day from the comfort of your home own from just 60 minutes of your time daily.

I don’t know about you, but this screams “SCAM” to me.

Because there’s not a easy-peasy work-from-home opportunity on the planet that delivers you such results from barely any work.

Unfortunately, the concept of HJS revolves around posting links all over the internet and expecting a flood of cash to fill your bank…

But it will never work because it’s classed as “spamming”, which isn’t just an effective strategy, but can likely get you banned from certain platforms.

So don’t waste your hard-earned cash when it comes to this so-called dream money-maker.

The only one getting minted from the product is the unknown creator hiding behind it.

But before reading further…

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What’s Home Job Source All About, You Ask?

Sorry for being a negative Nancy, but Home Job Source is just a scammy product leading you to believe that you can easily make mega cash from “link posting”.

So if it’s jotted down on your “programs to buy” list, I would seriously recommend re-thinking your decision.

Because the scammers will have the last laugh if you decide to join.

Unfortunately, the sales page is a load of hot air on easily pocketing $100s per day from apparently sharing quality products.

But how or where you will be sharing product links is a total mystery.

Furthermore, simply sharing affiliate links is an outdated strategy.

Because folks want real world value from you in the form of a blog post, email, YouTube or TikTok video BEFORE they even buy what you have to offer.

I digress.

I have also discovered that ‘HJS’ is directly linked to the Home Wealth Remedy, Cash From Home, Automated Daily Income, Ultimate Home Profits, and Replace Your Job scams.

Which are also scammy products created by the same individual, in my opinion.

In addition, the unethical toerag responsible for ‘HJS’ has dipped their toes into blogging.

Actually, they’re not even high-quality blogs…

Just single “biased” reviews designed to improve their chances of getting your hard-eared dollars.

Two such blogs, in particular, to be extremely cautious of are homejobsource.org and .net:

Home Job Source Dot Org Blog


Home Job Source Dot Net Blog


Unluckily, scammers these days are swooping down to new lows by publishing deceptive blog posts using WordPress.org and other popular content writing platforms.

So when searching Google for scam program reviews, beware of simple one-post/page blogs loaded to the max with hype.

What you’re looking for are reviews just like THIS 😉 LOL.


Who is Home Job Source Aimed at?

‘HJS’ is the type of hoax that’s intended to sucker punch any opportunity seeker who is open to splashing out roughly a hundred bucks for a “make-believe get-rich-fast” work at home opportunity.

From my own web-based money making experiences over the years, it certainly isn’t as easy as it sounds to earn $397, $500 or even $1,000 per day in commissions.

Because, firstly, success requires the correct training, tools, support.

Secondly, you must work hard day-in-day-out over a period of time.

And thirdly, sacrifices must be made for the type of lifestyle you desire.

Success comes at a cost, but ‘HJS’ tells you something completely different.

Something that’s music to your ears.

Just don’t be one of the naive individuals who falls for ‘HJS’s’ horse sh*t on making huge amounts of money quickly.


Want More Reasons to Avoid ‘HJS’ Like The Plague?

In addition to all the “pipe dream” stuff spewed out by the ‘HJS’ sales pitch…

The pitch contains the exact same dirty strategies as its network of sisters.

Or as I’d like to call red flags (highlighted below):

  • The advertisement of top American news channels
  • A limited number of membership positions available
  • Fake testimonials from random actors who aren’t members
  • The requirement of your email address for checking availability


Everything you’re told by ‘HJS’ is a lie.

Take the website with a grain of salt.

Because first of all, the news channel logos are just to give the opportunity more credibility to earn your trust.

Unfortunately, the scammer exploits such logos to get the maximum amount of cash out of you.

Secondly, fake scarcity is used because you can bet your bottom dollar that ‘HJS’ will still be available to buy in a year’s time from now – it’s not going anywhere.

PSST! See Wealthy Affiliate’s Black Friday offer to see scarcity deployed in a genuine manner.

Thirdly, not at any point do the members show you the proof of their income – they just tell you how “wonderful” the system is.

The truth be told, they are likely hired from Fiverr to record fake testimonies for the scammer.

And finally, don’t trust the creator with your email.

Because he or she will just spam your inbox to death with more crap or sell your details to other scammers.

So be on your guard when it comes to the red flags I’ve just mentioned.

Oh, and one more red flag…

Don’t trust Kelly Simmons either, because she’s likely a stage name, since there’s no info about her on the web.

This is another deceptive strategy deployed by scammers.


Final Thoughts on The Home Job Source Scam…

To some folks searching for “get-rich-quick” opportunities on the web…

The Home Job Source program may come across as the ideal solution for easy wealth in life.

But unfortunately, the world doesn’t reward lazy people with financial freedom in the online space.

The same rule applies outside of the digital world too.

When it comes to ‘HJS’, there are numerous scam warnings (not to mention additional deceptive blogs published by the con artists) that you should avoid like the plague.

Otherwise, you’re gonna lose $97 with the ‘HJS’ scam that you won’t get back.

The only people to make real money out of these programs (and who are more than likely soaking up the sun on vacation, as I speak) are the swindlers who dupe people like you out of hard-earned cash.

But there is good news…

If you’re tied of being taken for a fool online, but looking for a legit way to earn a sustainable income…

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Your Friend, Neil 🙂

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