InboxPounds Review: (Will You be Quids in, Mate?)

It’s Neil here from England. Cheers for stopping by my InboxPounds review!

You’re here because you wanna know whether it’s a genuine opportunity that works and pays cash?

Or a scam that’s a total waste of time, right?

The short answer: It’s LEGIT. 🙂

Continue reading for learning more about the opportunity and how the whole thing works for getting paid a few quid…

InboxPounds Scam Review
Quick Overview:

Name: InboxPounds (IP).


Cost: Free.

My Score: 5/10.


If you’re happy to turn some of your free time into “pocket money”, then InboxPounds is right up your street.

However, some tasks are limited, which means there are restrictions on your earnings too.

So, just don’t expect to be minted from partaking in tasks on the net.

Because these ‘GPT’ opportunities are really there to put money into the pockets of the peeps and companies behind them.

But in saying that, you could potentially make some good money if you put all your efforts into “referring” LOTS of ‘IP’ members instead. 😉

But before you dig into this FULL review…

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What is InboxPounds All About?

InboxPounds is the twin sister of InboxDollars and is an online rewards club.

One, that gives you dosh for doing a variety of activities such as completing offers, surveys, playing games, and a bunch of other stuff.

In a nutshell; it’s just like a job…

Where you exchange your time for Wonga. But instead of getting an hourly wage, you get paid per task.

Which, unfortunately, isn’t much to shout about from the rooftops.

But if you’re familiar with cash reward/Get Paid To sites, then you’ve probably already heard of:


These are just a tiny handful of the rewards programs out there.

But once you’ve seen one ‘GPT’ site, you’ve seen them all.

Because most offer the same tasks, and your earnings are always miles off from the minimum working wage.

From my own experience with this type of low paid stuff…

your bank account would actually benefit more from a weekend newspaper round job LOL.



How InboxPounds Works For Making a Few Bob


There are a number of ways for you to make money, and you can earn your very first £1 just by signing up.

Just like I did. YAY!
How You Make Money With InboxPounds
You’ll also get an additional 50p bonus from completing a very small checklist of tasks as a new member.

Now for the tasks…


#1 Offers

You can pick from free, trial, and survey offers to complete in 20 different categories.

Your rewards can vary from 10p to £15 per task. Below is just an example:
But before jumping for joy with excitement…

The offers are limited, and you’re required to make deposits of £1 to £10 for the biggest rewards.

So, offers may not be the best route, in my book.


#2 Surveys

Share your opinions by taking various surveys as well as joining popular survey sites like MySurvey and Valued Opinions.

You can earn from 10p to £5 per survey completed.
Paid Surveys
But surveys are limited, and the majority don’t even pay out Five quid either.

In addition, you get “screened out” sometimes which can be very infuriating.

So, unfortunately, it will take you time to accumulate rewards and you’ll also feel like that your time has been wasted at times.


#3 Search

Get paid for searching for stuff using the ‘IP’ search engine.

It’s just like searching Google, except you make a little moolah.

But to qualify for payment, your searches need to be natural ones and not like a mixed bag of Rowntrees Randoms.

However, you can only earn up to 7p per day!

Hurry, sign up now, don’t miss this AMAZING opportunity! LOL.


#4 Games

In my opinion, this is the only real “fun” part of the site.

There are 30 different free/paid games to choose from – card, word, arcade, strategy, and game show games.
Play Games
However, you must pay various entry fees if you wanna win cash prizes instead of just points.


#5 Refer Friends

When you refer family and friends, you’ll earn 10% of their earnings.

But unfortunately, not everybody you refer will be active members.

So you must recruit new members like crazy if you wanna stand a chance at gaining something worthwhile out of the program.

The only way to refer an ARMY of people is by learning new Internet Marketing skills.

Skills, that will give you the potential to turn ‘IP’ into a REAL money-maker by starting your own blog.

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How do The InboxPounds Payments Work?

In order to request payment from ‘IP’, you must first meet the minimum £20 threshold requirement.

You can also choose to receive your twenty quid as a Prepaid MasterCard, Amazon UK gift card or even a good old traditional cheque.

However, the downside is that it could take you a good two weeks of performing tasks.

Especially the freebie ones until you qualify for the payout of twenty English pounds.

So, it there is a waiting game, I’m afraid.


Can You Get Any Support Inside InboxPounds?

When it comes to member support, you have three options available:

  1. Browse the FAQ page
  2. Use the live chat function
  3. Connect with the team on Facebook and Twitter

However, like the majority of GPT websites you’ll come across, there’s no live chat feature…

Or even a community forum for you to hang out with other members and also pick a few brains.

So, I guess it’s just a case of seeing who you can connect with via the ‘IP’ social media channels.


PROS vs CONS of InboxPounds


  • It’s free to sign up
  • Get £1 for joining + 50p bonus
  • Make some spare cash
  • Folks worldwide can join
  • Help & support provided


  • Has a minimum payment threshold of £20
  • A lot of tasks are limited & pay peanuts
  • Some offers & games require you to make investments
  • It’s not a productive use of your time
  • It will never become a full-time income (unless you know HOW to refer new members like a machine)


Final Opinion: Is InboxPounds a Scam?…

InboxPounds is definitely a LEGIT GTP opportunity for putting reddies in your pocket or purse.

But unfortunately, because many tasks are limited and the program is run by Scrooge-like people…

You’ll be lucky to afford a couple of pints/glasses of Rosé and a bag of pork crunch down your local pub on a Sunday afternoon.

‘IP’ gives you very little rewards for sacrificing your time.

Not to mention the fact that you also need to spend money on paid offers to make some back.

And most of the time, your cash rewards from those offers aren’t much more than your investments anyway.

The bottom line… If you’ve got a little time to kill and you’re happy just to earn “pocket change”, then go ahead.

But if you’d like to generate bigger cash payments from ‘IP’, you must refer others like a maniac. Simples.


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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts on ‘IP’, please post your comments below because we’d LOVE to hear them…


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