(Reviewed) Is Rexa Mega Earning System a Mega SCAM?

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Are you really gonna make huge cash online from this or is it a gigantic scam to steer well clear of, huh?

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Is Rexa Mega Earning System a Scam
Quick Overview

Name: Rexa Mega Earning System.

Website: rexamegaearningsystem.club.

Cost: $100s (maybe $1,000s).

Owner: Unknown.

My Score: 0/10.

Verdict: It’s nothing more than another one of those dirty rotten “get-rich-quick” SCAMS that’s simply gonna waste your time and money if you decide to fall for it.

But before reading this FULL review of the dud…

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What is Rexa Mega Earning System All About?

When you first land on the (RMES) website, it’s simply an email opt-in page with a few lines of text on “HOW an ex-food cashier makes $1,580 – $2,000 every week by following a 3 simple methods”.

And the offer also expires in “72 hours”.

So right off the bat, these are scam signals because the income claims appear to be “too good to be true”.

There’s no such thing as making a fortune from a “simple” system, and the limited time offer thing is nothing but a “scarcity” tactic for your info.

I fell for many of these types of programs in the past, which now makes it incredibly easy for me to recognize scams and help newbies just like you to avoid them. 🙂

See some of the most recent bullsh*t I’ve come across:

Read on to find out more reasons why ‘RMES’ isn’t to be trusted…


How Does The System Work?

Once you enter your name and email, you land on a Thank You page offering a whole bunch of bonuses that looks like this:
Rexa Mega Earning System Offers 3 Bonuses
But not one single bonus is free at all because after checking them out for myself, they simply lead to a bunch of “get-rich-quick” offers.

Offers, that require money, and also your email address so the fraudsters can bombard you with scammy stuff.

See an example of the bonus offer crap:
Rexa Mega Earning System Hyped up Bonuses
I didn’t receive access to the main ‘RMES’ program either, which clearly indicates that the system was non-existent, to begin with – just a way of getting your email.

It’s just an easy method for the scammers to promote cheesy and hyped up affiliate offers via their website and email marketing campaigns to pocket as many commissions as possible.

So there’s no real value in the system, whatsoever.

If you spend money on any of the products, you’ll be wasting your time because none of them actually work for making a buck on the web.


My True Thoughts on ‘RMES’

In my truthful opinion, judging from all the bonus crap you get, you’re not gonna be making a single cent.

Because, the way I see it, the so-called system is only designed for the scammers to easily make money from you instead of giving you a real opportunity to make it.

That’s why they promote “quick wealth” rubbish because they know that newbies are vulnerable enough to fall for it.

So I think for ‘RMES’ to boldly claim that you’ll make up to $2K per week from using a “simple 3-step process” is extremely misleading, to say the least.

Unfortunately, scammers and unethical affiliates will try just about anything these days to persuade you to get their big money-making systems that are about as useful as glass hammers.




  • It’s a great example of what you should never invest in


  • The main opt-in page is deceptive
  • There are no free bonuses
  • The bonuses are nothing but “get-rich-quick” schemes
  • The owner is unknown
  • Your email inbox may get flooded with trash
  • You could potentially lose a lot of money
  • It’s highly unlikely that you’ll earn anything


Final Conclusion: Is Rexa Mega Earning System a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownSadly, ‘RMES’ is nothing more than a dishonest program that doesn’t actually exist, in my opinion.

The system is only intended to scam as many newbies as possible into forking out for “get-rich-quick” products that aren’t gonna work.

Unfortunately, the scammers/unethical affiliates behind the program are the only peeps who stand a real chance of pocketing a pretty penny.

There’s not much else I can say about the system other than it’s a… SCAM!

If you’re tired of these pathetic scams that do absolutely nothing for your bank account and you want a real way of making money on the web…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts that you’d like to share on ‘RMES’, then we’d love to hear from you below…



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