(Reviewed) Is Digital Profit Course Fake or The Real Deal?

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When it comes to the Digital Profit Course, you may have a bunch of questions that need answering:

Is it a legitimate platform that actually works for making money online or another rotten apple that’s gonna swipe your cash and make a run for it?

If you want the truth, then continue reading…

Is Digital Profit Course Fake or The Real Deal
Quick Overview

Name: Digital Profit Course.

Website: digitalprofitcourse.com.

Cost: 4980 Rupees.

Owners: Unknown.

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What is The Digital Profit Course?

Also known as ‘Digital Cash Course’ – The Digital Profit Course (DPC) is “apparently” a platform that’s designed to show you what to do for building a successful online business as an affiliate marketer.

The program works in 4 simple steps:

  1. Choose your interest
  2. Build a blog or website
  3. Bring people to see your blog
  4. Start earning from affiliate programs

Affiliate marketing is the absolute best way to earn revenue on the web. I love it!

If you can find the right tools, training, and support, then you can be successful as an affiliate marketer.

But unfortunately, ‘DPC’ shows you a number of signs that it could be a scammy platform.

It may come across as totally legit and there’s a very good reason for that – Because the program “mirrors” a legitimate platform called ‘Wealthy Affiliate‘ (WA).

The guys behind ‘DPC’ have “duplicated” the WA website but with a few tweaks of their own here n’ there.

Wealthy Affiliate’s 4 Steps:
Wealthy Affiliates Four Steps
‘DPC’s’ 4 Steps:
Digital Profit Course Works in 4 Steps
Notice the similarities?

But that’s not all they have stolen from WA!


The 7 Red Flags With ‘DPC’

#1 – Limited to Just One Country

The first thing I noticed about the program is that it’s only for folks from India, since the membership cost is in rupees.

“Yeah, so what’s your point, Neil?”

I realized that the people of India are banned from having free starter accounts and also taking advantage of the first month $19 introductory fee for the Premium membership at WA.

For access to WA, they must pay the full $49/month or $359/year options from the get go.

However, don’t let the pricing put you off if you’re thinking of joining WA because it’s phenomenal value for money and worth every dollar. Or in your case, every rupee.

But WA’s India ban has obviously paved the way for ‘DPC’ to entice Indian people to join the program.

I mean, why wouldn’t you trust a platform that has the exact same look and feel as WA, and offers you the same resources costing far less money, huh?

It’s too big of an easy opportunity for the owners not to cash in on,at the end of the day.

They are piggybacking off WA’s reputation as the top internet marketing community.


#2 – Your Personal Info is Required

To become a member of ‘DPC’, you are required to enter both your phone number and full address.
Digital Profit Course Signup Requires Phone and Address
This should tell you one of two things.

They either intend on bombarding your mobile and home address with offers on scams and products/services for draining you of extra rupees.

Or they plan to sell your info on to third party companies that may also have the same idea.

No legit platform should EVER request your number, let alone address. Unless it’s for confirming your payment details and also affiliate commission purposes, of course. 😉


#3 – Newsfeed Doesn’t Update in Real-Time

Another thing that caught my attention is that the website shows a fake “live” newsfeed of members doing various tasks inside the community such as starting blogs and publishing posts, etc.
Digital Profit Course Fake Newsfeed
How do I know it’s fabricated?

Have you ever seen the ‘Groundhog Day’ movie where every day repeats itself for Phil (Bill Murray)?

Well, the scrolling newsfeed never changes. Each time you refresh the page, the exact same member activities from the same members happen over-and-over again LOL.

It’s clearly an indication that no community actually exists at all. Surely if the member activity is real, the newsfeed wouldn’t be on a loop.

Don’t you agree?

At least with WA, its newsfeed is “real” and is consistently updating with new member activity.

WA’s REAL Live Newsfeed:


Wealthy Affiliates Live Newsfeed


#4 – Fake Member Numbers

The program makes a bold claim that it has over 15 million members! LOL.
Digital Profit Course Fake Member Count
WA has been around for more than 10 years with almost 1 million community members.

So ‘DPC’ is basically saying it’s bigger and more successful than WA.

HA HA, I think I just wet my pants with laughter!

Considering the program is a copycat and has been around for a lot less amount of time than WA, I seriously have my doubts that the huge membership figure is realistic.


#5 – False Member Testimonials

There are a number of testimonials from members who are “apparently” happy with ‘DPC’.

Here’s one happy member:
Digital Profit Course Fake Member Testimonial
What I find so amusing is that there’s no member info, no profile pics or even proof to back up their claims of success.

If I had to guess, it’s the guys behind the program who have more than likely written out the testimonials themselves LOL.

It’s an easy scam technique that any Tom, Dick, and Harry can do these days. And unfortunately, some folks still fall for these fake testimonials.


#6 – The About Page is Vague

When you visit their “about us” page, there’s absolutely zero info on who the founders or mentors actually are.

Apparently, the courses are by “leading marketing experts” and if you wanna sign up, you simply use the website or call a contact number.

Even if you visit the ‘DPC’ blog and its Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn social media profiles – The true identities of the owners are purposely hidden from you.

I’m sorry, but any so-called digital marketing expert who hides behind a website “logo” and fails to expose them self to the world is obviously both a scam artist and a coward rolled into one.

At least with WA, you know exactly who the co-founders, mentors, and support staff actually are prior to becoming a community member.

WA’s Co-founders:


Wealthy Affiliate Co Founders Kyle and Carson
If any program fails to provide truthful and transparent info on the founders, then run for the hills!


#7 – Membership Cost is Too Good to be True

The original retail price of the program is Rs. 6225. But to get started online with it has now dropped down to Rs. 4980 (20% discount).

Apparently, you can gain access to a 3-month course and all the resources + support you need for building your brand spanking new affiliate business from the ground up.

WOW, such amazing value!

But unfortunately, the magnitude of a program like this that offers tools, training, and support would cost much more than a measly one-time payment.

The wool is definitely being pulled over your eyes here because it would require members to pay monthly or annual fees for this type of value.

So with ‘DPC’ being so cheap, it’s probably a “bait and switch” technique for hitting you with multiple “upsells”.


My Final Conclusion…

To be honest, I don’t trust Digital Profit Course as far as I can throw a dude. I, personally, wouldn’t recommend the program.

Not only is the program a replica of WA, but judging from the red flags I’ve highlighted – it just reeks of “SCAM“. There’s definitely something fishy about it.

I really don’t believe that the platform can deliver the same amount of value as WA, nor will it ever match the sheer size of the WA member community, in my opinion.

Also, I think any training that ‘DPC’ provides is simply taken from WA. In which case, you might as well join WA and get trained by the real mentors who seriously know their sh*t instead of following “copycat” coaches who pretend they do lol.

So now that you know the warning signs and also my own thoughts on the program, the ball’s now in your court.

Is the program legit and worth joining or a rotten scam to avoid like the plague?

I guess the only way to find out for definite is to take a gamble with your money.

Do you wanna learn how to make money online with an affiliate marketing training platform that you know is LEGIT?…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you’re from India and have any questions or bad experiences with ‘DPC’ that you wish to share for warning others about the scam trap, then we’d love to hear your comments below…

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