(Reviewed) Judy Greer’s Instant Income System SCAM!

Welcome to my review of the Instant Income System!

Judy Greer (a fake character) reckons you can easily rake in big bucks on a daily basis with her system, but it’s just a load of old bullsh*t!

Because why isn’t everyone and their aunt Suzie already making that sort of income online if that was the case?


If you wanna know why this so-called opportunity won’t get you anywhere and is more about ripping you off, continue reading…

Judy Greers Instant Income System Scam Review
Quick Overview

Name: Instant Income System (IIS).

Cost: $97.

Owner: Judy Greer (used as a stage name).

My Score: 0/10.

Verdict: Simply put, the Instant Income System is designed to “instantly” take your hard-earned 97 bucks.

Because it’s nothing but a get-rich-quick scheme disguised as a legitimate opportunity to reel you in on the hook and give you no value in return.

The only individual making big cash off of this product is…

Yes, you guessed it…

The one who created and hides behind it.

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What’s Instant Income System All About?

After doing a little digging into the Instant Income System, it’s just a rehashed scam that’s a replica of Instant Income Generator and Home Earning System.

In addition, the fake owner (Judy Greer) is also connected to Complete Profit Code – another complete sham.

So it definitely means there’s gonna be a whole bunch of these fraudulent opportunities (created by the same con artists) on the web that are sucking in people like one giant vacuum.

What’s especially funny about ‘IIS’ is the fact that the hyped up sales pitch video lowers you into a false sense of security by telling you stuff like “get-rich-quick schemes never work”…

But a “get-rich-quick” opportunity is exactly what the system IS because the sales page states:

You Will Gain Access to a System That Can Earn You $1,000/Day” – LOL.

I’ve looked into heaps of these scams, and they are always guaranteed to feed your head with bullsh*t on making money fast – a concept that’s a myth.

To see my point, check out Viral Pay, Cash For Patriots, Copy My Email System, and Computer Oasis – a dolly mixture of crap I’ve recently reviewed.

So please do be guarded when it comes to ‘IIS’.


How Does Instant Income System Work Exactly?

The chances are you’ve heard all about this system via an email sent from an unethical affiliate (using you as an easy meal ticket for commissions) or some random owner who doesn’t actually exist.

When you visit the link in your inbox, the sales page requires your name and email address for apparently “checking availability in your area”.

Which is just fake scarcity (which I’m about to discuss shortly).

And then it entices you into spending 97 bucks.

But the real truth of the matter is that the fraudsters want your email address for spamming you with more pipe dream stuff.

And you will also kiss 97 of your hard-earned dollars goodbye because the money-making system is nothing but a fairy-tale.

All you get access to is some shallow and outdated PDF style guidance that won’t do you much good in the modern world of making money online.

Don’t expect to get refunded either because the creator will so all that he or she can to keep hold of your money after making the purchase.


Who is The System Intended For?

Unfortunately, it’s geared towards vulnerable internet marketing newbies who are more susceptible to falling victim to it.

Scams like ‘IIS’ work extremely well.

Because fraudsters know exactly what type of hyped up crap to fill your head with and which buttons to press when it comes to the topic of online money-making.

So it’s kinda sad that folks are putting their trust into stuff like this and losing cash as a result.

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The Red Flags to be Cautious of With Instant Income System

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about “work from home online” scams, it’s that they ALL use the exact fraudulent marketing tactics (aka red flags) for forcing you to open up your billfold or purse.

So when it comes to ‘IIS’, two of the red flags I’ve already mentioned are the ridiculous income claims of earning “$1K per day” with a simple system, and also the email thing for “checking spots”.

Which, is also a scarcity method for manipulation purposes.
Instant Income System Fake Availability Scarcity
The third red flag is when the scammers use fake endorsements – false promotion of the top news TV channels like CNN, FOX NEWS, and abc, etc.
Fake News Endorsements
It’s just another strategy used to make you lower your guard and gain your trust.

Yeah sure, the topic of “earning an income on the internet” has been featured on these top channels, but never the fake ‘IIS’ opportunity itself.

My goodness, I think these news outlets would certainly lose credibility and go off the air very quickly if they promoted scams, wouldn’t you agree?




  • It’s an AWESOME example of the garbage you should learn to avoid


  • It’s a “get-rich-quick” scheme feeding you nothing but pure bullshit
  • Deceptive marketing techniques are in play
  • The owner isn’t even a real person – she’s just a stage name
  • You will wave goodbye to 97 USD (there’s no refund)
  • Your email inbox will be inundated with spammy scam promotions
  • Don’t expect to make a single cent – the system is a fake


Final Conclusion: Is Instant Income System a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownAfter looking into the the Instant Income System, I can confidently say it’s a total SCAM that’s gonna waste your time and money.

The only thing this system will do is “INSTANTLY” take your cash and give you diddly-squat in return.

When it comes to making money online, it’s gonna take a lot more than just spending $97 on some “dream system”.

Because you’ll need proper training, tools, and support for becoming successful.

Speaking of which…


Here’s a Legitimate Money-Making Alternative…

Sadly, we’re now in an advanced digital age where you really must watch your step when on the hunt for ways to make money on the internet because there are so many convincing scams floating around.

So it can be tricky trying to pinpoint the legitimate products that actually work.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

Do you have any questions or thoughts on ‘IIS’ that you’d like to share? We’d love to hear your comments below…



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