(Reviewed) Martin Make Money Profit System – Does it Work?

Welcome to my Martin Make Money Profit System review!

Today, I’d like to share the true facts and also my own opinion on Farhad’s program.

Is it a totally legitimate way of turning a buck on the net or just another lousy scam?

There’s only one way to find out…

Does The Martin Make Money Profit System Work or a Scam
Quick Overview:

Name: Martin Make Money Profit System.

Website: martinmakemoneyprofitsystem.club.

Cost: Free to start. $197+ for products.

Owner: Farhad Hossain. (So who the heck’s Martin?!) LOL.

My Score: 5/10.

But before diving into this FULL review to discover whether this thing really works or not…

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What is The Martin Make Money Profit System About?

‘MMMPS’ claims that you can easily make over $200 per day…
Martin Make Money Profit System Hyped up Claims
Making a couple of hundred bucks automatically every day sounds awesome, but at the same time, it kinda makes you feel skeptical, don’t you reckon?

I’ve found a whole bunch of these “profit systems” on the web – Push Button Profits, Autopilot Profits, Home Profit System, and Profit Countdown, just to name a small handful.

Unfortunately, they’re all scams!

But does this mean that the ‘MMMPS’ is in the same category as those “get-rich-quick” schemes or is it completely legit?

I guess we’ll see shortly. 😛


How Does The Martin Make Money Profit System Work?

Once you enter your name and email address for your free step-by-step video tutorials delivered to your inbox, you’re also greeted with a Thank You page promoting a couple of offers.

The first one is a package called ‘Affiliate Video Powerpack’ created by two marketers (Steve Chase and Val Wilson).

The second offer is a program called ‘125 Bucks Daily’ created by a few other marketers (Billy Darr, David Kirby, and Rahim Farhouni).

The good news is that these offers are completely legit ones sold within the WarriorPlus marketplace – a platform for creators to sell their products and also affiliates who wanna promote them for commissions.

Now, when you go to confirm your email address in order to activate ‘MMMPS’, you gain access to 4 short training videos.

Martin Make Money Profit System Video Training

Training Video Snapshot

  1. A brief introduction to the system
  2. Getting started with affiliate marketing – signing up with a digital affiliate network like Warrior+Plus, JVZoo, ClickBank or ClickSure
  3. A discussion about building a sales funnel and website traffic
  4. A short discussion on success with the system + proof of Farhad’s income

To be honest, I found the videos pretty basic because there’s no actual walk-through on starting a business from scratch. Farhad talks a lot and shows you some stuff, but it’s not enough.

In addition to the videos, you have access to a free 14-page eBook that briefly covers niches, networks, products, sales funnels, traffic, finding the right keywords, on-page SEO with YouTube videos, and also off-page SEO through backlinks.

Inside the eBook, Farhad goes into some great depth when it comes to keyword research and SEO (using both text and imagery), but again, he doesn’t show you how to get started.

But what I especially find irritating and confusing is the fact that Mr. Hossain has come up with various names for his system.

In the email – it’s “Autoprofit System”. Within the welcome video – it’s “Easy Profit System”, and inside the eBook – it’s “30-Minute Profit System”.

This guy seriously needs to sort it out! Ha Ha.


The Truth Behind ‘MMMPS’

Since the system is emailed to you in the form of a view basic YouTube videos and an eBook, not to mention that it goes by other names, I don’t think it actually exists, in my opinion.

Farhad has simply designed ‘MMMPS’ as a sales funnel.

He gives you some basic training for free and then promotes a bunch of affiliate products as well as a couple of his own.

I think to stand a chance of making any real money with his system, you must buy into his upgrades – “Done For You IM Business” product for $197 and also a “case study” for $32.95 that shows you how to make $100 per day.

However, in addition to those costs, you will still need to take paid traffic methods and any other tools you need into consideration.

AND if you decide to go for any of Farhad’s affiliate product recommendations (with upsells), it’s gonna cost you a fair chunk of change.




  • For a start, it is LEGIT
  • You get some good value for free
  • The potential to make some money


  • It lacks real-step-by-step training
  • Newbies may find it challenging to follow
  • It’s a sales funnel for promoting both affiliate & Farhad’s own products
  • The system is called different names – it’s confusing LOL


Final Conclusion: Is Martin Make Money Profit System a Scam?…

The free ‘MMMPS’ may not offer the best training in the world for starting an online business from scratch, but Farhad does dive into some of the basics when it comes to making money via affiliate marketing.

So ‘MMMPS’ is a legitimate system that provides you with some value, even if it does come across as a scam at first and Mr. Hossain can’t decide on his program’s real identity.

Now, when it comes to making $200 per day from following his free training, I don’t think it’s possible for any newbie because the training isn’t exactly step-by-step.

There just seems to be far too much talking and not enough walking happening with the program lol.

If you’re looking for a much better solution that gives you all the tools, REAL “step-by-step” training, and 24/7 support for building a successful affiliate marketing business from the ground upward…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts that you’d like to share on ‘MMMPS’, then we’d love to hear from you below…


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