(Reviewed) Is Marketing Impact Academy The Real Deal?

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If you’re looking for a way to earn an income online, then Marketing Impact Academy 2.0 is just one of many platforms designed to show you how to grow a business.

But like any program you come across, you may be questioning whether Chalene Johnson’s system really is the real deal that truly has an “impact” or is simply a black hole for swallowing up your cash and giving you zero results.


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Is Marketing Impact Academy The Real Deal Reviewed
Quick Overview:

Name: Marketing Impact Academy 2.0.

Website: marketingimpactacademy.com.

Cost: $347/month for 6 months or $1,997 one-time ($85 discount).

Owner: Chalene Johnson.

My Score: 6/10.

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What’s Marketing Impact Academy 2.0 All About?

Marketing Impact Academy (MIA) is a platform for providing you with 14 weeks worth of training on building an online business and generating an extra passive income, using the power of social media marketing.

In Chalene’s words: “It’s a paint-by-numbers program for anyone to share their message, promote a product, and become profitable quickly“.

If you’re unfamiliar with Chalene, she’s a serial Entrepreneur.

The lady is a New York Times best-selling author, not to mention a lifestyle and business expert, motivational speaker, and the creator of numerous info commercials.

So she is definitely a reputable Entrepreneur.

However, being highly successful is one thing, but whether this woman has built an invaluable digital learning platform for you to make money with, could be an entirely different story.

But I guess you’ll discover the truth very shortly.


Who Can Qualify For ‘MIA’?

Chalene has designed her program for anybody who either wants to start an online biz or build an existing one for becoming profitable.

So if you have a keen interest in the product development side of things and you wanna learn various aspects of internet marketing as well as how to effectively leverage social media, then her course can be for you.


What Level of Training Will You Receive?

When you become a paid member of MIA, you will have access to 14 training modules covering various aspects of building a profitable business on the interweb.

Here’s a quick glance at the modules:

  1. Welcome & Quick Cash
  2. Finding Your Lifer & Building Your Business Foundation
  3. Attraction Marketing & Refining Your Expertise
  4. Master Live Streaming
  5. The Power of Email List Management
  6. Product Development
  7. Baby Offers & Beta Testing
  8. Test Groups, Feedback & Testimonials
  9. The Infomercial Formula & Power of Story
  10. Master Live Creating Better Converting Freemiums
  11. Setting up Sales Funnels – Your Blueprint of Email List Management
  12. Social Seeding
  13. The Next 12 Months
  14. Paid Traffic

In addition to the training, Chalene chucks some awesome bonuses in with your membership:

  1. 2 Tickets to The Next MIA Live Event
  2. Access to MIA Live 2014 – 2017 Video Series
  3. Private Member Facebook Group
  4. Instagram Impact Academy
  5. Podcast Training Course
  6. Social Media Trickle Down System
  7. Access to a Private Community

To be honest, MIA actually provides you with a great level of “over the shoulder” video training tutorials, and I also like the fact that Mrs. Johnson is upfront with you about her program NOT being a “get-rich-quick” scheme from the get-go.

So if you do happen to join MIA, expect coaching from an honest person who really knows their stuff when it comes to making money on the web.


What About Support?

As I previously mentioned above, you can gain access to both a private Facebook group and a community of members inside MIA.

In my experience as an online business owner, an internet marketing community is of the utmost importance for success because if ever you’re stuck with any aspect of building a biz, there has to be a support group in place that can give you the right help ASAP.

Without it, your business can take a nose dive.

In addition to community access, you also get team support.

Chalene’s says on her site: “Your success and satisfaction is our #1 priority“.

But unfortunately, I’ve heard a different story on the grapevine because one marketer in particular, sent a support request to the team and never heard a single peep out of them for 5 days!

So judging from that, your success obviously isn’t their top priority when it comes to “team support”. But then again, it could just be a one-off case lol.

Thankfully, you have a plan B/C to fall back on: The 2 communities.


How Much is ‘MIA’s’ Joining Fee?

Unfortunately, the platform isn’t exactly what you would call cost-effective because it comes with a rather big price tag.

The 14-week training program costs $347 per month for 6 months. That’s a total of $2,082!

Or you can simply choose the one-time discount price of $1,997! Although, that only saves you $85! But even with the eighty-five dollar savings, MIA is still way overpriced, in my opinion.

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  • You get heaps of top quality training
  • Learn at your own pace with time-released training
  • There are 2 private communities for support
  • 7 Bonuses are thrown in
  • You can generate a full-time income
  • Chalene is a reputable Entrepreneur


  • It’s far too expensive for newbies
  • Team support doesn’t respond in a timely fashion
  • Some techniques aren’t recommended
  • Extra expenses required for resources & paid marketing
  • There are some complaints from former members


My Final Conclusion…

A Big Thumbs UpIn my opinion, Marketing Impact Academy is a great platform that delivers “over the shoulder” training from Chalene.

She also offers you some bonuses as well as access to communities for getting the help you need with your business.

If you wanna learn how to create and sell your own products on the net, MIA is a good program to use.

And although it’s not really geared towards affiliate marketers, you can still leverage the training for creating a lucrative affiliate marketing biz.

However, what really turns me off is the high-ticket cost of the program, some of her social media strategies are frowned upon by other marketers, and especially the slow or lack of help from her and her support team.

Personally, it’s not something I would invest in. But at the end of the day, it’s your choice.

My Final Verdict: MIA is totally LEGIT, but there are some aspects missing and it costs a fortune, in my opinion.

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