Rory Ricord Review: (Is it Really Worth The Money or Not?)

A huge welcome to my review of Rory Ricord!

Is this online money-maker really worth it or is it just another scam that’s a waste of space?

That’s the golden question, my friend.

If you want an honest answer, then continue for reading the inside scoop on Rory’s program, which I’ve personally looked into..

Rory Ricord and RRR247 Agents Area
Quick Overview

Name: Rory Ricord (RR) – aka RRR247.


Cost: Free + additional expenses.

My Score: 3/10.

Summary: RR does offer you SOME level of value – even if you can find it on YouTube for free lol.

But unfortunately, I don’t think posting links is an effective way of building an affiliate marketing business in this day and age.

Yeah, you’ll possibily make SOME money from “spamming” classified sites with ads, but it will never produce a full-time income.

In addition, there are numerous complaints against Rory from disgrunteld customers (as you’ll see in my review).

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Firstly, Who is Rory Ricord?

Mr. Ricord (CEO of the Brunette Marketing online education company and owner of…

Claims to have been a marketer for 27 years and is passionate about helping folks like you to make real money online.

He’s also the co-founder of other sites such as The Work at Home Institute, Profit Master Academy, and Home Job Placement to name a few.

However, the unfortunate thing is that these programs have been labeled as scams by other folks who have tried them.

And to make matters even worse, there are a number of BBB complaints filed against his company for refusing to honor refunds.

Read complaints against Brunette Marketing on Better Business Bureau here.

So it makes you wonder whether this guy really is who he claims to be or just in the game for laying his hands on your hard-earned cash.

Either way, let’s find out more about the RR training program itself, shall we?…


What’s The Rory Ricord Training Platform About?

RR has been designed to help newbies promote Cost Per Action, Cost Per Lead, Cost Per Click, ClickBank, and other affiliate product offers.

By using methods like “link posting” as well as “link post blogging” – as Rory himself calls it.
Rory Ricord Training Dashboard
The guy has created a bunch of walk-through videos on techniques that show you how to get started online and make money with his system.

The cool part about his program is that the training doesn’t cost you a single penny and no details are required for signing up either.

Well, for the link posting training anyways.

So there’s no risk involved which is an extremely good thing for a noob.

Rory also offers you a $500 guarantee if you don’t make money within your first 90 days.

How cool, right?

But I wouldn’t get over-excited just yet because there are strings attached, unfortunately.


What Training Will You Get From Rory Ricord?

Inside the members’ area, there’s a heap of video tutorials covering a range of different topics on building your link posting business.

An example of one of the videos.

Rory Ricord Training Videos

Training Video Snapshot.


A Quick Walkthrough of The Training Videos…

  • Introduction
  • 1 on 1 Support (How to Get Assigned a Staff Member)
  • How to Navigate Through Your Members’ Area
  • How to Familiarize Yourself With Click Partners
  • Familiarizing You With Clickbank
  • How to Find Categories For Posting on Posting Sites
  • Creating a Template For Posting
  • Posting From The Template to Posting Sites
  • Getting Photo Images For Posting Ads
  • Locating & Saving Photos Into an Image Folder
  • Why You Should do Link Post Blogging
  • How Link Post Blogging Works
  • How to Add Pages to Your WordPress Blog For Profits
  • Adding Google Adsense to Your Site
  • How to Add Response Magic to Your Site
  • Adding Categories to Your Blog
  • Creating Offer Pages For Your Blogging Site
  • Blogging For Cash With Rory
  • Plus a bunch of videos on posting your content on various social media networks

While I found some training to be insightful.

I don’t think posting links and creating a WordPress blog just for the purpose of promoting offers is a good way to make money.

It’s a strategy that worked best in the late 90s (I know, I tried it lol).

But with many amateur marketers placing ads on Classified sites today, the platforms aren’t as effective as they once were.

The best way to accomplish success with a blog is by filling it with “valuable” content and attracting free targeted traffic from the search engines.


Are There Any Tools Inside Rory Ricord?

The only real tool you can access is basically a Done-For-You WordPress website.

But it comes at a cost which I will explain very shortly.

However, the website from Rory isn’t exactly gonna live up to your expectations.

Because, the domain name isn’t yours to keep, the functionality of your site is limited, and the blog doesn’t really belong to you.

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In addition, there are some recommended resources such as free and paid traffic sites.

As well as a number of free keyword tool suggestions to help get your WordPress site ranked in Google.

But having a site that’s already done for you with duplicate content, you will more than likely have zero chance at getting Google rankings.


What Are Your Support Options With Rory Ricord?

When it comes to support, Rory gives you 4 choices.

  1. 1 on 1 coaching from a member of his staff (Which comes at a cost)
  2. Skype
  3. Complete an email support form
  4. Phone

However, I have also heard on the grapevine that the support staff can be rude.

And will only give you their time if you’re buying a WordPress website and hosting.

Whether it’s true or not, I have no idea.

But I wouldn’t put it past outdated-looking programs of this nature.


What’s The Cost of Rory Ricord?

Rory’s basic link posting training is free with no strings attached. YAY!

However, the one-on-one coaching has no price tag.

But I have read somewhere that it’s $97 which I think also used to include the cost of getting started with the program.

For web hosting, your credit card will be billed $28.95 every 90 days.

For the fast track set up of your website will cost you an additional one-time $59.

Your total web hosting + website activation fee is $87.95.

And if you choose to utilize Rory’s paid traffic recommendations, then you’re easily looking at $100s more, in my opinion.




  • The training is free
  • There are some good training videos
  • One-on-One coaching is provided
  • Get a website that’s already set up


  • Link posting is outdated and ineffective
  • You must “pay” for a “free” WordPress blog to be set up
  • Your website will have limited functionaility
  • The domain name & site aren’t yours to keep
  • Duplicate content won’t get your site ranked in the search engines
  • There are complaints against Rory’s company


Final Conclusion: Is Rory Ricord a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownI like the fact that Rory Ricord gives you free access to his program because it allows you to see that the guy offers you some value.

So it certainly isn’t a scam in that respect.

However, forking out cash for a WordPress website that’s gonna be useless when it comes to SEO…

And also using an outdated “link posting” method – isn’t worth your investment of time, effort, and money, in my opinion.

There are far greater ways to build a business, and ones that can actually be uber successful too.

What also puts me off RR is the fact that he offers to put $500 in your pocket if your affiliate commissions are still at $0 after 90 days.

Because, if RR really is as good as he claims, then why would he need to offer you $500 dollars?

And finally, with the number of  complaints against Rory…

Members not making money and his staff refusing refunds/$500 payments (even when promised), is enough to make you highly suspicious.

So therefore, RR isn’t something I’d recommend.


Want Something Better That Actually Works For Real $?…

In my experience, affiliate marketing is a super cool and effective way of making money on the internet.

But a full-time income is only doable IF you have the right resources, as well as up-to-date training that teaches effective startegies.

Sadly, RR  still teaches 1990s-style methods that will do you more harm than good.

But if you’re willing to work hard and wanna gain access to a platform that equipes you with the right tools, training & support for affiliate success…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

Do you have any questions or bad experiences with RR that you’d love to share? Please post your comments below…


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