(Reviewed) Is Copy My Cashflow a SCAM or Will Money Flow?

Welcome to my review of Copy My Cashflow!

If you’re wondering whether this thing really works or is just a scam to avoid like the plague, then you’re at the right place!

So continue reading for a truthful answer…

Is Copy My Cashflow a Scam or Will Money Really Flow
Quick Overview

Name: Copy My Cashflow.

Website: copymycashflow.com.

Cost: $37.

Owner: Josh (a made up name).

My Score: 0/10.

Verdict: The system is nothing but a SCAM that deceives newbies into thinking they can generate a huge income very quickly from no effort at all.

So forget about the idea of paying $37 to join because you won’t get anything for your money.

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What’s Copy My Cashflow All About?

Like every other scam I’ve come across, Copy My Cashflow (CMC) is an online system aimed at lazy bum ass people wanting to “get-rich-quick”.

Some random “Josh” dude (more than likely a stage name) promises folks that they can very easily make $1,000+ per day from the exact same websites that have made him $10,000,000 in only a 24-month time frame.
Copy My Cashflow Fake Income Claim
But you haven’t even heard the best part yet…

He will even make all the money for you, automatically!

Hey, who doesn’t like the sound of generating big profits on autopilot, huh? 😉

You simply pay him to set up your super powerful money making system, and then watch the dollars come flooding in like magic.


HA HA… “yeah, nice try, Josh!”

I would also like to make you aware of other similar duds (probably created by the same con artists) – Clone My System, Copy My Commissions, and Profit With Our Sites – all promising to make you $1,000s per day without lifting a finger.

There’s no telling how many times this fraudulent system has been rebranded, so please do watch your step on the web.


How Does The System Work?

The thing is, Josh talks a good game but doesn’t specify how his “system” actually pulls in thousands of dollars for you.

He doesn’t talk about any products or services whatsoever, making it obvious that ‘CMC’ is an untrustworthy program with something to hide.

Oh man, don’t you just hate nasty surprises!?

In my experience, any legitimate money making program will always be upfront with you about how it works and what to expect once you make a payment.

Unfortunately, ‘CMC’ also managed to worm its way into the ClickBank affiliate marketplace and no doubt the ClickSure one too, which basically means that any affiliate marketer can promote the scam for a commission. UGH!

So I warn you now, be cautious of any affiliate or blogger recommending the fraudulent system. It just proves how “unethical” they are.


Let’s Talk “Red Flags”

This system is so wrong on so many levels, I dunno where to start.

OK, let’s just start from the beginning lol.

No.1: Josh feeds you hype on how his system will easily make you a TON of money, making you rich beyond your wildest dreams without even breaking a sweat.

It’s just not true!

For starters, “get-rich-quick” is just another myth. Secondly, to become financially free on the net takes a lot of skill, time, and effort.

No.2: Josh provides lack of info on what the system does.

It’s also a manipulative tactic for the scammers getting hold of your cash.

No.3: The system is only $37! What a bargain, right? Wrong!

To be highly successful online as an affiliate marketer, will require you to invest in tools, training, and support. It will cost $100s per year or in some cases with high ticket rip-off programs, even $1,000’s – $10,000s.

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No.4: There are members making ridiculous income claims.

Numerous people are giving video testimonials on how much money they’ve made in “X amount” of time and how much of an impact Josh’s system has had on their lives, blahdy blah.
Copy My Cashflow Fake Testimonials
But the truth be told, none of these people have actually made a single red cent with the program because it simply doesn’t exist.

With no hard evidence of their true identities or even the income in their bank accounts, means the testimonials are as phony as a three dollar bill.

The scammers behind ‘CMC’ hire people on sites like Fiverr to do their dirty work for deceiving newbies just like you.




  • It’s a great example of the BS to be avoided


  • It uses a number of unethical persuasive marketing techniques
  • There’s no such thing as a fast and easy online money making system
  • “Josh” is just a fabricated character
  • Your 37 bucks is gonna get flushed down the toilet


My Final Conclusion…

A Big Thumbs DownWhen it comes to Copy my Cashflow, there are certainly many red flag warning signs to clearly suggest it’s a scam. So if you do choose to part with $37, then expect to be bitterly disappointed.

The only people to make a LOT of money from ‘CMC’ are the con artists who squeeze cash out of noobs like you at the end of the day.

So what now?

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

Do you have any questions or anything you’d like to share on the ‘CMC’ scam? We’d love to hear your thoughts below…


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