Instant Money Network – An Instant SCAM? (Reviewed)

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If you’re wondering whether it’s just a rotten scam or a legitimate way to earn cash online…

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Instant Money Network Scam Review
Quick Overview:

Name: Instant Money Network (IMN).


Cost: Free.

My Score: 4/10.

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What’s Instant Money Network About?

Instant Money Network is apparently a great opportunity for you to “instantly” start making extra money on the net.

From sending potential customers to companies like Netflix and Walmart, and then signing up for free and paid offers.

How it Works (According to The ‘IMN’ Sales Pitch):

The program uses a simple 3-step process:

  1. You take pre-written ads from its website
  2. Paste them on to a free website that you’re provided with
  3. Then click to send the ads out to the marketplace & make $20 – $120 per customer

The steps seem incredibly easy, right?

Unfortunately, earning an income online isn’t just a simple “copy, paste, and click” job.

Because it takes time and effort, not to mention the right skills, tools, and support.

After looking into ‘IMN’ in more detail – I can confirm it is LEGIT.

But on the other hand…

I also think it leads newbies down the garden path when it comes to making a lot of cash quickly from promoting Cost Per Action (CPA) offers.

I’ll be diving into how the program “really” works for an income very shortly.


What do You Get as a Member of Instant Money Network?

Once you enter your details to become a free member, you’ll find a bunch of resources for helping you to turn a buck with the program.


#1: Training

There’s a quick YouTube tutorial video and also a short walk-through text guide underneath it on what to do and how to use the system.

Plus, you get taught to use Craigslist for posting multiple ads per day.

Which isn’t really a great tactic in this day and age of internet marketing.

The training’s really nothing to shout home about, in my book.

Especially since you don’t get shown how to effectively build an online business.


#2: Tools

You’re given access to your own free lead capture page to promote and refer new members to the ‘IMN’ system.

There’s also a control panel of other affiliate tools and features that go hand-in-hand with your page.

In addition, there’s a ‘Getting Started’ guide to go with your page/tools as well.

However, don’t get too excited about your landing page because it’s just a basic page with your ‘IMN’ affiliate link attached.

But why settle for a simple affiliate page that doesn’t actually belong to you?

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#3: Help & Support

In terms of support, there’s a FAQ page, the opportunity to submit a support ticket, live chat available, and the option to telephone the team.

Plus, there’s a members’ Facebook group for you to join.


How Instant Money Network Really Works For an Income…

Unfortunately, it’s not a straightforward case of following a 3 step formula for the mega-dollars to roll in.

To actually qualify for $20 payments from other ‘IMN’ members’ who you refer via your landing page, there’s a catch or two.

Firstly, you must complete a free/paid offer or a bunch of them to reach ‘Level 4’.
Each offer rewards you with a different number of credits that help you to level up. (1.0 credit = 1 level).

Secondly, each referral must also do a number of offers to reach the same level as you.

If you wanna make $120 per referral – you will need to do more paid offers in order to reach ‘level 24’.

And again, your referrals must do the same.

But even then, earning still isn’t gonna be an easy process with ‘IMN’.

Because you need to learn how to promote your landing page using strategies that actually work for targeted traffic.

The trouble with this type of ‘CPA’ program is that both you and your referrals need to pay out in order to earn.

Another downside is that some offers will require your credit card info.

Which means if you forget to cancel your trials, you could end up forking out cash for multiple offers.

‘IMN’ is not the greatest money-making method, in my opinion.




  • The system is free to join
  • Plenty of varied offers to choose from
  • Basic training + help & support available
  • Earn from $20 to $120 per referral
  • Receive payments within 24 hours via PayPal


  • Your website is just a basic page with an affiliate link
  • To make money, BOTH you and your referrals must complete offers
  • You’ll be doing offers just for the sake of making a buck
  • You could lose money if you forget to cancel product/service trials
  • The training isn’t sufficient or effective enough for generating an income


Closing Thoughts: Is Instant Money Network Worth it?…

A Big Thumbs DownInstant Money Network is a legitimate platform that does give you the potential to make some money.

But it’s not as easy as to do as the program makes out in its hyped up sales video.

‘IMN’ isn’t a route I would personally recommend to you.

Because for starters, you’ll need to pay out some money in order to make it.

Plus, it makes the money-making process more difficult when you’re waiting for your ‘IMN’ referrals to shift their asses into gear and follow in your footsteps.

The second thing I dislike about the program is that some offers will require your credit card details.

Which could leave you out-of-pocket should you forget to cancel at the end of trial periods.

Thirdly, the training isn’t exactly up to par.

Because I think ‘IMN’ is still teaching old-fashioned 90s marketing techniques that have little effective lol.

The Bottom Line: The ‘CPA’ site is far from ideal for noobs because the majority will struggle to generate a profit, in my opinion.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

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