Home Jobs Now Review: #1 Choice or a SCAM?

Welcome to my review of Home Jobs Now!

You’re here because the chances are you’ve either had a spammy email, heard about the opportunity elsewhere on the web or simply just stumbled upon it.

It’s bound to be one of the three, right? Lol.

Joking aside, you’re certainly in the right place for uncovering the truth behind this opportunity that seems way too good to be true.

So without further ado, let’s look into this online job site…

Home Jobs Now Scam Review
Quick Overview

Name: Home Jobs Now.

Website: home-jobs-now.com.

Cost: $97.

Owner: Kelly Simmons (not a real person).

My Score: 0/10.

Verdict: Unfortunately, Home Jobs Now is a no-go area because the sales pitch is all about selling you on living the dream lifestyle without putting in much effort…

In other words, it comes across as a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme on the surface.

What you actually receive in return for your hard-earned cash is some lame PDF guidance on outdated and ineffective online money-making strategies such as link posting that won’t produce you any results.

So as always with these pipe dream products, it’s the creator who will be cashing in at YOUR expense.

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What is Home Jobs Now All About?

The Home Jobs Now sales pitch states that if you can spare just 60 minutes per day, you are “guaranteed” to make $379 every 24 hours!!

Well, it’s either that or usually “make real money starting in 5 minutes”.

The peeps behind it also claim it’s “THE #1 choice for internet careers” LOL.

Well, I’ve got news for these dull-witted goons… Here’s the real #1 choice! 😉

Simply put, ‘HJN’ is nothing but a scam that’s been doing the rounds on the internet and taking as much cash as possible from vulnerable guys n’ gals for far too long.

In fact, it’s not just a “one-time gig” either because the fraudsters hiding behind it have rebranded their system time and time again using various logos, domains, and stage-named owners.

To get more of an insight, see my reviews on Cash From Home, Home Profit System, Xtreme Home Paycheck, and 37 Clicks – just some of the reinvented garbage I’ve discovered just lately.

Unfortunately, the scam is an odour lingering like a bad smell because once enough folks have been scammed, a bunch of domains get shut down, only for brand spanking new ones to pop up.

But I guess it’s also partly due to negative reviews (like this one). YEAH, BABY!

The fraudsters are about as dumb as a bucket of shrimp if you ask me!


How Does The Home Jobs Now System Work?

Like the other cloned sites, there’s diddly-squat on what you’re actually buying into and how the system operates for making you almost $400 per day!

So you’re basically kept in the dark until you hand over 97 US dollars (which I don’t recommend).

Lack of product info is definitely a tell-tale sign that this opportunity is a scam from the get-go because I’ve seen it all before on the web.

Wanna know how this system really works?

  1. You enter your personal details
  2. Submit your credit card info
  3. BOOM… You lose money to some outdated & ineffective PDF
  4. KA-CHING… Goes the scammers’ bank account
  5. Your inbox gets flooded with even more junk over time

I hate to point out the obvious, but at the end of the day, there’s only one person making a killing online with the system…

“Kelly Simmons” or whoever the real creator is.


The Red Flags With Home Jobs Now

When it comes to the so-called system, there are numerous red flags – some I’ve already discussed.

The additional warnings to watch out for with this scam are:

Firstly, they play the “limited availability” trick on you.
False Limited Availability Scarcity Tactic
It serves two different purposes…

(A): To gather your details for spamming the heck out of your email box with more of the same crap.

(B): To create a state of urgency within that leads you to swipe your credit card without giving it a second thought.

Secondly, they use fake endorsements (CNN, USA TODAY, FOX NEWS, abc, etc).
Fake News Endorsements
The reasoning behind it is because they know that if they add a few big brand logos to the site, it makes the opportunity seem genuine and more believable.

However, when the endorsements are actually “genuine”, it’s completely fine.

But with ‘HJN’, it’s 100% pure fake in order to pull the wool over your eyes.




  • The system is a brilliant example of the type of “get-rich-quick” trash to avoid.


  • It uses unethical persuasion tactics.
  • Everything about the program is fake (including the owner).
  • You will pour 97 bucks down the drain.
  • There’s not a single $ to be made.
  • Numerous scam complaints made against it.


Final Thoughts: Is Home Jobs Now a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownThe Home Jobs Now opportunity may look very convincing to the internet marketing newcomer…

But ‘HJN’ is nothing more than a BIG FAT SCAM that’s gonna waste your time and money.

Unfortunately, the person responsible for creating such a fraudulent website really has no intention of helping you to make money.

They have zero interest in you and your success.

Because all they care about is taking YOUR money to line THEIR own pockets.

To them, you are easy prey.

Yeah, I know, it’s pretty lame to be treated like a meal ticket.

But that’s what fraudsters do, sadly.


Sick of Getting Sucked in by Scams?…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

Do you have any questions, thoughts or bad experiences with any of the scams mentioned in this review? We’d love to hear your comments below…



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